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Fashion evolves over the years. That means going through some pretty strange fashion trends. In 2018, fashion designers are taking risks and putting all of their creativity to use when it comes to these 40 pairs of shoes.

Sesame Street

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Take a walk down Sesame Street in these Big Bird heels.

Sneaker Sandal

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The only sneaker that your feet definitely won’t sweat in.

Mop Shoe

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Love cleaning? Wear a mop for a shoe!

Jeans for Your Feet

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Match your jean cutoffs to your shoes.

Wait, What?

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How do you even wear these?

Cat Lover

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For all those cat lovers out there, these shoes are for you! Just look at those cute heels.

The Little Mermaid

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Embrace your inner Ursula with these tentacle heels.

Flippity Flops

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Double those scuba flippers with a trendy heel. You can go from land to water in seconds!

Lego Land

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Don’t worry about stepping on a Lego with these shoes.

Cushioned Shoes

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You don’t want to step on a nail in these shoes.

Fishy Feet

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Going fishing? Wear these!

Big Bad Wolf

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Why, what big teeth your shoes have.

Art Exhibit

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These shoes definitely belong in an art exhibit rather than on someone’s feet.

Bring Your Spider With You

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Love your tarantula? Take it with you wherever you go in these heels!

Glass Slipper

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If Cinderella took place today, do you think she would wear these shoes?

Valentine’s Day

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Get festive this Valentine’s Day with these heart shoes that help you express your love.

Mid-West Style

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These shoes have a pistol as a heel and a hoof for the main part. If you’re for going for Halloween as a cowboy, these are for you!

Cartoon Central

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Show the world how much you love cartoon characters with these wedged shoes.


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Looking to gain a few inches? Try these out for size.

Dino Love

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Embrace your inner child’s love for dinosaurs with these might heels.

Party Shoes

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Going out to the club? We’ve found the perfect shoes for you.


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These belong in the Palace of Versaille.

Candy Shop

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If you have a sweet tooth, these shoes are colorful and sweet.

Comfort Not Guaranteed

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These shoes are pretty cool, but probably extremely uncomfortable.


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Going for the unapproachable look? Put a pair of these on and you’ll be good to go.

Sling Shot

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Who said toys couldn’t be used as a fashion statement?

Ballerinas Only

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Ballerinas are the only ones who can wear these shoes.

Never Too Old to Play

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These slide shoes are actually pretty clever.

Ruby Red

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Imagine if Dorothy walked around Oz in these bad boys.

Feather Feet

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Watch! Don’t step on a bird!

Disco Shoes

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The 1970’s would’ve gone wild for these shoes.


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Shoes:craziest-shoes-341.jpg

These look like they were made from Twizzlers. Tell me I’m wrong.

With Sprinkles, Please

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Just add a cherry on top for the perfect dessert-inspired shoes.

Call the Dentist

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You may have to make a dentist appointment for these shoes.

Fruity Feet

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Looking for a snack on the go? Try these!

Sticky Situation

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Nobody likes to step on gum, unless they are wearing these heels and it looks awesome!

Broom Shoes

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Sweep your floor while you kill the fashion game with these broom shoes.

Don’t Slip!

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You don’t want to slip I these shoes.

The Future Is Here

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These look like they’re straight out of The Jetsons.

Beaded Beauty

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Good luck walking in these beaded shoes. While they aren’t practical, they are beautiful!