It is said that change is inevitable. This is true because as time goes by people are becoming more open-minded and our culture is gradually shifting. Highly sensitive issues regarding sexuality and gender are now being handled positively. Among them is transitioning from one gender to another. Transitioning for many people who felt like they were in a wrong body used to be almost impossible. However, those who were successful did it in uttermost privacy. These days it is no longer strange or weird to hear about transitioning. Notable people have come out as transgender hence adding more flavor to the conversation. It is needless to say that some of the transformations are just amazing. The following is an exclusive compilation of remarkable before and after photos of your favorite trans stars.

Caitlyn Jenner – Before


Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most prominent transgender figures in history. She came into the limelight after standing out as an Olympic decathlete as well as an iconic spokesperson for Wheaties. She was then referring to herself as Bruce Jenner. Besides that, she is also famous for starring in the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She married Kris Kardashian with whom she bore three children before they fell out in 2014 after divorcing. Later on in televised interview with Diane Sawyer, Cait came out publicly. In the interview, she opened up about her struggles with gender dysmorphia. Her journey into transitioning was documented on I am Cait.

Carmen Carrera – Before


Carrera became famous after she was featured on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race a popular reality series. After that, she revealed that she identified as a transgender woman. Her transitioning journey began after her elimination from Drag Race. She continues to make appearances on the big screen besides branching into modeling. Her latest appearance was as a stint on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy. In addition to acting and modeling, she is an advocate for the transgender community. Carrera is also synonymous with the LGBTQ community funding campaigns for AIDs awareness.

Jin Xing – Before


Despite the fact that she is rarely discussed by Western press, Jin Xing is a prominent woman in China. She had a great childhood and later joined the People’s Liberation Army even earning the rank of colonel. She went on to become a gifted ballerina after receiving extensive training in dance during her service in the military. Jin Xing alongside a handful of other trans women are the only persons in the country officially recognized as female. She transitioned in 1996 after the Chinese government allowed her to undergo a sex reassignment surgery. Nowadays, she hosts a popular variety show with over 100 million viewers in estimation.

Chaz Bono – Before


Chaz came under the spotlight as the only child of Sonny & Cher an iconic pop duo. He became aware of his sexual attraction to women at an early age. For some time, he used to identify as lesbian. Cher soon turned out to be an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community. Regardless of that, he did not begin his transition to a man at that time until he was almost aged 40. After transitioning, Chaz has become one of the most renowned American transgender men. Additionally, he is a vocal activist for GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign organizations.

Alexis Arquette – Before


Alexis was born into a great family of artists. Her creativity came in handy in nurturing her from a tender age. She launched her acting career at only 12 and even began performing as Alexis as early as 1986. Interestingly, she was known for taking up both male and female roles until she underwent her sex reassignment surgery later on. Unfortunately, the charming actor succumbed to a 29-year battle with HIV in 2016.

Candis Cayne – Before


Candis Cain was born Brendan McDaniel in Hawaii. She is a legendary Choreographer and actress. As a budding performer, Candis traveled to Los Angeles to study dance in Los Angeles. She later on relocated to New York in a bid to join the burgeoning club scene. Once in New York, she worked as a choreographer and also performed in drag shows. She came to know the meaning of transgender for the first time in 1996 and immediately began her he transition into womanhood. Currently, she is not only an exquisite Hollywood beauty, but she is still pursuing her career as an actor having been featured on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. She has also featured on Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show, I Am Cait.

Janet Mock  – Before


At a very tender age, Janet became aware of the fact that she was meant to be a woman despite having been born Robert. Her desire to transition became eminent and she began her journey to become a woman kicked off while still in high school. She completed transitioning while in her first year of college. She has confirmed that she came to terms with what she was meant to be early on.

In part, Janet Mock became a sensation for reporting on celebrities. For five years, she worked as a staff editor for the People magazine. Mock’s journey into advocacy and activism began in 2011 after Marie Claire magazine published an article about her transition. Later on, she went on to publish a groundbreaking bestseller in 2014 titled, Redefining Realness: My Journey into Womanhood, Identity, Love, and So Much More. Interestingly, in 2015 she got married to her husband.

Lana Wachowski – Before


Previously known as Larry Wachowski Lana is part of a legendary filmmaking duo formerly called The Wachowski Brothers. Lana is a college dropped out who pursued he passion as a writer of Marvel comics. She later on branched out into writing and producing films. The most  notable hit movies is The Matrix. In most public appearances, people noted that Lana – then Larry – looking rather effeminate. There were rumors about her gender transition although Wachowski chose to give a cold shoulder to the speculation. Surprisingly, many of her colleagues defended her. She made a first public appearance as a woman in 2012.

Apparently, she completed transitioning in 2009. Since then she has been much more candid about her gender identity experience. Wachowski once admitted that she one contemplated suicide due to confused feelings but she is much more comfortable with current state.

Ian Harvie – Before


Ian Harvie is a prominent actor and comedian. He was born female in Portland, Maine in 1968. During his teen years, Ian came out as gay although he did not begin identifying as a man until he reached age 32. He became inspired to go into comedy watching shows like Hee Haw, Saturday Night Live and The Carol Burnett Show really inspired him to get into comedy. Harvie started performing stand-up acts as early as age eight for friends and family though he became popular while touring with Margaret Cho in 2006. He is one of the few visible, mainstream trans comics. The first season of the hit show, Transparent saw his audience grow immensely.

Buck Angel – Before


Buck expressed signs of gender dysmorphia from an early age. He was lucky to pursue a career in modeling despite experiencing a troubled adolescence. Buck modeled as an androgynous female. He still struggled with his sexuality until when he started hormone therapy as an adult. After he became epic in the adult industry, Buck became increasingly comfortable with how he looked. Of late, Buck is traveling the world as sex educator and a motivational speaker with hopes to stir up conversations about LGBTQ body positivity and acceptance.

Lili Elbe – Before


Despite being born Einar Wegener Lili found comfort in modeling women’s clothes. She did this for fellow artist Gerda Gottlieb and her wife. Besides that, for many years, Lili enjoyed a career as a European painter. However, she began posing as Einar Wegener’s sister in public in the 1920’s. In 1930, she became one of the first recipients of a sex reassignment surgery. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after the surgery due to her immune system rejecting her new uterus. Her legacy lives on for her remarkable courage. She was portrayed in The Danish Girl, a movie based on David Ebershoff’s novel by Eddie Redmayne in 2015.

Zdenek Koubek – Before


Kuobek was showered with praises for setting a number of world records as a Czechoslovakian track star. This changed after he found came under scrutiny of the public eye when newspapers made suggestive comments on his unusually masculine tendencies. In 1934, Koubek retired from the world of sports aged 22 years after participating in the Women’s World Games. He later pursued gender reassignment surgery and consequently changed his name in 1936. After that, he married and settled down in Prague at the end of World War II.

Eddie Izzard – Before


Eddie Izzard, a popular stand-up comedian has always been open about his identity. Ever since he got into the entertainment scene in the mid 1990’s, he’s also been featured in other major television shows and films including Cars 2 as well as Hannibal. He’s often considered one of the greatest comedians in Britain. Eddie identifies himself as transgender although he has not undertaken sexual reassignment or undergone hormone therapy.

Lana and Lilly Wachowski – Before


The Wachowskis gained fame after directing The Matrix in 1999. For doing this and contributing to other highly acclaimed productions including Cloud Atlas and Sense 8, they earned a foothold in the industry standing out as some of the prominent figures working in the genre. However, in 2008, Lana revealed her intentions to transition. Despite this revelation, she officially made she first made her first public appearance in 2012. Her sister Lilly followed suit in 2016 after publicly coming out as a transgender woman. The two are distinctive for being Hollywood’s first ever directors to be part of the transgender community.

Laverne Cox – Before


Cox became increasingly famous after she was featured, as a cast member on Orange is the New Black. She struggled as a youngster growing up in Mobile, Alabama before gaining fame and fortune. She is not really vocal as an advocate for the transgender community. also Besides holding the distinction for being the first ever transgender woman to be featured on Time’s cover which is displayed in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Cox is also outstanding as the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy award.

Amanda Lepore

Amanda always identified herself as a woman even while growing up as a child in New Jersey. By the time she was hitting her teen years, Amanda had already begun taking hormone supplements. This marked the beginning her transition into womanhood. She gained an overwhelming reputation in the New York City’s clubbing and nightlife scene in the 1990’s. Amanda soon became the muse of David LaChapelle a critically acclaimed artist. She was also a talented model, actor and musician. In addition to that, she is a major fixture in the LGBTQ community.

Isis King – Before


Isis King has always felt that she was born in the wrong body. After studying illustration and design, Isis King moved to New York after finalizing her studies in design and illustration. She always believed that she was in the wrong body hence she shifted in order to transition into new life and discover her true identity. Before being noticed by the producers of America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks, she lived in a LGBTQ for some time. Despite the fact that she did not win the competition, her acceptance on the reality show as a transgender woman was unprecedented. Since then, she has had a successful career as a model.

Elliott Fletcher – Before


Ever since he was a kid, Elliott Fletcher had problems over his identity. Despite his woes about sexuality, Elliot found solace in music and theater as a young adult. His acting career started to thrive after leaving his parents house during his final year in high school. 2016 was a great year for him after he was cast in Faking It. This quickly proved his talent and established him as a breakout star. Although he is still fresh on the scene, he has also been casted for parts in Shameless and The Fosters.