The modern-day camera evolved from camera obscura, which was the process of projecting an image through a pinhole to another screen. The process needed to involve darkness, as the image needed to be surrounded by it in order to be projected clearly.

The evolution of this process created machines that involved tents, boxes, and curtains, which would mimic the dark room. The problem was, there was no way to record the projected pinhole images besides tracing them. The next process developed was called calotype, which involved silver iodine coated paper to record the images and was successfully attempt happened in 1835.

Following the calotype process came dry plates, and then film, which was pioneered by George Eastman and later named Kodak. Eventually, experimentation lead to what we now know as the digital camera, which has drastically changed the entertainment industry as well as personal documentation. We are now lucky enough to have high definition cameras on our cell phones, ready to capture a special moment whenever it presents itself.

It’s pretty amazing that some of the most monumental historical events have been photographed, as many of them happened unexpectedly, at a moments notice. In fact, some of the moments captured on this list were taken by the first cameras ever invented, while other’s are actually photo’s of spectacular inventions themselves. You’ve probably never seen the next thirty photographs, as many of them aren’t well known to the general public; they’re historical and worth discovering.