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New Year’s traditions are as varied as they are old. Many are tied to ancient traditions that have been carried on throughout the years. While some may seem silly or strange to you, the same could be said for the traditions you carry on in your own family. The idea is that you start each year with a belief that it will be better than the last and there is no better way to do that than to honor the traditions of those that came before you.

While it would be hard to argue that any individual puts their faith in these traditions changing their life, it is just as hard to argue that families find these practices as anything less than an enjoyable and personal way to usher in another year with their loved ones and their community. Most traditions are directly tied to the culture of the area in which they are found. You will likely notice this in many of the practices found on this list. Some are a little harder to tie to the specific location in which they are practiced, but others make perfect sense.

Regardless of what your tradition may be, the beliefs behind the practices found around the world can be incorporated into your own New Year’s celebration. These are often wonderful ways to enjoy the festivities of bidding farewell to one year and welcoming in a new one. All but one tradition on this list are safe and painless, with many being healthy ways to celebrate the evening.

While I would be hard-pressed to tell you to practice number two on our list, the rest are fun or interesting ways to liven up the night. If you are interested in learning more about these traditions, you can likely do some research or speak to individuals from the area to learn more about what the tradition has meant to their family. Each is tied to a specific belief and style of living and hearken back to times when life was much harder for most of us. Each has one thing in common though, they all look for luck, prosperity and a better new year. Ultimately, New Year traditions, just like resolutions, are tied to our hopes that we are going to improve over the course of the next year and that is exactly why these traditions exist.

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