The winter months are approaching and they can be hard on everyone, and it’s time we band together and share our modern day survival tips! I think we can all agree we’re glad life’s a little easier now that we don’t have to really know things like how to use a compass anymore, but as we emerge further into this modern era, we’ve discovered some handy tips to make everyday even easier for us all.

Winter is full of amazing things we ALL love, like extra time to focus on the family, holiday music, and if we’re lucky– snowball fights. It’s only fair that we all get to take advantage of the wonders of winter festivities, and it’s smart to make everything as easy as possible so you can spend as much time with the family as possible. We wouldn’t give winter up for anything, but lets get real–it could be made a tad easier.

There are some tricky things about the winter months that plague us all, like the chill that comes when your boots get wet and seep down to your socks, making your toes very angry; or how about the classic running late to work situation where you finally make it to your car and it’s frozen on every surface. Oh and don’t forget about the cold and flu bugs that seem to last forever, lingering with the tickle in your throat that makes you cough uncontrollably.

Don’t worry though, we’ve created a list of little hacks that will help you out when times get tough and Mother Nature tests your patience. There are a ton of everyday hacks that can be easily utilized to make this season as stress free as possible, all you’ve got to do is get a little crafty.

Honestly, some of these are so easy you most likely have everything you need, right at home. The next twenty hacks will help you with things ranging from cars troubles, clothing malfunctions, beauty behaviors, and even some surprising things you never would have guessed.

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