set a summer tone in house


Have you ever gone to someone’s beach house and been immediately transported to a vacation paradise? Do you wish your home could make guests feel that relaxed and happy? Do you want your place to scream summer?

You may be inspired by the changing weather as summer approaches or you may just want your home to be summery and inviting all year round. Either way, setting a summer tone in your house is easy and fun.

You don’t even have to completely renovate your home to achieve that perfect tone in your house. Certain colors, smells and accents will help you immediately achieve your goal of making your place feel like the perfect summer home.

Some of our 31 tips require a bit of work whereas others may take only a couple of hours of effort. You may choose to only make a few changes to usher in a new season or you may be very ambitious and add all of these decorating ideas to your current decor.

We recommend starting small with your favorite tips and building up from there. Take into consideration the permanence of the changes you’re making. Afterall, you may end up living with this vibe during a very cold winter, depending on where you live. This is a good or bad thing, depending on your personality.

We’re sure you’ll find the balance that’s right for you. Just make sure you have fun doing the work. And cheers to summer!

31. Cool Colors


Your first instinct when trying to make a summery vibe in your home is to paint warm colors. While a bright yellow or orange may be nice in your kitchen, it’s the cool hues that will really make your home feel like a beach house. After all, you are you are trying to stay cool in summer so you keep everything cool inside. The color blue is especially bright and cheerful. It also makes you think of the summer sky and the ocean. Plus, there are so many different shades of blue to choose from!

30. Rope as Decor

Wrap your candle holders in rope and your living room will immediately scream, “Summer!” You can get very creative using rope as an accent in other areas of the house too. You can glue it as a border around picture frames or paintings. You can wrap it around vases and bowls. Just take a look around and see where rope may be the perfect highlight to your knick knacks.

29. Sunflowers

No other flower says summer the way sunflowers do. And fortunately for us, these are some of the cheapest flowers you can buy . If you have a garden, plant as many sunflowers as your heart desires. Keep the inside of your home filled with these joyful flowers too. You can even use them in a welcome wreath at the front door. They grow fast, so they are easy to replenish. Even if you’re not growing them at home, chances are you’ll only spend a couple of dollars every week keeping your home full of their sunshine.

28. Flowery Throw Pillows


Flowers abound in summer time and they should do so inside as well as outside your home. Pillows with flower motifs are a great way of celebrating summer. We absolutely love outdoor pillows which make you want to stay outside. Used in your home, they bring the outdoors inside. Choose your favorite flowers: tulips, sunflowers, lilies or roses. You can even mix and match pillows and have a lot of fun growing your indoor garden of pillows!

27. Sand

Nothing reminds people of the beach more than sand. So, why not bring some inside? You can take sand from the beach or buy some at many local hardware stores. You can use sand in your decorative centerpieces, by adding starfish and shells and any beautiful rocks you may find. You can also keep your ashtrays inside and outside filled with sand. It’s both smart and summery. Another great use for it indoors is to hold incense sticks, which stay upright in sand.

26. Grow Stuff in Seashells


Gather the biggest seashells you can find and start a little indoor garden. Yes, you can plant cactus, flowers, even grow moss in them for a beautiful effect. Succulents are especially easy to keep alive and well inside this lovely and innovative home.

25. Paint Bright Trim

Once you get that perfect cool hue painted as your main wall color, choose a bright color that pops for your trim. Imagine it this way: Make your walls look like the sky and make your trim look like flowers. That should inspire an amazing paint job!

24. Accent Flowers


Whether you’re dining alfresco in your backyard or in your home, you can add flowers to all your candles using pretty string that match to hold them in place. This decorating idea only takes minutes and adds so much ambiance to a table.

23. Hammock


Hammocks are an easy way to give your backyard an instant summer feel. Plus, what better way is there to read a good book or take a little snooze outside? The kids will love this new addition and it’ll add a fun vibe to your outdoor gatherings.

22. Seashell Candle Holders


Seashells instantly make you feel like you’re near the beach. What’s great is that they can easily hold votive candles and give your gatherings a fun summer feel. Place the seashells on sand and make it look extra special and beachy.

21. Torches


Add torches to your walkway and everyone will be in party-mode even before they reach your door. At night, torches add a tropical feel to your backyard with just the right warm lighting. Plus, you won’t have to turn on any lamps or lanterns!

20. Brightly Colored Bedding


While your guests may not see your bedding, it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Colorful duvet covers, comforters and blankets are a perfectly genius way of adding light to your bedroom. If you’re only looking to set a summer tone during summer, this is an easy one to switch up later.

19. Sailboats and Everything Nautical

Anything that is reminiscent of the oceans and seas gives a home a summer feel. Buy or make sailboats and keep them on the coffee table, in the bathroom and kitchen. You can make especially fun ones of your own using doilies for a textured sail.

18. Antique Your Furniture

Got an old chair, trunk or table you want to keep but it’s falling apart? Instead of throwing out, work with it. In fancier stores, they call this “the distressed look,” and they often destroy furniture to achieve that worn look. If you’ve already got something you love but it’s wearing away, get some white paint, go over and sand it down to show the true color below. Or, find special paint for antiquing.

17. Whimsical Napkin Holders

You can buy fun napkin holders or make a DIY project out of bringing nature to the dinner table. Add butterflies, bees, birds or whatever reminds you of summer. Use pipe cleaners to attach  your creatures around the napkins.

16. Sun Beams


This sunbeam is stunning, and you can make your very own. Even though you can probably search online and have one sent to you, why not save a couple of bucks and make it a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that celebrates nature? Just go on a hike and pick up as many long, clean twigs that you can find. Try to pick ones that are uniform or make sure each one is unique. Buy a small round mirror and create some sunshine inside!

15. Hanging Lights

An inexpensive way to give your backyard an outdoor summer-party feel is to buy paper lights that you can hang outside. These lights usually come in a rainbow of colors, so you won’t even need to decorate much. Just put flowers on the table and you’re done!

14. Plants in Jars

Air plants are great indoor plants. Not only that but you can grow them with just a few rocks and gravel. How easy and beautiful is that? You can get really intricate and decorate with seashells or moss or you can just keep it simple. Either way, these jars are totally charming and you can put a few throughout the house. Everything natural feels like summer.

13. Paint Your Dressers


Add some color that brings nature inside by painting your dressers, bookshelves and tables in bright colors that make you think of the outdoors. You don’t even have to stay uniform int he color. Pick out a few you like and get creative with it.

12. Bright Place Settings


What says sunshine better than brightly colored place settings? This is an easy way to match flowers to the table’s decor. It’s also charming to see before sitting down to eat. So, buy them in yellows, bright oranges and even fluorescent shades if they match your plates.

11. Floating Votive Candles


Votive candles floating in water filled with flower petals make you feel like you’re on vacation. This is a beautiful way to bring some light outside for alfresco dining. You can also dim the lights and decorate your home table with these.

10. Hanging Lanterns


Hanging candle lanterns have a romantic and classic look. They create an immediate sense of coziness when you hang a few outside and set some on the table. Chic and functional, this is a super way to make it feel like summer outside.

9. Fish Motif

This can be a DIY project the whole family will love. It’s not hard to find simple fish shapes and carve them on wood and cut. If you’re not feeling like doing all that, you can probably take your sketches into a lumber yard and pay a small fee to have the job done for you. You can then paint your fishies in any and all colors that make you smile. These ornaments can brighten any wall, trellis or lawn while making you think of the ocean and summertime.

8. Playful Plates


You don’t even need to spend that much money to get fun colorful plates that are perfect for summer barbeques. You weren’t going to bring stoneware outside, were you? No — go ahead, plastic is okay for summer! Get matching napkins and colorful plastic knives, spoons and forks. Make your outdoor gathering as colorful as you can!

7. Canopy


A floating canopy is the most romantic and quintessentially summer outdoor accessories ever. You can buy them in a variety of shades, but a nice neutral one is a classic look. White may be a paint o keep clean and you don’t want a very dark one, unless you really want to throw shade!

6. Summer Smells


Hang some eucalyptus from your shower hanger and soon your bathroom will smell as fresh as summer. This is a also a nice accent that brings a little bit of nature inside. You can try other flowering plants, too, like jasmine or lavendar.

5. Summer Wreath

Flower wreaths are not only welcoming to guests but they add a touch of summer to your home. You can use any flowers you like. Get a basic wreath and change up your floral arrangement as soon as your flowers wilt.

4. Shiny Rocks


Bring the outdoors to the dining room table for your next dinner party. Better yet, if you can find rocks embedded in moss, nothing is more beautiful. What says summer better than nature and natural elements? Nothing. This is a nice earthy touch to any elegant table.

3. Citrus Smells

Next time you set up a fruit centerpiece, cut up a couple of lemons or limes, even one orange and let it sit. The smell of citrus is aroma therapy at its finest. The smell of fruit also sets a sunny summer tone.

2. Wind Chimes


Wind chimes look and feel like summer in general, but using seashells and sea glass to make your own beachy set of chimes may be the best DIY project you and your family have ever done. These are so beautiful you may want to hang one in front of your home and one in the backyard. If you don’t feel like making your own, you’ll probably have to hunt online or in beach-side shops.

1. Starfish



Starfish are some of the most magnificent creatures the ocean washes ashore. If you want your home to remind of you the ocean blue, paint your walls your favorite shade and decorate the walls with starfish big and small. This simple decorative tip will transform your house into a beach bungalow without breaking the bank!