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One of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a car is what its eventual resale value will be. While many people would consider the price, as well as the consumer report rating to be the most important, one shouldn’t disregard future value.

Why should you care?

Well, the truth is a car depreciates the moment it leaves the lot and every year after that. Depending on the make/model of the car, the original value could depreciate faster or slower. For example, the Cadillac CTS drops a whopping 57.7% in value over the course of five years. Now compare that to the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which only depreciates 9.5% over the course of three years. There’s a huge difference in future value depending on the car you decide to purchase.

It’s important to think about depreciation when purchasing a new vehicle because you may not want to stick with what you have for the full term of the car loan. This can be a problem for a car that depreciates quickly because the trade-in value could leave you with more debt than you started with. It also poses a risk when it comes resale because you could end up losing money if you wait too long.

We decided to review the best cars on the market that retain their original value so you could have insight into which vehicle may be a better option if you decide to buy in the near future. Personally, we were surprised with #7.


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