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The month of Spring is officially here! The sun is finally providing warmth, and the trees are starting to spring back to life. And with warmer weather comes the time for spring cleaning and organizing everything you let pile up during the winter months. Because let’s be honest—who actually wants to clean when it’s snowing outside?

While some people enjoy getting rid of their old items and shaking out the moth balls, for some it can be absolute torture. Thankfully, cleaning and organizing for spring doesn’t require rocket science. It can actually be quite simple and fun if you know what you’re doing. All you need is a little creativity and time.

So how can you get organized for spring and have fun doing it? Well, for starters instead of spending tons of money for new bins and shelves for organizing, why not repurpose items you have lying around the house? Whether it be a towel rack you’ve crafted from an old ladder or a pot lid organizer using an old magazine rack, there are multiple ways you can get your house organized without spending too much money.

It’s also important you clear out some of that stuff you been hoarding all winter long as well. For example, do you really need all that junk mail taking up space on your table? Plus, keeping clothes you NEVER wear certainly makes your closet look more like a time capsule than the latest fashion trend.  Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with some spring hacks that will keep you organized and ready for summer.

Here are 30 we’ve found to be the most creative and useful when it comes to saying goodbye to winter and embracing all that spring has to offer.


30. Peg Board & Basket Wall

Image: Pinterest

This inventive way allows for you to keep the kids’ room organized without much fuss. All you need is a peg board and a few baskets and you’re set. Now you can decorate and organize at the same time? Pretty neat, right?

29. Rain Gutter Book Organizer

Image: Parents Club

Now, this is cool! All you need for some great makeshift bookshelves are some old rain gutters. Slap a coat of paint on them and attach them to the wall and presto! You’ve got a cute reading nook for the kids that will keep your floor free from clutter!

28. Metal Board Makeup Organizer

Image: Pinterest

Are you tired of reaching into your bathroom cabinets for a makeup brush and coming out with a lipstick? Well, believe us when we say–we get it. Thankfully, using a magnetic metal board can solve this problem. Look how easy you can keep your makeup organized. Plus, it’s very vintage chic in terms of style.

27. Double Purpose Ottoman

Image: Get Organized Wizard

If you’re looking to stay organized without too much cluttering up the house we suggest purchasing furniture that can also be used as storage. For example, this ottoman also doubles as a shoe organizer. How great is that?

26. Magazine Rack for Pot Lids

Image: Pinterest

Tired of never finding the right size pot lid? Well, stress no more! All you need is an old magazine rack and you’ve got the perfect way to store those lids. Plus, they will be right within reach at all times. Did we mention before that we’re organizing geniuses?

25. Magnetic Spice Rack

Image: Instructables

Spices can really make a mess in your cabinet, however, we’ve got a simple solution: a magnetic spice rack. And if you really want to creative, affix it to the bottom of one of your kitchen cabinets. You will be maximizing your space, as well as creating a nice way to upgrade your kitchen decor.

24. Cleaning Supplies DIY

Image: LifeHacker

Did you know you can make your own cleaning wipes? All you need to do is cut a roll of paper towels in half. Place the roll inside a container that can be sealed and then pour a solution of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and essential oils. Let it soak and you’ll be good to go. It’s a much cheaper solution than constantly purchasing new wipes.

23. Peg Board Wonders for Tools

Image: Instructables

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized tool box. Thankfully, a peg board can turn your tool nightmares into a positive! Not only can you keep everything organized by type, but they are always within reach the next time you need them. Dad’s love this hack by the way, which makes it the perfect Father’s Day gift.

22. Toilet Paper Cord Organizers

Image: DIY Photography

This awesome organization hack is a great way to recycle your old toilet paper rolls! Do you ever find yourself untangling cords you’ve stored? It’s not fun nor the most productive way to spend an afternoon. Thankfully, we have a solution–store them in the old toilet paper rolls. Now your cords will stay tangle-free and you can contribute to recycling as well.

21. Shower Hooks to the Rescue

Image: Sistemafly

One excellent way to keep your closet space from turning into a disaster is utilizing shower curtain hooks to organize scarves and belts. Simply snapping them on a hanger and then hanging your items on the hooks keeps everything nice and accessible.

20. Double Up Your Hangers with Aluminum Tabs

Image: Design by Humans Blog

If you’re short on closet space, utilizing aluminum tabs from soda cans is a great way to double up your hangers. Not only can you hang twice the amount of clothing, but it keeps your clothes from clumping and getting wrinkled.

19. Dividers for Folded Clothes

Image: Houzz

Do your dresser drawers end with a clothing explosion when you open them? Well, this hack is for you. Simply divide your drawers with plexiglass or boxes so you can keep everything organized and where it should be. Then you don’t have to worry about shirts, socks, and underwear becoming a mess. Nothing is worse in the morning then when you’re late for work and can’t find your favorite pair of underwear.

18. Velcro for Appliance Cords

Image: Cable Organizer

When you’re setting up your electronics, it’s important to keep your cords from getting tangled and a great way to do this is with Velcro strips. We consider this hack as a way to keep your home trip-free and believe us when we say–everyone will thank you for it.

17. Empty Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Image: iHeart Organizing

Another great way to organize drawers and shelving space is by using recycled cereal boxes. Decorate them any way you want and then place them in the drawers you want to keep organized. It’s shocking how a simple fix can make your life so much easier.

16. Vertical Storage for Bathrooms


For those of you with smaller bathrooms, maximizing your space is essential which is why vertical storage is a must. Aim high and let your imagination soar when it comes to ways you can stack your items. This simple multipurpose shelf is a great example of utilizing your bathroom space wisely.

15. Product Dispenser for Bathroom

Image: Better Living Products

One excellent way to keep your bathroom shower from being taken over by shampoo and conditioner bottles is to invest in a product dispenser. These can be affixed to the shower or the wall outside of the shower, so you can easily use the product you need without creating a big mess. Plus, the fewer bottles you need to use, the less clutter you’ll have. Sounds like a win/win situation.

14. Old Ladder Towel Rack

Image: Signature Hardware

A creative way to keep your towels organized in the bathroom is by utilizing an old ladder. Treat it with paint or wood finish for an extra touch of style and bam! You’ve got a cheap accessory that will keep your bathroom organized and chic.

13. Secret Closet Under Your Bed

Image: Flickr

If you suffer from lack of bedroom space in your home, an excellent way to remedy this is by creating a closet underneath the bed. All you need to do is utilize a bunk bed and not have the bottom bunk. The space underneath the top bunk can become a closet and storage space, pretty cool right?

12. Jewelry Cork Board

Image: Kenetiks

Ladies, this one’s for you. We understand how difficult it can be to wear jewelry, especially if you’re trying to keep it organized. Nowadays, jewelry boxes simply won’t do because you’re usually left with a tangled mess to deal with. Thankfully, a cork board can solve this problem easily. As you can see, you can keep everything organized and never have to worry about spending hours untangling necklaces again!

10. Pull Out Basket for Fridge

Image: Goodbye House, Hello Home!

It may not seem like a fridge needs organizing, but we’ve seen some pretty haphazard fridges and believe us when we say–they’re not pretty. Thankfully, this can easily be remedied by placing baskets in your fridge. Now whenever you need something, out comes the basket. Plus, it keeps your fridge clean and the baskets are easily washable.

9. Sheet Storage in Pillowcase

Image: Martha Stewart

Storing your sheet sets has never been easier with this quick tip from the queen of homemaking Martha Stewart. All you need to do is keep your sheets inside the matching pillowcase. Then you stack the pillowcases in the closet and you never have to worry about mismatched sets. Pretty awesome, right?

8. Stick-On Storage Containers for Cabinet Doors

Image: Pinterest

If you live in a house with very little storage space (especially an apartment) we suggest using stick on containers inside your cabinet doors to expand your storage space. It’s great for makeup, clips, and even your hair dryer! Plus, your friends will be super jealous of your organization skills.

7. Buy Something, Give Away Some

Image: Student Life

While this may not be an organizing hack per say, it is a good tip. As you clean up your home for spring, donate things you’re not using anymore. It’s a super easy way to clear out the clutter and make room for new things you’ll eventually buy.

6. Don’t Keep Junk Mail

Image: Wikimedia Commons

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you won’t believe how many people keep their junk mail. And for what? We know you’re not going to read it! Throw it out! There’s a kitchen table underneath all of it that’s ready to breathe!

5. Velcro Remote Control

Image: Life Hacker

You’ll never have to search for your remote control again with this simple hack. All you need to do is place a piece of Velcro on the back of your remote, as well as the table you keep it on. That’s it! Now you’ll always know where your remote is and not have to worry about it falling into the depths of your couch cushions.

4. Backward Hanger Trick

Image: Pinterest

Here’s a great way to organize your closet and get rid of clothes you never wear. Simply, hang all your clothes with the hangers backward. As you wear your clothes, you’ll hang them back normally, then every six to twelve months see which items are still hanging backward. Those will be the ones you want to trash! Cool tip, right?

3. Corner Shelves


Many people miss out on maximizing their wall space because they ignore their wall corners. However, a simple corner shelf can solve this problem. If you live in a small house, we suggest buying shelves that can fit in the corners because they are not only attractive decor but can help make your life easier when it comes to organization.

2. Fewer Rugs for Less Clutter

Image: Look Linger Love

Some people love putting rugs all over their home, especially in the living room,  hallways, and bedrooms. However, here’s the truth when it comes to rugs–they make your home look more cluttered. If you can, we say limit the rugs to one or two in the home and that’s it! You don’t want to spend time de-cluttering your house only to have your rugs make it look like a hot mess.

1. Stair Storage for the Win

Image: Home Edit

Another great way to keep your home organized this spring is to utilize the space under your stairs. Whether your stairs have a room underneath or simple shelving units, we suggest performing some minor renovations so you can keep everything in tip top shape and not thrown all over the foyer.