1. Succulents


All succulents are amazing if you’re not so good with plant care because they only need water about every two weeks and a good sunny spot. There are numerous varieties of succulents that are all different shapes and sizes such as; aloe plants, echeveria, stonecrop, aeonium, and agave are just a few. Depending what type of style and look you’re going for you’ll need to do some shopping and research to learn what looks you like best.

Succulents will mostly all grow upward when they flower and can be propagated by snipping flowerets off the mother plant. Aloe plants can be harvested and used for the gel that is in the meat of the plant and it works wonders for irritated skin. Echeveria plants are one of the most common succulent plants to see and they look like round colorful blooms with diamond shaped leaves. Aeonium also come in different colors and patterns with long, flat leaves.