The holiday season is all about family and friends and letting everyone know you appreciate them in your own special way doesn’t have to always break the bank. In fact, I would argue that sometimes it seems like everyone gets lost in the commercial side of the holiday season and we tend to forget what the holiday’s are really all about. But have no fear, you can still grab a hilarious gift for all those holiday parties you’re planning on attending, and most of the items on this list are under $20.

Holiday parties like white elephant and secret Santa are always so fun because the goal is to get something hilarious, somewhat useful, and hopefully something everyone would secretly love to get. The purpose of these games is to entertain the crowds, so you don’t have to get too anxious about the level of thought that it’s going to take.

The white elephant party got its name from many Southeast Asian cultures, which established the significance of the white elephant due to its holiness within Buddhist mythology. The elephants were so special they weren’t allowed to perform labor, thus becoming honorable gifts that were pretty difficult to maintain. Despite differences in faith, the modern day versions of white elephant parties can be a great way to bring everyone together with some laughs.

This is the time to get a little clever with gift ideas and we’ve gathered the best stuff we’ve seen this year and compiled a list that’ll make you a hit at every party. Nothing is worse than the re-gifter or the guy who brings something totally useless EVERY YEAR—so don’t be that person, get something clever! Sometimes, time creeps up on you and there’s not always a lot of time to spare when it comes to Christmas shopping, which is why this list is so great—everything from wacky Band-Aids, to things you didn’t even know existed. In fact, this list has so many crazy things that it’ll give you gift ideas all year long, not just for the winter holidays. You’ll be the gift expert for years to come.

30. Bacon Bandages

Bacon bandages are probably the best bandages on the market, because, well—they literally look like a strip of bacon. This is definitely something that you would never buy yourself but secretly would love to have; which is why it makes the PERFECT Christmas gag gift. You can buy them at multiple online stores such as Amazon, and they are actually quite affordable. Just make sure the lucky person to receive this gift isn’t a vegetarian, because these bacon bandaids deserve to be fully appreciated.

29. Celebrity Coloring Book

Be the hit of the holiday party this year and get one of these celebrity-coloring books, filled with everyone’s favorite hunks. The editorial reviews for a book like this are raving; suggesting that coloring the chiseled features of Hollywood’s hottest gets the creative energies flowing. Regardless if this book will help someone’s creative side, I guarantee you you’ll at least get a good laugh out of it. This is the perfect adult coloring book! Oh and don’t worry, Mel Elliott created Color Me Girl Crush which is filled with Hollywoods leading ladies.

28. Microwaveable S’more Maker

A microwaveable s’more maker could perhaps make you the favorite at the party because it allows someone to have access to oozy gooey s’mores all year around without the fuss of a campfire and the smoke stench that lingers for days. In just 30 seconds you can have not one, but two delicious s’mores right in the convenience of your kitchen. If you have the funds, include some gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, so whoever wins this gift can enjoy it immediately. If your friends are a bunch of foodies, then this is the right gift for this holiday season.

27. Moist Mittens

These mitten shaped moist towelettes are perhaps one of the strangest gifts on this list. Specifically created to be useful and hilarious, these moist towelettes shaped like mittens will brighten anyone’s day because of how ridiculous yet handy, they really are. The best part about them is the fact that you can visit their ridiculously cheesy website and purchase them while reading how some celebrities feel about the unique product. As advertised these special wipes prevent dirty jobs from touching your hands and can be used on children, adults, and pets.

26. Dragon Meat

Yes, that’s right—there IS a company that cans dragon meat and you can buy it TODAY!! Okay, it’s not real dragon meat because of course dragons aren’t real, BUT it’s everything any dragon enthusiast could ever wish for. Not only is the idea funny and the labeling cheeky, but it comes with a stuffed dragon head that every big kid will sure to love. The nutritional facts include your daily values of havoc, terror, inferno, poetry, destruction, and many more fitting elements. This sure is one specialty gift.

25. Crystal Crayons

Crayons are not only for children, and these Kikkerland crystal crayons are proof. These lovely diamond cut crayons are great for getting back to your childhood roots and getting some quality coloring time, or for the not so artistic they work great for decoration. Either way, people of all ages love them, thus earning them a spot on this list. Their size and shape make them way better than traditional crayons and they fit perfect in stockings or gag gifts for white elephant parties.

24. This Travel Book

How To Swear Around The World by Jason Sacher is a book that literally teaches you how to swear while trotting the globe. Now, don’t go around unnecessarily swearing at people while traveling, but knowing a few swear words of the country you’re in may be a good thing to know, especially if you’re one to often piss people off. Plus, this is actually an interesting book with vivacious illustrations that everyone will be fighting over.

23. Animal Toothpaste Heads

These animal toothpaste heads definitely fall under the category of want but don’t need, making them a perfect gift. They’re not only silly looking animal heads, but they hold their mouths until you squeeze the toothpaste and they throw it up; totally unnecessary and totally worth it. It makes kids want to brush their teeth more and it keeps life interesting for the rest of us.

22. Dog Butt Magnets

Magnets are never really a favorite gift because they’re not really something people want, more like something people need, but these magnets are a game changer! Dog butts are the cutest things in the world so why not have a fridge full of them? Plus, now you can keep your life together and actually remember events by keeping the invitations posted on your fridge, get one for you and one as a gift! Grandma’s and all dog lovers alike are sure to love these.

21. Beer Goggles

When you hear of beer goggles you probably think of the silly goggles people wear that look like beer mugs, or the expression used to indicate your level of intoxication the night before when you’re trying to justify a mistake, but probably not literal beer goggles; which is why these tiny beer goggles make the perfect gift. You can use them to determine ownership of drinks while reminding everyone not to live out the expression at any point in the night–subtly of course.

20. Silic T-Shirts

Silic brand t-shirts were designed by a college student and made to resist stains from some of the hardest liquids like ketchup, coke, and wine. The shirt is made from a fusion of polyester and irritant free chemicals called sicla, which you’ve probably seen in the little white pouch in new shoes. The two materials come together to create a new waterproof material. The fabric is soft, breathable, and even resists sweat stains.

19. Just The Marshmallows

If there is one thing that’s good about being an adult, it’s that you can buy a bag full of just the marshmallows from the Lucky Charm cereal. Do your friends a favor this year and give them the special gift of a bag full of the childhood treat that everyone won’t admit they still enjoy. A bag full these special marshmallows is the definition of a gift that everyone wants but won’t buy themselves.

18. Unicorn Horn

An inflatable unicorn horn is possibly one of the best gifts you can give this holiday season because it can simply be enjoyed all year around, especially during Halloween. If this guy’s expression doesn’t reel you in then I don’t know what else will, he is clearly extremely happy. Did I mention it’s inflatable, comfortable, and easy to store? Yeah, I know—it’s the perfect gift! Now all you need to get is that matching sweater…

17. Tiny Hands

If you’ve ever seen Scary Movie 2, then you’ve had the privilege of viewing Hanson and cracking up at his tiny hand performance. If you have seen it you’re probably also laughing right now at the fact that you too, can own a pair of tiny hands. Another gift perfect for any time of the year, these tiny hands will make everyone laugh—regardless if they get the connection. A bit of an oxymoron, these hands are totally worthless yet so worth it.

16. White Elephant

Of course, if you’re the more literal type and happen to be attending a White Elephant gift exchange, then you can get a white elephant. An inexpensive, humorous, classic gift that you don’t have to put much thought into while providing a classy gift. Let’s be honest, we all know at least one person who would show up with this as a gift.

15. Bathroom Guest Book

A bathroom guest book is a hilarious touch to any bathroom and any holiday party because of how uncomfortable it can make some people while making others hysterically laugh. The guest book features some pretty funny questions about your guest’s experience using your restroom, and even a spot for them to doodle while doing their business. If your friends are funny enough to use it, it’s actually quite entertaining to read through every now and then.

14. Polaroid Toilet Paper Dispenser

Due to the insane price of Polaroid cameras recently with their gaining popularity within the hipster crowd, they aren’t really suitable for gifts unless you’re willing to drop some serious cash. That’s why a Polaroid toilet paper holder is the next best option! It’s funny, actually practical, and guaranteed to be a popular item.

13. Emoji Pillows

The Emoji app has changed the texting game making emotions way easier to convey and adding humor to any conversation. It only makes sense that Emoji pillows make great gifts because anyone who uses a cell phone will appreciate them. You can get the classic faces or one of your favorite objects like the moon face, or everyone’s favorite…poo!

12. Pizza Spray


Don’t you love it when you walk into a room and it smells like your favorite freshly baked pizza? Yeah, me too. Which is why this pizza cologne spray by DEMETER is a one of a kind gift that keeps on giving. If you ever find yourself wishing for the delicious scent, just spray and you’ll be transported to a pizzeria. No one will have the same gift I can assure you that.

11. A Jar Of Nothing

If you really want to be annoying this year, and don’t lie we all do every once in awhile, ESPECIALLY with family—then you definitely need to get this jar of nothing. We all know someone that when asked “what do you want this year?” they say “nothing!” Well, now you can give them just that! The jar can actually be used so it’s not just a joke but actually practical, too.

10. Toilet Decal

A toilet seat decal is another odd gift that will keep everyone laughing because it’s just so unexpected. No one actually goes out to buy a toilet seat decal for personal use unless they just have way too much time on their hands. Which is why IT MAKES THE BEST GIFT! There are so many options with these decals you can really find the best fit for the person in mind.

9. Fish Plug

Whether you’re an adult, child, or somewhere in between–this fish plug is pretty cool. It’s just something we all need and use, made cute! It works for bathtubs, sinks, and just about anything else you can plug up. It’s realistic with the detailed scales and durable so it’s really something perfect to gift someone.

8. Emergency Inflatable Chicken

Don’t you hate those times when you’re in an emergency and you just really need a rubber chicken? Me too. Just in case that moment does happen, there is an inflatable version that you can gift all your friends this holiday season. You may be asking: “what does one do with this?” the answer is, it doesn’t matter. It’s an inflatable chicken, for emergencies.

7. A Moose Mug


Keeping with the holiday theme this moose mug is a safe and fabulous way to go this year. It has antlers that also work as handles, which makes it the best mug someone will ever use. You can find plastic ones on Amazon making this moose mug not only physically appealing, but durable as well. The best part is, you can throw them in the dishwasher.

6. Muffin Top Baking Tins

No one ever likes a plump muffin top when in comes to people, but when dealing with actual muffins, they’re the best part! Grab your friends a pair of these muffin top muffin molds and step up the baking game. These are funny and will actually get used so you’re not just wasting your money. They’re usually made out of silicon so they’re easy to use and dishwasher safe too.

5. High Heel Tape Dispenser

Scotch tape brand makes some pretty unique tape dispensers, including some fabulous high-heel versions. This makes a perfect gift because it’s inexpensive, cheeky, and brightens up someone’s office. Make it unique by adding your own touch by bedazzling or painting it. Once again, a useful gift that no one would think to buy!

4. Fifty Shades Of Chicken

Fifty Shades of Chicken by FL Fowler is a cookbook that is a parody of the infamous 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. It’s hysterically named recipes are for adult eyes only, like its “Mustard-Spanked Chicken” and “Dripping Thighs”; oh and don’t forget the sultry pictures that come along with it. If you know a cook that will enjoy this parody along with some good finger lickin’ good chicken, this is the perfect gift.

3. Space Cat Towel

If you’ve got some weird friends, and let’s face it we all do—than they will really appreciate this space cat towel. The Internet is littered with images of these so you can sure find the perfect one for you or your friend group. It really doesn’t get much better than a cat in space that has pizza print fur. Just imagine seeing your friends use this awesome towel at the beach, or better yet–gift it to your grandma and she won’t know what the heck is going on.

2. Axe Pizza Cutter

Giving an axe pizza cutter as a gift gives your friends the OK to use their imaginations like kids again, while preparing dinner like an adult. It takes the pizza cutting game to the extreme, and whoever gets this prize will be tempted to cut everything with it. This is a huge hit with households who have children, it makes family pizza night just a little better.

1. Tiny Confetti Pack

A tiny confetti pack is much more than just some sparkle; it’s a party in a bag! Perfect for a little pick me up that can be used whenever times are tough. Life is great and this little pack will let your friends celebrate the good times with an unexpected mini party. Buy a couple extra and surprise your coworkers with a little bit of luck to ring in the New Year. Way better for emergencies than the inflatable duck, if you ask me.