27 Pregnant Animals Who Just Want the Baby Out of Them Already




Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and the process is magnificent–but it’s also one of the hardest tests to put on any body. Whether it’s a human pregnancy or a goat, chances are the mother has had some serious ups and downs that have made her question if it’s really a natural process. The hard times during pregnancy are what make the arrival of the baby so wonderful–it was no easy task getting there.

Human pregnancies generally last around nine months from conception, but for some animals it’s a much longer process. You may be familiar with the whole process if you’ve had a baby, known someone who’s had one, owned a dog that had puppies, or work in the medical industry; or you have absolutely no experience aside from understanding that storks don’t deliver babies. Either way, you’ll find the pictures on this list pretty funny because the mothers are completely over the whole pregnancy thing.

Most of them have facial expressions that tell you EXACTLY how they feel, and it’s hysterical. If you’re having a bad day, or you’re simply an animal lover, we’ve created the best list you’ll see in a while, and it’ll brighten your day. There are a couple on this list that can’t possibly get much bigger, and a few that look like they might just love to eat…

27. Georgia The Goat


As you can see, Georgia the goat is about ready to pop, so to speak. Georgia is a small pregnant goat that has quite the belly full of little ones, and all she wants is to be able to relax, clearly. Instead, she got a face full of cameras and her unflattering photo sprawled across the Internet. It’s a good thing we think Georgia is just about as cute as it gets–pregnant or not. An interesting goat fact: they were the first animal to be tamed by humans.

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