19. Give Them Time


This follows the point made on the previous slide. Kids will work things out in time if they are just given a little encouragement. With that said, time is extremely valuable in today’s classroom, so try to find a balance that is safe for the student and also lets you teach your lesson as effectively as possible. If they have a full on rage attack, step back and let them get it out. There may be things that you can do to help them calm down, but it is likely better done in the hallway so that they don’t have to face the embarrassment that will come when they recover.

To add to this point, you may not see a major change while they are in your course. It may take them years to get to that point that they can step up in front of the class, or keep their cool when they are upset about something. Fortunately, you are likely going to have a way to stay in touch with their future teachers unless they are graduating to a new school level. Spend time talking with the teacher or teachers they will be working with in the following school year and explain their situation. Don’t make it sound like they are a bad kid, just explain what you did and how you helped them on their journey to getting past this. They don’t want to be in the situation they are in and pushing them to come out too soon will only make matters worse.


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