10 minute summer sewing ideas


Do you love having friends over, showing off your personality, and customizing the space around you? Do you wish that you had more choices when it comes to your home? Do you really want to re-decorate your home?

Summer is the time of year that we craft, invite friends over, and add a splash of color to our homes. But many times, we don’t really know how to get the look we want before entertaining. Adding in the pressure of making fun activities for the kids, the summer can be your worst nightmare.

The good news is that a little time with the sewing machine can give you everything you want and more. Just a few short minutes will allow you to completely customize the areas around you and to really enjoy yourself this summer.

Once you have chosen the fabric you want, the sky is really the limit, giving you more freedom than you ever thought possible.

We have compiled 20 summer sewing ideas that will take 10 minutes or less of actual sewing time with a machine. All together, each project should take less than 30 minutes including prep, and will help you change the way you entertain.

So whip out your sewing machine, pick out your favorite fabric, and go to town with these quick and easy sewing ideas. Your friends will want to know how you made everything, making you the sewing queen.


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