Makeup, for a lot of people, can be an opportunity for creative expression and confidence, but it can also get pretty tricky sometimes, too. If you don’t apply it correctly you can look like you’re wearing a clown mask, and don’t get me started on how long an eyebrow routine can take, only to come out uneven. Luckily there are solutions to most of the modern day makeup difficulties. Some of the tricks on this list will surprise you and some you didn’t even know you needed. One thing is for sure, you’ll look better and have more time for life after using these genius beauty hacks. You no longer have to be a Hollywood makeup artist to get the low-down on the best products, applications, and tools.

The goal for most people in the morning is to make themselves as presentable as possible in the quickest amount of time, and it’s helpful to know some tips and tricks to make that easier. Saving a few minutes here and there can really add up over time and the information on this list can even save you money by teaching you what products are actually necessary, and what are useless fluff. Not only have we put together a list for you that includes money saving tips, we’ve also broken down how to apply products correctly and beautifully for a flawless finish.

Makeup no longer needs to be an intimidating task that takes multiple tries to get right, you can be queen–or king–of all the new beauty trends simply by checking out the next 30 genius hacks. Don’t get swindled by the never-ending social media tutorials and spend your savings on useless products; become an expert and beat that face!

30. Green and Orange Concealer

One of the benefits of the Internet is that it has brought us many, many Youtube videos that expose the best-kept secrets of the world’s most famous makeup artists. One of those hacks is how to properly use concealer–it’s more complicated than one might think. A lighter skin tone concealer is great for brightening, but it won’t do much for dark circles or acne spots. Instead, the best thing to use for dark circles is orange concealer or whatever orange shape lipstick you have lying around, and the best thing to combat red acne spots is a green concealer. In order to have the best end result, it’s important to even out your skin’s undertones before applying foundation.