genius gardening hacks


Some people think of gardening as therapeutic while others see it as an art. Some grow all their own food while others just want to grow beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

Are you a new gardener trying to figure out how to have that amazing garden you’ve always dreamed of growing? Are you a seasoned gardener looking to save some money while keeping your soil moist and pest free. Do you want to know how to garden without using harsh chemicals?

Gardeners of all stripes are always looking for great growing tricks and just tips on how to make their gardens look stunning.

Yeah, there are tons of tools and solutions for sale that promise to make gardening easier, but the truth is that you already own most of the things you’ll need to get the job done right.

Not only do you not need to buy a shovel or bug repellent, you can make your own. You also probably own some items that transform into the best seedling planters that cost zero dollars.

As for making your garden look inviting, we provide tips on how to make beautiful markers of your own without spending a single penny. You’ll also learn how to showcase all the cool stuff you grew to wow all your friends.

Before you pull those gardening gloves on, you’re going to want to check out our 24 genius gardening hacks which are guaranteed to make your life easier and greener, all without making you go broke.

Here’s to happy gardening!