Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and the process is magnificent–but it’s also one of the hardest tests to put on any body. Whether it’s a human pregnancy or a goat, chances are the mother has had some serious ups and downs that have made her question if it’s really a natural process. The hard times during pregnancy are what make the arrival of the baby so wonderful–it was no easy task getting there.

Human pregnancies generally last around nine months from conception, but for some animals it’s a much longer process. You may be familiar with the whole process if you’ve had a baby, known someone who’s had one, owned a dog that had puppies, or work in the medical industry; or you have absolutely no experience aside from understanding that storks don’t deliver babies. Either way, you’ll find the pictures on this list pretty funny because the mothers are completely over the whole pregnancy thing.

Most of them have facial expressions that tell you EXACTLY how they feel, and it’s hysterical. If you’re having a bad day, or you’re simply an animal lover, we’ve created the best list you’ll see in a while, and it’ll brighten your day. There are a couple on this list that can’t possibly get much bigger, and a few that look like they might just love to eat…

27. Georgia The Goat


As you can see, Georgia the goat is about ready to pop, so to speak. Georgia is a small pregnant goat that has quite the belly full of little ones, and all she wants is to be able to relax, clearly. Instead, she got a face full of cameras and her unflattering photo sprawled across the Internet. It’s a good thing we think Georgia is just about as cute as it gets–pregnant or not. An interesting goat fact: they were the first animal to be tamed by humans.

26. Macaque Monkey


This pregnant Toque Macaque monkey is native to Indonesia and is categorised and known specifically for that amazing haircut you see pictured above. Yes, that means all of these monkeys rock that naturally ombre bowl cut. This specific Macaque looks to be having a bit of an uncomfortable time, considering how big her belly is and the doomed expression on her face. This is the face most women make around this stage in pregnancy–can you blame us?

25. Monk Seal

It’s hard to tell when monk seals are pregnant to the untrained eye because let’s face it, they’re always pretty chubby. This seal is definitely pregnant and seems to be enjoying a nap on the beach, absorbing some of that beautiful Hawaiian sun. Although she looks to be enjoying herself, we can’t imagine flopping around on the beach is too easy while that pregnant. Babies are precious to all animals, but they mean a little extra for the monk seal because she can only have one every year and a half, and many don’t survive past infancy.

24. Georgia The Bulldog


Georgia seems to be a pretty popular pet name. Georgia the bulldog is one pregnant pooch, as dogs have litters of puppies that are on average a whopping 11 puppies; not to mention, the pregnancy lasts around 62 days. Normally, bulldogs always keep a long, sad looking expression on their face (even when they’re happy–and this is no exception). Georgia’s face is most likely a representation of exactly how she feels.

23. Sphynx

This picture of this pregnant sphynx cat has gone viral, and I think you can guess why; that expression is priceless. From the saggy chest to the pissed off expression, this cat screams end-of-pregnancy frustration and it’s no wonder everyone everywhere loves this photo. What makes this pregnancy picture the best is these cats are hairless, making the belly look even larger.

22. Ferret


The belly to body ratio on this ferret is absolutely insane! It’s a good thing ferret’s pregnancies only last around six weeks, which is probably why her belly gets so big so quick. Ferrets usually have around 6-8 babies per litter, but can have as many as 18. Can you imagine having eighteen infants all at once? Yeah, us either–yikes! P.S.–I’m no ferret expert, but you probably shouldn’t hold your heavily pregnant ferret like that (it can’t be comfortable).

21. Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs make great pets because they love attention and lots of food, much like dogs. This little pig looks quite plump, as she is expecting a litter of babies. Guinea pigs can have up to five litters a year, with each containing up to five pups but usually around two. Their pregnancies last around 60-70 days (plus or minus a few) and this little one looks well on her way to the end. In fact, two days after this photoshoot she gave birth to five pups!

20. Grey Seal

Another seal that looks like she’s totally over pregnancy is this plump grey seal. Grey seals are a rather large bread of seal naturally but during pregnancy they become even larger, making movement quite difficult. Her expression makes us feel bad for her, all she wants is a flipper rub! Grey seal pregnancy usually lasts around 11.5 months and babies weigh around 13 kilograms.

19. Zebra

The expressions on these animals keep getting better and better, and this zebra takes the cake. Not only does this photo show just how wide a zebra gets while pregnant, but her expression shows us just how it feels too. Pregnancy for a zebra isn’t as great as it is for some animals on this list because it’s actually a rather dangerous time; they are very vulnerable during both the pregnancy and birth. The pregnancy lasts up to 12 months and usually results in one baby.

18. Giraffe

This is a one-of-a-kind image, captured at the absolute perfect moment. This pregnant giraffe has to do a little contortion just to get a drink of water! Giraffes usually use their long necks to reach into the water and slurp it up but when they have a big pregnant belly, things get a little tricky. The gestation period for a giraffe is 13-15 months, and they almost always have one baby.

17. Sheep

This sheep is totally over her pregnancy, she’s not even getting up for meal time. When a farm animal isn’t eating simply because they don’t want to move, that definitely means they’re in serious need of a nap. You can just tell by the look on her face that she’s not having it today, and she’s ready for her baby to be out. Gestation for a sheep is about a year, with a lifespan of around 10-12 years.

16. Shetland Pony

This is one angry, pregnant pony, and if I were you I would not mess with her. Ponies are notorious for having a Napolean complex, or should I say larger-than-life attitude problems. She’s probably so uncomfortable being so big she can’t wait until the due date! Ponies have a gestation period of almost 340 days–the long pregnancy may explain the look on her face.

15. Pig

This pregnant piggy sure is enjoying her maternity photo shoot! Pigs are known to be quite the eaters and when they’re pregnant, they can eat tons. They usually only show signs of pregnancy around three weeks before they give birth because of their originally hefty sizes (but they can get so big that their bellies hit the ground). The gestation period is around 114 days, and they average around 10 piglets per cycle but can have up to 23!

14. Mantella Frog

Although frogs don’t technically have the same type of pregnancies that mammals do, they do carry around their eggs for a while. Depending on the type of frog, they can carry anywhere from 200 to 20,000 eggs per clutch, per year. That’s a lot of eggs to be carrying around for any animal, and I bet they can’t wait to lay their eggs once it’s the perfect time. This is a golden mantella, which is native to Madagascar and is mostly inactive in the winter months.

13. Hippo’s

Hippos are another naturally plump animal that reaches enormous sizes when pregnant. They have a gestation period of around 8 months, but give birth to babies 10 times the size of human babies–umm ouch. The babies sure are cute though, and the mother usually only has one munchkin at a time. Hippos are also quite dangerous, especially while pregnant because they’re in protection mode.

12. Seahorse

Seahorses are a quite unique animal in the reproductive arena because the females actually impregnate the males. Male seahorses carry up to 1500 babies at a time, depending on the type, for a period of 9 to 11 days. After that, the tiny miniature versions emerge and cling on to the nearest shrub. They are the only animals that have sort-of a role reversal, biologically.

11. Fox Squirrel

This squirrel looks like it ate an acorn, or three, whole! But no, most of her belly is full of baby squirrels; on average, two or three of the cute ‘lil things. The gestation period lasts about 45 days and sometimes, on rare occasions, mama squirrels can have up to seven little ones. The hump on her back is about the size of her belly, and it looks like she’s resting her little paws right on top of it!

10. Gorilla


This wonderful creature is Kiki the gorilla, who lives at the Franklin Park Zoo, and in 2015 was pregnant and posing for photos looking absolutely adorable. She grasping her belly and gazing away, probably thinking of the great times to come with her baby and how great it’s going to be to no longer have a protruding belly. Their pregnancies are very similar to humans and last around 8-9 months. Newborn gorillas are smaller than humans, however, weighing in at around 3-4 lbs. Momma gorillas that are thriving and healthy usually have around 3-4 babies in their lifetimes.

9. Donkey

Another great facial expression on this list is on the face of this very pregnant donkey. She looks like a cross between pissed off and too exhausted to care, and we get the feeling she needs a leg rub. Her tiny little legs holding up that big belly all day can’t be easy, and her wonky ears are telling us the same thing. A Donkey’s gestation period lasts around 10-14 months, and anywhere in between is totally normal. Can you imagine having a four-month window of time where you could give birth? Talk about anxiety.

8. Bunny


This bunny’s sides are almost as big as she is long! She’s clearly exhausted and ready to get this show on the road, but I bet you that cold floor is soothing on her belly. One thing is for sure: rabbits are devoted mothers (there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their babies including pull out their own hair to make a fluffy nest). The gestation period is only 31 days, which is why they breed so rapidly.

7. Cat

This cat is so pregnant that she probably spends most of her days napping just like this. In fact, normally they sleep 12-16 hours so a pregnant cat is probably even sleepier! The gestation period of a house cat is 64-67 days and a litter can contain up to 5 kittens. There is just something so cute about a fat cat.

6. Orangutan

This orangutan’s face is quite funny; it’s like she’s pondering what’s to come and can’t wait to get back in shape. Although, let’s get real, orangutans usually look pregnant because they always have giant bellies. The gestation period is around 274 days and they only give birth every seven to nine years, so when they do it’s rather special. They take special care of each one and continue to nurse them for 5 years.

5. Chocolate Lab

This chocolate lab is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen and she still has her puppy face! Her belly is full of pups and she looks like she wants to say, “Sir, not now, please refrain from taking photos from this angle”. Something about this photo invokes a desire to give her a belly rub and a hug. The gestation period usually lasts around 63 days and they usually have anywhere from 5-10 puppies.

4. Cow

First of all, this cow looks like she might kick the photographer’s butt for trying to take a photo of her at this angle; and second, he caught her mid-chew–how rude! All jokes aside, this is one really pregnant but very cute cow. Cows’ gestation periods last for around 283 days and they usually only have one calf per term–sometimes two. Female cows weigh around 1,600 lbs normally so I can’t imagine how much this lovely lady weighs!

3. French Bulldog

Although absolutely adorable, this poor little frenchie probably can’t wait to sleep laying down again! Whoever shared this on Snapchat–thank you, your dog is so cute and hysterical. This plump porkchop can’t get any bigger and it looks like she’s coming up to the end of the 63 days it takes to make those puppies. She’s also oblivious to her photo being taken, something I’m sure she’s thrilled about (as most pregnant women would be).

2. Turtle

Although turtles don’t carry live young during their version of pregnancy, they do develop and carry around eggs. This x-ray image shows the location of the eggs in a turtle, where they will remain until momma digs the perfect whole for her nest. The gestation period depends on the type of turtle, but scientists say it ranges from seven weeks to two years. Two years is a long, long time to carry around some babies. The eggs then incubate for around 60 days.

1. Hedgehog

This hedgehog can no longer control her pregnancy cravings and she burrowed herself into her owner’s box of Cheerios for a late night snack. A hedgehog’s lifespan is only two to five years, which makes its gestation period a rather short 30 to 40 days. This little hedgehog was caught in the act and she’s not even sorry about it–and we’re not either.