genius gardening hacks


Some people think of gardening as therapeutic while others see it as an art. Some grow all their own food while others just want to grow beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

Are you a new gardener trying to figure out how to have that amazing garden you’ve always dreamed of growing? Are you a seasoned gardener looking to save some money while keeping your soil moist and pest free. Do you want to know how to garden without using harsh chemicals?

Gardeners of all stripes are always looking for great growing tricks and just tips on how to make their gardens look stunning.

Here’s to happy gardening!

24. Make Your Own Tools

You don’t really need to spend hundreds of dollars on shovels and planters. All you really need to do is wash out an old milk jug, preferably a gallon. Get a pair of utility scissors and carve out a couple of shovels that are to your liking. Who sees your tools anyway? While creating markers from the remnants of the plastic jug is do-able too, you may want to check out some of our prettier suggestions for DIY markers.

23. DIY Markers

Are you a serious wine drinker because if you are you may already have some old corks from the bottles you finished off. If not, you better start saving them. Cork makes for an innovative and clean look for garden markers. This garden accessory is important in keeping you organized as you grow, but you don’t have to dump tons of money buying cute ones at the store. If you want something more ornate, you can paint the corks in different colors. If you want a more minimalist look, just jot the name of your veg or herb and attach it to a kabab scewer or even a long toothpicks.

22. Let Them Have Beer beer kills slugs

Did you know that beer kills slugs? Yep! A clever way to get those suckers before they destroy your garden is to grab a couple of plastic cups, fill them with beer and plant the cups in the soil all around your herbs and veggies. Soon, you’ll find a lot of dead slugs, which is gross, but your garden will thank you for it.

21. Coffee Grounds

Start saving your coffee grounds because this is one tip you’ll definitely want to follow. Coffee grounds have two functions in the garden: They keep the soil moist and they deter pests from hanging around and destroying all your precious veggies and herbs. Just throw a bunch around all that you grow, including flowers, and you can be sure that the soil won’t dry out as quickly.

20. Protect Your Seedlings

Direct sunlight may fry fragile seedlings, which are pretty darn delicate. Again, you don’t have to buy all sorts of expensive canopies to block the sunlight. Just grab an empty milk container, wash it out and cut the bottom out. Just place the container over your seedlings when the sun’s rays are at their hottest, and this should protect them from burning out.

19. Sprinkle Some Cinnamon

idealistrevolution cinnamon prevents disease in seedlings

Not only are seedling vulnerable to sunlight, they are also prone to disease. Prevent diseased growths by sprinkling some cinnamon on your fragile seedlings and the soil they sit in. This should be the only step you need to take to prevent sickly leaves. There’s no need to buy those expensive sprays.

18. Diapers


As strange as it may sound, this is one of the best ways to keep soil moist. Some people even plant the diaper right in the ground while others use them to grow seedlings indoors before transplanting them outside. Regardless of how you use diapers, just know that they really do seal in moisture better than container!

17. Fun Planters lined with felt

You don’t have to buy all sorts of expensive planters. You can simply use your shower caddies! They even come with the hooks you need to hang them from nails. Simply take the metal or plastic caddy and line it with felt. Then, add in some soil and plant your plants. These makeshift planters also drain water. How brilliant and easy!

16. Easy Markers

Clothes pins are an easy and clean way to mark all the yummy things you’re growing in your garden. What’s nice about these is you can place them high up so you won’t be able to miss them. Paint them green so they blend into your garden or paint them in vibrant colors to match the flowers.

15. Freeze ‘Em

Let’s say you’re having great success with your herbs. Well, you’re going to be suddenly bombarded with a supply of spices you can’t possibly use in a short amount of time! What to do? A great hack to preserve what you don’t use is to place it  in ice cube trays, add some water and freeze it. By the time you finish using what you’ve frozen, you should have another harvest in your garden.

14. Swap ‘Em Out plant in planters swap out

Do you get bored with your garden easily and need to rest your eyes on something different every so often? No problem! Just take your plants and flowers and plant them in the soil without taking them out of their planters. When you get tired of how your garden looks, you can swap them out with something new.

13. Rind Seed Starters rind seed starters

Since you’re starting your garden indoors to protect your seedlings, you may as well make sure they are decorative, right? Orange rinds, even lemon or lime rinds, work great! Not only are they the perfect seedling starters (if you poke holes at the bottom for water drainage), they look super cute and even smell of citrus!

12. Soak Your Seeds

Make sure your seeds are prime before you plant them. It’s always good to soak them between 8 to 14 hours but no more than 24 hours before putting them in soil. You may even begin to see the seed cracking open while it’s sitting in water. Soaking is a great way to ensure that your seeds are ready and able to absorb moisture once they are placed in soil. Use warm water, soak them at night and plant them bright and early the next morning!

11. Gradual Water Supply gradual water supply

Using an empty wine bottle as a gradual water supply is the best way to keep your garden moist if you are going to be away for a day or two. You won’t have to worry about over-watering either!

10. Coffee Filters



Does the soil in your planter leak? Easy fix: take out the plant and all the soil first. Next, place a coffee filter down and replant. You’ll never have soil leak from the water holes at the bottom ever again!

9. Rack it Up

Empty your plastic shoe racks and make a home for your plants. Not only do they look great and organized in this makeshift planter, but the roots even get sunshine! Use a pin to poke tiny air holes at the bottom of each unit for drainage and you’re all set.

8. Eggshell Planters start seedlings

Another way to start some great seedlings is to take eggs and fill them with soil and seeds. Make sure to create little drainage holes too. What’s great about eggshells is that pests that destroy seeds hate nothing more! You can even take them as they are when you transport them to your garden.

7. Regrow Succulents

Succulents are strong and beautiful. They’re also easy to care for. The best part about them is you can easily grow a ton of them without buying new ones. Just pull a few leaves, cut them just right and plant them directly in the soil. Watch as your succulents begin to multiply.

6. Grow a Pineapple

via tumblr : ModCloth

tumblr : ModCloth

But a pineapple, cut the top off enjoy your fruit and get to planting! If you take the top and plant it in your garden, you’ll soon have more pineapples!

5. Toilet Paper Rolls

Another way to start seedlings indoors is by creating little planters using toilet paper rolls. It’s easy and works very well. Just make sure to poke drainage holes at the bottom for the best results.

4. Feed Flowers Vodka

via flickr : Kevin

flickr : Kevin

A few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar in your flower vase will keep cut flowers fresh and alive for a lot longer than plain water alone. Just make sure you don’t pour a ton of vodka. You’ll be sure to kill your flowers if you try to get them drunk.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda in your garden? Yep, this little box of white powder is the most effective weed killer there is — no harsh chemicals needed! There are other uses for baking soda in the garden too. Mix it with flower and dust your vegetables with it to prevent cabbage worms from destroying your garden.

2. Light it Up

architectureartdesigns.com2 glow-in-the-dark paint

Nope, there are no bulbs inside these planters at all. Amazing, no? There is such a thing as neon paint and it glows in the dark. If you paint your plant holders with this stuff, you’ll have some amazing lighting at night and won’t need to turn a single switch. Looks totally cool, right? Garden party, anyone?

1. Innovative Plant Holders

You can pretty much use anything you want as a plant holder just as long as you drill small drainage holes so your soil can get rid of excess water. Without those holes, your plants will not be happy for long. What’s fun about using galoshes is that they are usually shiny and come in bright colors or fun patters. Just place a rock in the toe part to keep them upright. Just plain genius!