Nearly 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by deep, massive oceans–nearly 140 million square miles! Most countries recognize five main world oceans: Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and the newest, the Southern. The Pacific Ocean being the largest, followed by the Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic. Most of the world’s oceans are full of mystery as only 5% of them have been explored, leaving the imagination to wander to some pretty spooky places.

All the world’s oceans are controlled by our unique solar system, and some of the creatures found in the darkest depths look like they belong in outer space. Most of the animals on this list will make you glad you can’t survive below 1,000 feet underwater because they are absolutely terrifying. In fact, 90% of the ocean’s inhabitants survive in the deep abyss, which is anything deeper than 656 feet, or 200 meters. That means the chances of there being a creepy creature lurking in the waters below you, are very high.

There aren’t only large predators you need to worry about, but there are also millions of microbes and bacteria drifting throughout every mouthful of seawater. Over 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of food and that number is rapidly increasing over the years. The entire world must come together to start saving our oceans because they are over-fished and heavily polluted, or risk HUGE, devastating consequences. The truth is water is life and our very existence relies heavily on the health of all our most sacred oceans and the animals in them, but these photos will make you think twice about jumping in for a swim on the next hot summer day…

27. The Wolf Fish

The wolf fish has to be one of the most terrifying creatures that live in the ocean. The wolf fish can be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, lurking in the depths crushing crabs and sea urchins with their bone-crunching molar-like teeth and haunting your nightmares. These fish are not only some of the most hideous known to man but they can become giants, reaching over six feet long. How would you react if you met one of these while taking a dip on a hot summer day? Yeah, we’d freak too.