A night out on the town quickly turned into the best night of your life. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since you first locked eyes maybe months or years ago. One minute, you’re walking together, holding hands, and the next, your man is down on one knee, staring into your eyes. He is listing off all of the reasons he wants to be with you for the rest of his life; it’s so surreal your head is spinning. The ring is gorgeous, and the eagerness in his face to ask you to marry him is so beautiful and touching. You wonder if this is real, it’s so perfect! With one word, “yes,” you make his day – scratch that – his LIFE. In a few moments, you’ve gone from dating to engaged! Now it’s time to start planning for everything the two of you have ahead, wedding and all.

Before you jump right into planning the big day, you have to get your friends on board to plan your engagement party!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life and one you definitely can’t wait to share with your family and friends. You’re only engaged for a little while, so why not throw a bash to let everyone in on the celebration?

Kate Spade New York has taken the world by storm with their clean and crisp designs that are formal but fun.

Katherine Noel Brosnahan grew up in Missouri and opened her first line of handbags in 1993. Her trademark black sold with ease on the market, and soon, the Kate Spade line was being pulled into the likes of Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue.

If you’re a bride who loves Kate Spade as much as we do, then your perfect engagement party is only a few black and white invitations away from being the elegant and luxurious party you’ve always dreamed of. With bright pops of pink and gold for you, to dapper details for your future hubby, a Kate Spade themed party is the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity—truly an ideal theme for incorporating elements that represent both you and your groom. The Kate Spade line even has a Jack Spade now suited just for your man! From wallets and briefcases suited for a king to fashionable clothing that will make him look and feel like a CEO, this men’s line is a must-see.

Usually engagement parties just focus on the bride, but let’s face it – your groom is half of this duo, and he deserves to be a part of the celebrations! Make it an evening he’ll enjoy too with some of the touches we have planned in the slides below.

Engagement parties are an opportunity for you and your fiancée’s friends and family to meet before you tie the knot, so you’ll want the details to be just right. To help you with your planning, we’ve rounded up 20 engagement party ideas made for brides, like yourself, who are obsessed with Kate Spade. All you need to do is round up your besties, grab some bottles of wine, and get to crafting an engagement party no one will soon forget!

20. You’re Invited!

Clue your guests in on the Kate Spade theme right from the start. Black, white, and gold invitations create a clean, classic feel. With these beautiful hand stenciled invites, how could anyone decline? If you’re going for a certain attire-code for the event, be sure to clue guests in on your invites!

19. Let’s Eat

Sometimes subtle is overrated! Is it really even a Kate Spade party without spade details? These sweet spade accents pay tribute to your favorite designer while doubling as menu cards. Let everyone know what delicious cuisine awaits them as the party unfolds.

18. Bloom, Baby, Bloom

True Kate Spade lovers know she’s all about living life colorfully. Add in touches of yellow and orange to your pink floral arrangements to bring the party to life. Some great flowers to include are hydrangeas, dahlias, Juliet roses, peonies and greens, like eucalyptus for that earthy vibe.

17. Pretty In Pink

It’s your night, so why not make create a personalized drink just for the ladies? A delicious cotton candy drink offers the perfect combination of sugar and pizzazz to fit right in with your engagement party theme. Everyone will be toasting to your happy marriage!

16. Mixology 101

If you’re going to have a custom cocktail, your man and his fellows should, too. Vodka and gin are always great to have on hand and offer so many possibilities. Mix with tonic water or serve on the rocks and let the men feel macho.

15. Sleek and Sexy

Did you really think we’d forget about Kate Spade’s trademark color combination? Of course not! Sleek black and white table runners are the perfect way to tie everything together. The great thing is black and white is perfect for any event, which means you can repurpose these table runners for your next elegant affair.

14. Your Seat, Madame

Create a fab, yet formal table setting with gold geometric chargers and pure white plates. Make things personal, with hand-written name cards for each of your attendees. Together, these elements are the perfect blend of high quality taste and sophistication—a true Kate Spade look and feel.

13. Let It Shine

It’s all in the details when hosting a Kate Spade bash! Throw in some girly accents without it feeling overall feminine by adding sparkle to your flower arrangements. If you’re DIYing your flowers, check out your local craft store for some glitter spray to spray on certain flowers if you want your flowers to have that special glow without filling the vases with glitter.

12. Tinsel and Tassels

You can never have too much pink and gold! Spruce up your hors d’oeuvres table with a string of colorful fringe garland. It’s a great way to brighten up your party without breaking you budget! Be sure to allot some extra time to constructing the garland – it can be a bit time consuming until you get the hang of it!

11. Photos Or It Didn’t Happen

Capture the essence of the night with a Kate Spade photo booth, but be sure to have plenty of props on deck! Giant bows, sunglasses, and hand-held captions are just a few items you should be sure to include. Collect a copy of the photos at the end of the evening and save them in an engagement photo album. When your wedding rolls around, bring your album to the reception for your guests to look through or add to if there is a photo booth at the wedding!

10. Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Kate Spade is definitely quotable! This female empowering brand always puts out uplifting, motivational, and heartfelt messages. One of our favorites is “Pop, Fizz, Clink”, a perfect quote to keep by the bar. Hand write the letters using a gold marker or print a copy from Pinterest, just don’t serve cocktails without it! Cheers!

9. Balloons Galore!

Food and alcohol add up quickly. Fortunately, you can cut costs with your décor. One super Kate Spade-esque detail to include at your party is balloons. Purchase letters off Etsy or regular black and gold balloons from your local Party City. Whichever you choose, balloons are a fun way to fill the space while staying on theme, and they can help designate where people are supposed to park once they arrive at the party site!

8. Something Sweet

Macaroons, cupcakes, chocolates, oh my! Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth cravings with a table full of extravagant treats that just scream KATE SPADE. Provide a few cute bags or boxes so guests can take a few of these sweet treats home!

7. Build Your Bride Tribe

Your engagement party is the perfect time to ask your best girls to stand by your side. One way to do it, with Kate Spade style, is to clip a card to their champagne glass. This DIY project is an elegant and easy way to pop the question! We’ll toast to that!

6. All That Glitters Is Gold

While champagne needs no enhancements, a little extra sparkle never hurt nobody. Take your bubbly to a whole new level with a DIY that your guests are sure to remember. Have all of your ladies over one night and create your DIY projects to reduce the amount of glitter cleanup you’ll have to do until the party is here. Once the party starts, pop the top and let the good times roll!

5. Black & White

Stripes on stripes on stripes! There’s no other way to sip champagne at your engagement party than through a patterned straw. Not only are they fun and functional, they keep your lipstick intact all night long…and nobody likes smudged lips. Plus, men look just as suave drinking their gin and tonic through them. This party accent is one that suits all your guests, so drink up. Cheers!

4. Laugh It Up

Test your friends and family to see how well they know you. Gather old photos and create questions about you and your soon-to-be hubby’s relationship. Have your guests guess the answers to questions like, “How did we meet?” or “Where was our first date?” Guests will love hearing your responses!

3. Let Them Eat Cake

Nothing says wedding more than a tiered cake. Picking out a small cake for your engagement party is a fun way for you and your groom to get a jumpstart on the wedding planning. Take this time to find local vendors who offer a variety of cake options and designs within your price point. Then, pay the bakery a visit and sample some flavors until you find the perfect layers.

2. Nothing Says Love Like Confetti

We know you’re just bursting with excitement over your engagement. End your night with these DIY confetti poppers, and let your friends and family join in on the fun. Plus, the next time confetti rains down on you and your man might just be at your grand exit at your wedding!

1. Good To The Last Goodie Bag

The party doesn’t stop after everyone leaves! Make sure all of your friends and family leave with a goodie bag Kate herself would be proud of. The black and white theme carries through the entire party for that absolute classic look.