If you are anything like us, we enjoy camping in all types of weather. But for those of you who are not die-hard campers, the official season has begun! There is nothing like relaxing among Mother Nature. Whether you like to fish, hike, or hunt, camping is a time to let go of your inhibitions and become one with the wild. So pack the car and the cooler, and get ready to head up north (or out west… whatever direction your compass takes you!).

Remember, you aren’t preparing a luxury vacation at a ritzy hotel. Although you probably want to take your swim suit, you are going to be roughing it. Even if you understand that much, you aren’t going to want to lug around all of your bathroom toiletries, comfortable amenities, and kitchen sink. You have to be careful on how you store your food, pitch your tent, and kindle your campfire. After all, if you run into a mistake, there is no room service or bell boy in the middle of the woods to come to your rescue. Okay maybe you could order pizza and stand by the side of the road, but we don’t recommend it! Instead, you need to learn the ropes of camping.

With that being said, you know it can be tricky maneuvering through the great outdoors. From cooking to sleeping, you will run into a few bumps in the road (pun intended). Instead of enduring bad food and restless nights, you can take our advice. We have lived through it and know how dangerous wet socks can actually be for a camper.

You should not be ashamed to do a little research before your camping excursion, especially if it is your first time! For you to get the most out of your camping experience, you should definitely check out these 30 camping hacks that are tried and true. You will be glad you did (and can thank us later).

30. Repel Mosquitoes With Sage

Say goodbye to annoying mosquitoes thanks to sage repellent.

One big pet peeve of camping is the unwanted pests. You should take precautions when it comes to mosquitoes; they transmit blood-borne pathogens that are dangerous to your health. You can protect yourself and your loved ones thanks to sage. Throw some in the fire pit, and the odor will ward off the mosquitoes. Bugs are an annoyance, to say the least, but you have to protect your family from creepy crawlers that pose a threat to their well-being.

29. Get Rid Of Ticks With Cotton Balls And Liquid Soap

Add liquid soap to a cotton ball to remove a tick.

Don’t let ticks scare you away from camping any longer! If one of those pesky things is bothering you, then you need to soak a cotton ball in liquid soap and put it on the tick for about 30 seconds. You will be able to pull it away with the cotton ball. Keep the unwanted tick in a jar or container to test it for Lyme disease later (if it was attached for a long time).

28. Whistle With An Acorn Cap

If you get lost in the woods, whistle in an acorn cap.

It is actually pretty easy to get lost while camping. If this happens to you, don’t worry! Find an acorn with a solid cap; one that is not cracked or deformed. A smaller cap will create a higher pitch. With the inside of the cap facing you, grab it between your thumb and index finger. Place both thumbs and index fingers on the acorn and make a small triangle shape at the top of the cap. Blow into the cap without letting air leave your upper and lower lips. It gets easier with practice!

27. Use A Water Bottle For Eight Egg Whites

Get your eggs ready before you leave.

Yes, eight of them! You will save time by already prepping your food ahead of time. (Keep reading because more camping food hacks are on the way.) This trick also means you can skip extra clutter like whisks and bowls. After you eat your delicious breakfast, simply throw away the water bottle instead of wasting soap and water on washing more dishes.

26. Create A Homemade Matchbox Container

Secure your matches in a plastic container with sandpaper.

As a camper, you already know how important matches are for the fire and Tupperware is for storage. Put these two crafty camping hacks together and build your own foolproof matchbox container. Glue sandpaper to the lid of your Tupperware and fill the small container with boxes of matches. Besides, the Tupperware won’t get crushed as easily as a typical wooden matchbox.

25. Kindle The Fire With Corn Chips

Doritos start on fire pretty easily.

Speaking of lighting a fire, did you know you can use corn chips instead of wood? If you are feeling adventurous, and have extra food on hand, Doritos prove to be an excellent fire-starter. However, be careful because you should not play with fire. Campers should always be responsible and safe in the forest. However, you might get caught in a situation where you don’t have the traditional firewood; this camping hack might save your life.

24. Eat The Rest Of The Corn Chips

Delicious nachos: a camper’s dream.

Okay, this one is a little silly and not really a hack per say, but after you start the fire with the Doritos, go ahead and feast on them! Nachos are a basic finger food that requires little to no preparation. Besides they are light to carry, easy to pack, and delicious to munch.

23. Protect The T.P.

It’s easy to build your own toilet paper holder.

You don’t want to learn the hard way that getting your toilet paper wet is a camper’s nightmare. Use an empty coffee can or any other cylindrical tube to keep your toilet paper dry from rain or some accidental slip. If you utilize a plastic container, you can cut a slit in it to access the t.p. that much easier.

22. Generate Light With A Makeshift Lantern

Create your own electric-free lamp.

As much as you adore gazing at a starry night sky, you might want a little light in your tent. Skip electric cords and fiery torches; fill a soda bottle or milk jug with water and strap a light to it –one of those headlamps work best. It will illuminate the entire space.

21. Jam Out With A Makeshift Speaker

A bowl or cup will amplify your music.

Camping hacks often deal with finding ways around electricity. You won’t have to lug around heavy speakers or search for plug-ins the next time you go on a camping expedition. Just place your Smartphone or iPod in a ceramic mug or bowl; the roundness will amplify the tiny speaker and fill the outdoors with get-up-and-dance tunes.

20. Spice Things Up

Enhance your food with your favorite spices.

Even if you prepare a lot of your camping meals ahead of time, you can still make scrumptious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner thanks to Tic Tac. No, don’t add the tiny mints into your mixture. Rather, fill up an empty plastic container with everyday spices. There is no reason to eat bland food, especially during your outdoor vacation.

19. Invest In Compact, Microfiber Towels

Compact, microfiber cloth for camping.

Do-it-yourself tips are cool, but sometimes as a camper you will have to purchase products to make your trip easier. Microfiber towels dry very fast and are designed to be used multiple times throughout the day. They also come in a variety of sizes from full-body towels to hand and face towels. The lightweight and compact size saves room, too.

18. Wrap Duct Tape Around Your Water Bottle

Duct tape always comes in handy when camping.

You never know when an emergency may strike during a camping excursion. It doesn’t have to be life-threatening to ruin your trip. From a rip in the tent to a hole in your shoe, duct tape can fix nearly anything! You probably already pack it every time you go camping, but have you tried wrapping it around a water bottle when you go for a hike? It is very handy.

17. Make S’moreos

Mouthwatering S’moreos.

You’ve heard of s’mores and you love Oreos, so why not put two of your favorite snacks together?  Although we cannot take credit for this tasty treat, we will definitely share this popular camping food hack. All you have to do is twist an Oreo open and place the already melted chocolate and roasted marshmallow in the middle. Yum!

16. Dip Marshmallows Into Bailey’s

Dip your marshmallows in a little spirits.

If you like to indulge in an adult beverage or two (or ten) during your camping trip then you might already know this no-brainer. As you and your 21-and-older friends are hanging out around the campfire, roast some marshmallows and dip them in Bailey’s for an extra kick. The coffee-flavored liquor and white fluff go hand-in-hand like peas and carrots.

15. Scare Ants Away With Grits


We already talked about camping hacks for mosquitoes and ticks. However, ants might try to overrun your picnic! If that’s the case, you can sprinkle uncooked grits at the sight of ants and their hills. Say goodbye to the pesky insects in no time and carry on with your fun weekend.

14. Brush With Toothpaste Dots

Save toothpaste and make camping dots instead.

Don’t waste money buying a brand new tube of toothpaste for your camping trip because you won’t use that much. Instead, create your own toothpaste dots on non-stick paper and allow them to dry for at least three days. Toss them in a sealable bag with a touch of baking soda.

13. Vacuum-Seal Your Food At Home

Prepare camp meals ahead of time with vacuum-seal technology.

Remember how we said you should invest in some nice camping equipment? A food sealer is a great way to prepare you camping meals before you leave. You can wrap all of your meats, so you don’t have to worry about the freshness. If you like to go fishing and get the catch of the day, you can still get your oatmeal, rice, fresh fruit, and granola snacks ready this way.

12. Pop A Salty Snack

Make instant popcorn over a campfire using stove top brands.

Marshmallows are an obvious go-to camping snack, but another great hack you shouldn’t forget deals with popcorn. You can use that same stove top popcorn you cook at home for your next camping trip. Only make the delicious treat over the camp fire instead! It’s fast, easy, and everyone’s favorite.

11. Warm Your Clothes

Stay warm thanks to sleeping bag hacks.

You can’t predict the weather. If it is chilly on your camping excursion, you can keep your clothes warm by putting the next day’s outfit in your sleeping bag at night. As you probably already know, your body heat will radiant a warmth, but have you ever considered applying this method to your clothes? If you enjoy camping in colder seasons, this is a great camping hack.

10. Drink A Cup Of Coffee

Brew the perfect cup of coffee even when you’re camping.

There is an easy way to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while camping. Use the coffee filter like a teabag. Add some grounds in the filter and tie it with dental floss. Submerge it in your cup of hot water for instant flavor. After you peacefully sip your coffee among the vast wilderness, you will have enough energy to bike through the trails.

9. Conserve Your Soap

Peel a bar of soap and conserve it on your camping trip.

Have you ever dropped the soap in a lake or river? You can only imagine how bad this would be for someone, especially if you have several days of camping left. Slice a bar of soap with a vegetable peeler prior to your camping trip and carry a piece or two with you each time you bathe. That way, you not only conserve the soap but you won’t have to worry about losing it (and fishing it out).

8. Pack Fire Starters

Pack fire starters when you go camping.

Avoid wasting all of your matches on a windy day thanks to homemade fire starters. Wrap Vaseline-coated cotton balls in aluminum foil. Each one should last about 10 minutes. When you are ready to start a fire, cut an ‘x’ in the aluminum foil and pull out the cotton ball. Twist the gooey cotton into a wick and light it carefully.

7. Carry Portable Charcoal

Every camper should know this charcoal hack.

Whether you are cooking right outside of your tent or canoeing to a grill down the shoreline, you don’t want to transport a heavy bag of charcoal. Fill a cardboard egg carton with charcoal and you will have at least a dozen pieces to get the fire started.

6. Feast On Calzones

Bake with a cupcake tin directly over the campfire.

You probably never packed your cupcake tins with the intention of making calzones. However, these versatile holders can be used for a plethora of mini foods including calzones. Not only can you cook the little delight directly over the campfire, but you can add a variety of ingredients to make different treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

5. Dine On Campfire Cones

You can cook almost anything in aluminum foil.

Another easy way to eat your favorite things while camping is through the use of aluminum foil. You can practically cook anything in this miracle metal from steak and potatoes to fruit and chocolate. Heck, you can almost skip the paper plates, too, and eat your treats right out of the aluminum foil.

4. Grill It With Rosemary

Spice up your meat with fresh rosemary over the charcoals.

We love a tasty marinade as much as the next camper, but you should try using rosemary as a yummy alternative. You can put the herb on the charcoal directly under the meat. After you indulge in the smoky flavor, you will wonder why you didn’t think of this camping hack sooner!

3. Fix Your Zippers With Candle Wax

Fix tricky zippers with candle wax.

If you want to make your tent zippers zing, rub wax from an unlit candle along the line. You will notice the difference and be happy you read this camping hack. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in or out of your tent. That is just embarrassing.

2. Line Your Tent Floor With Foam Tiles

Use colorful foam pads to cushion the ground.

If you have children, nieces, and nephews, or have never seen a baby before in your lifetime, you are probably familiar with those colorful foam tiles that spell out the alphabet. If not, there are colorful foam tiles that spell out the alphabet, for kids. You can use these to make sleeping on the tent floor a little more comfortable.

1. Roast Starburst

This will be your new favorite treat this summer!

It might sound crazy, but you must try roasting the juicy squares the next time you go camping. As much as you enjoy eating marshmallows and popcorn, this is a delicious camping hack you cannot miss. Roast until bubbling and let cool, but the candy is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside after a few moments over the campfire.



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