set a summer tone in house


Have you ever gone to someone’s beach house and been immediately transported to a vacation paradise? Do you wish your home could make guests feel that relaxed and happy? Do you want your place to scream summer?

You may be inspired by the changing weather as summer approaches or you may just want your home to be summery and inviting all year round. Either way, setting a summer tone in your house is easy and fun.

You don’t even have to completely renovate your home to achieve that perfect tone in your house. Certain colors, smells and accents will help you immediately achieve your goal of making your place feel like the perfect summer home.

Some of our 31 tips require a bit of work whereas others may take only a couple of hours of effort. You may choose to only make a few changes to usher in a new season or you may be very ambitious and add all of these decorating ideas to your current decor.

We recommend starting small with your favorite tips and building up from there. Take into consideration the permanence of the changes you’re making. Afterall, you may end up living with this vibe during a very cold winter, depending on where you live. This is a good or bad thing, depending on your personality.

We’re sure you’ll find the balance that’s right for you. Just make sure you have fun doing the work. And cheers to summer!