Makeup, for a lot of people, can be an opportunity for creative expression and confidence, but it can also get pretty tricky sometimes, too. If you don’t apply it correctly you can look like you’re wearing a clown mask, and don’t get me started on how long an eyebrow routine can take, only to come out uneven. Luckily there are solutions to most of the modern day makeup difficulties. Some of the tricks on this list will surprise you and some you didn’t even know you needed. One thing is for sure, you’ll look better and have more time for life after using these genius beauty hacks. You no longer have to be a Hollywood makeup artist to get the low-down on the best products, applications, and tools.

The goal for most people in the morning is to make themselves as presentable as possible in the quickest amount of time, and it’s helpful to know some tips and tricks to make that easier. Saving a few minutes here and there can really add up over time and the information on this list can even save you money by teaching you what products are actually necessary, and what are useless fluff. Not only have we put together a list for you that includes money saving tips, we’ve also broken down how to apply products correctly and beautifully for a flawless finish.

Makeup no longer needs to be an intimidating task that takes multiple tries to get right, you can be queen–or king–of all the new beauty trends simply by checking out the next 30 genius hacks. Don’t get swindled by the never-ending social media tutorials and spend your savings on useless products; become an expert and beat that face!

30. Green and Orange Concealer

One of the benefits of the Internet is that it has brought us many, many Youtube videos that expose the best-kept secrets of the world’s most famous makeup artists. One of those hacks is how to properly use concealer–it’s more complicated than one might think. A lighter skin tone concealer is great for brightening, but it won’t do much for dark circles or acne spots. Instead, the best thing to use for dark circles is orange concealer or whatever orange shape lipstick you have lying around, and the best thing to combat red acne spots is a green concealer. In order to have the best end result, it’s important to even out your skin’s undertones before applying foundation.

29.  Center Your Foundation

This may sound like advice from a yogi, but it’s actually a very helpful hack that will keep your complexion flawless. I cannot stress enough how important the correct foundation color is for achieving a natural and smooth finished result, and how you apply it is just as important. Instead of glopping dollops of the liquid all around your face, focus the initial amount in the center of your face and work your way out. This will ensure that the foundation is evenly applied and never cakey around your jaw line or edges, which would create a mask-like look. Ever heard the term “cake face”? It’s best to avoid that look at all costs.

28. Bronzer Placement

Just like foundation, the correct bronzer color is necessary for the perfect look, and the correct application is too. Bronzer can be a tricky thing because of the fine line between beautiful bronzed goddess and tanning bed junkie, but no worries there is a simple solution. Start by swirling your preferred fluffy brush on your bronzer and tap off the extra product. Start at the outer edges of your forehead, like the brown highlighted area pictured above. Draw a three with the brush from your forehead, to your cheek, down to your lower jaw line and BLEND! These are the spots where your face would naturally get sun if you were relaxing on the beach somewhere, and that’s when we all look our best.

27. Perfume Placement

Believe it or not, there is actually a science behind smelling the best for the longest period of time, and it rests on where you spray your perfume or cologne. The standard places to spray are the neck and the shirt, but what if I told you, those aren’t the best spots? Your hair actually absorbs the fragrance better than your skin, and it lasts longer because of the follicles. Behind your ears, knees, inside your elbows, and wrists are all pulse points, meaning the heat from the blood in your veins actually heat up and disperse bursts of fragrance throughout the day. Get more out of you perfume by strategically spraying it to spend less money and smell better.

26. Baking Your Face

Baking doesn’t only have to do with the kitchen anymore, it now applies to your face. Yes, that’s right, there is a method called baking your face. It has to do with loads of concealer and translucent powder. It’s a lengthy process but when done correctly can leave your skin looking airbrushed. First, load your face up with some good facial moisturizer, designed specifically for your skin type. After that has had a chance to absorb into your skin, apply all the types of concealer you require in the correct order (See slide 30), ending with the brightening layer. Using a fluffy loose brush, sweep a healthy layer of translucent powder over all the brightened areas and let “bake” or sit while you finish your eye makeup. Dust off the excess and blend in the rest for a polished look.

25. New Age Bonnet Dryer

Bonnet dryers are nothing new, as they were all the rave back in the 1950’s through the 80’s, but they’ve had a makeover. The once clunky and obnoxious dryers were not portable, making using them a pain in the you-know-what. Now we have the convenience of portable bonnet dryers, which offer the same evenly distributed heat flow and get rid of any stubborn frizz. All you need is your hair dryer and you can have a salon at home, and a fraction of the cost with multiple uses.

24. Triangles NOT Crescent Moons

Back to concealer, who knew it could be so difficult! Regardless if you use multiple colors or if you bake the final product, this hack will help you look brighter and more awake. Instead of dotting or drawing a half moon shape with the product, draw a triangle that reaches down to your cheekbones. This will allow for a brighter and larger area under the eye, giving it more space for light reflection. This is one of the simplest tricks that doesn’t add anything to your routine but just switches it up a bit.

23. Use Blush Instead of Bronzer

A simple way to switch up your normal routine without committing to anything crazy, is using blush instead of bronzer to contour your face. Use the same number three motion we described in slide 28, but with blush instead of a richer bronzer, and it will give you a childlike glow. It brightens up the face and makes your face look youthful and alive. Many famous makeup artists use this technique during spring and summer months.

22. Go Eazy On Your Brows

There is nothing wrong with wearing your makeup however you feel best, BUT there is something to be said for a perfectly filled, natural-looking eyebrow. Instead of focusing on sharp, clean edges gained by dark product and heavy application, try for a softer, less intense version for an everyday look. It’s easier and enhances your natural shape and hair color without covering the real you up. Powders and pencils will give you the softest look and gel pots and similar products will be more intense. That being said, there is always a time and a place for the intense eyebrow and it usually includes multicolored lights and a night to remember. Not to mention, the less intense the eyebrow is the more focus of your beautiful eyes.

21. Diamond Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond shaped face, much like Anna Kendrick, then you should focus your contour under your cheekbones. Sweep the product so that it gently sweeps under the entire cheekbones, including the front. Focusing on your brow bone as well as under eye for highlight will also help brighten the best features on your face, as well as your chin to help brighten the narrow point. Following the diagram above will ensure proper placement for best results.

20. Fake Hairs

The newest fad in the beauty industry is the technique called microblading, which is essentially eyebrow tattooing at its finest. The technique was designed to improve the natural look of tattooed eyebrows by individually drawing and strategically placing each individual hair. However, the procedure is exactly the same as tattooing which means it can be painful and somewhat permanent, so we suggest using the same technique with makeup. Using a sharp eyebrow pencil or a dip pot with an angled brush can achieve almost the same look without the commitment.

19. Contour For Heart Shape

A heart shaped face, just like a diamond, should be contoured to specifically benefit its unique shape. To maximize brightness and maintain a balanced face shape, focus your contour on the sides of your forehead. The upper portion of a heart shaped face will be wider than the bottom so the heavy bronzing on the top will even that out, creating a symmetrical look. Focusing the chin highlight closure to the bottom lip will soften the narrow point of the chin and of course, a good brightening under the eye never hurt anyone.

18. Specialized Face Masks

It may seem like a lot of work to change up the types of masks you use based on the location of your skin, but in reality, it makes complete sense. The skin on your face is actually separated by zones, which all need specific care. Luckily, there are many different types of masks that you can use to perfectly hydrate and nourish your skin, all at the same time. The best part is, you can make homemade versions of most masks you can buy in stores, just stick to the ingredients listed for each zone above and you’ll have some happy skin in the future.

17. Translucent Powder For Oily Skin

It may seem like a good idea to get a pressed foundation powder to control oily spots, but that’s not really the case. If you’re worried about an oily face, instead get a translucent mattifying finishing powder. Instead of caking on extra coverage like a pressed colored powder would, the mattifying powder will just keep the oil under control without disturbing the look. If you don’t want to add another layer of powder, oil collecting papers come in handy portable cases.

16. Setting Spray

Setting spray has changed the beauty industry and has become a viral sensation, making its way into almost every makeup tutorial video on social media. There are many brands and versions you can buy, and you can even make your own, which is the best part of this hack. The main point of setting sprays is to ensure the setting of your makeup for as long as possible, but they can also hydrate your skin as well. It works as a topcoat for your makeup, similar to the way in which a clear coat nail polish does to your nails. Spray the fine mist all over your finished look or whenever you feel the need to freshen up throughout the day.

15. The 10 Second Smokey Eye


A smokey eye is a classic look for enjoying a night out on the town and can look really sensual and wonderful if done right. For a long time, it was believed that the smokey eye was a lengthy process that only professional makeup artists could achieve, but in reality, it can be done in a little over ten seconds. As long as you have a black eyeliner and a finger, you’re good to go. Trace a thin black line on your bottom and top lash line, and use your finger to smudge the edges making it look blended out. You can play around with the thickness of the lines as you go, just start with a small amount and build up. Add layers of black mascara and you’re pretty much good to go. P.S. your ring finger works the best because it’s the least mobile, and you’re least likely to hurt your tender eye.

14. Contour For An Oval Face

For an oval face, focus your contour on the sides of your forehead to create a more narrow illusion to elongate your features. The contour around your cheek bones should start by your ears and blend into the middle of your cheek. Your highlight should be applied in the shape of a crescent moon and blended properly to guide the focus to the high features of your face.

13. Blending Sponge

Blending sponges are all the new rage in the beauty world because of how flawless they apply foundation and concealer. The key is to get a sponge that is on the soft side because it not only feels better on your skin during application, but it will get into every crease and crevice perfectly. Make sure to dampen the sponge before using and try a rolling motion for the best results.

12. Create Cleavage

What a time to be alive, where you can learn to contour just about anything. That being said, if you ever want a boost in the decolletage area, it’s super easy to contour. You can use a litter powder to enhance the robustness of your chest, or you can go all out like the woman pictured above. The idea is to give yourself a fuller looking chest with well-defined collar bones as well. The success lies in the execution because blending is key with this hack.

11. Separate Lashes

Nothing is worse than when you spend copious amounts of time applying your makeup and your eyelashes end up clumping together so bad it looks like you have a uni-lash. Next time this happens, sterilize a pin with alcohol or heat and CAREFULLY separate your lashes, starting at the base moving towards the tip. This will give your eyes look even bigger than ever before, just make sure to curl your lashes before you start separating them.

10. Measure The Correct Eyebrow Length

If the end of your eyebrow (the tail) extends too long, it can cause your eye and overall facial expression to appear droopy. An easy way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you accidentally when you’re rushing around in the morning, take a quick minute to measure each brow like pictured above. Eyebrows can actually drastically change the shape of your face so they’re pretty important if you ask me.

9. Sugar Spray For Beachy Waves


The summertime is the best time to wear beachy waves and sugar spray may just become your new favorite product. Much like salt sprays, sugar sprays add texture to your hair while leaving it soft to the touch and perfectly hydrated. A plus side to sugar sprays is that they leave your hair shiny and glossy without the weight of an oil or grease.

8. Testing Foundation Right

You’re probably realizing that you’ve been testing foundation colors wrong all your life, and we’re here to tell you it’s okay; But, from now on, test your foundation on your neck and not your face because you want it to blend properly and look completely natural. The skin on the face is prone to discoloration due to sun exposure, acne, and general aging, so if you match the color there, you might have a two toned situation going on.

7. Apply Foundation Then Concealer

Once again, the application process is important for getting the most even, all over coverage and I’ll tell you why. Many people think concealer should go first, but actually brightening concealer should go after foundation. Corrective color concealer that is either purple, green, or orange, should be applied first, then foundation, then the brightening concealer. If you put it on first, by the time you’re done with your final layer all the product will have been wiped away or covered up.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Many people use toner to close the pores on their face right after washing it, in order to ensure an extra layer of cleansing. If you have oily skin, toner can help reduce the amount and it can balance the ph levels of your skin so you can still gain the benefits of moisturizer without feeling like you dipped yourself in coconut oil (which, by the way, is nice just not all the time). Make your own with equal parts water for a refreshing, useful toner.

5. Skip The Highlight On Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it’s probably best to skip the highlight because you’re naturally radiant enough! Adding more shimmer on top of already shiny skin can prove disastrous. If you still want to look bright without extra shine, make sure to use mattifying foundations and substitute a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation for a highlight. Think of this as a benefit rather than missing out on the highlight trend, you’re naturally lit so you can actually save money.

4. Use Your Facewash For Makeup Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is an absolute must because they often get used every day and collect a lot of dirt and grime. If you don’t wash your brushes regularly, they can actually cause you to break out because of the dirt that is trapped inside the fibers. Not only dirt gets trapped in the brushes, but makeup gets caked on and dried in between the hairs, too. The good news is you can save the time and money buying a special brush wash and just use the same gentle facial cleanser you use yourself.

3. Protect Your Hair

Before swimming in salt water or chlorine filled pool water, it’s a good idea to rinse your hair with tap water first. Doing this will protect your hair because each strand will absorb the water and prevent any salt or chemical from being absorbed. Room temperature or warm water works best for this hack because cold water will close the pores in your hair strands and prevent the tap water from getting in, only to later open when they are submerged in warmer swimming water.

2. Mascara Tricks

To change things up in the mascara department, change up the way you hold your mascara wand. When you’re applying it, hold the wand vertically for a chunkier, more intense mascara look. This technique creates a color base at the lash line, which creates a wide-eyed look. Coat the upper lashes with mascara held horizontally, which will give great textural contrast.

1. Layer Products From Lightest To Heaviest

For the best skin care possible, try applying your skin products from lightest to heaviest for best absorption. The problem is, if you don’t apply them properly they won’t be able to hit their full effect. Follow the diagram above for flawless skin, and yes it’s quite the process–but totally worth it.



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