It’s widely believed that twins have a greater bond than siblings who were born years apart. Not only do twins share a womb for nine months, but according to recent studies they are aware of their companion while in gestation. Therefore, it makes sense that sets of twins would be much closer after they’re born.

One set of twins who were born in 2014 made national news when they immediately held hands after being removed from their mother’s womb. Named Jenna and Jillian, they would take the world by storm for their absolute cuteness, as well as the sweet gesture of reaching out to the one person they could trust so soon after birth.

Now, two-and-a- half years later, the girls are still closer than ever. According to their mother they do everything together and could be described as soulmates. Whether they are tormenting their older brother or going on an adventure in the pool, these sweet girls are like two peas in a pod.

You won’t believe their sweet story and all that their family has been through. Read on to know more about their heartwarming tale.