1. Your Car


Some car companies are taking hacking seriously, going so far as to hire computer security experts to prevent hackers from taking control of their vehicles. That’s right, those self-driving smart cars are pretty much a hackers dream. They’re basically computers on wheels and, in their minds, theirs for the taking. Two years ago, researchers, looking for computer vulnerabilities in order to prevent crimes, were able to successfully take over a Jeep Cherokee while on the highway; being miles away from the car they hacked, it’s crazy that they were still able to effectively render the test-driver powerless over the vehicle. The motivations for hacking a vehicle go beyond stealing cars, data, and even kidnapping victims–researchers say the power of hacking is limitless. To truly ensure the security of autonomous vehicles, car makers will have to do their best to address vulnerabilities that pop up in new sensors and computers by pairing up with software companies.