The holiday season is all about family and friends and letting everyone know you appreciate them in your own special way doesn’t have to always break the bank. In fact, I would argue that sometimes it seems like everyone gets lost in the commercial side of the holiday season and we tend to forget what the holiday’s are really all about. But have no fear, you can still grab a hilarious gift for all those holiday parties you’re planning on attending, and most of the items on this list are under $20.

Holiday parties like white elephant and secret Santa are always so fun because the goal is to get something hilarious, somewhat useful, and hopefully something everyone would secretly love to get. The purpose of these games is to entertain the crowds, so you don’t have to get too anxious about the level of thought that it’s going to take.

The white elephant party got its name from many Southeast Asian cultures, which established the significance of the white elephant due to its holiness within Buddhist mythology. The elephants were so special they weren’t allowed to perform labor, thus becoming honorable gifts that were pretty difficult to maintain. Despite differences in faith, the modern day versions of white elephant parties can be a great way to bring everyone together with some laughs.

This is the time to get a little clever with gift ideas and we’ve gathered the best stuff we’ve seen this year and compiled a list that’ll make you a hit at every party. Nothing is worse than the re-gifter or the guy who brings something totally useless EVERY YEAR—so don’t be that person, get something clever! Sometimes, time creeps up on you and there’s not always a lot of time to spare when it comes to Christmas shopping, which is why this list is so great—everything from wacky Band-Aids, to things you didn’t even know existed. In fact, this list has so many crazy things that it’ll give you gift ideas all year long, not just for the winter holidays. You’ll be the gift expert for years to come.