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Nature is incredible, mysterious, and downright magical. It can create unbelievable beauty while also causing immense damage and danger. You’ll never question the power of nature after seeing these photos.

Wave in France

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Jean Guichard captured this photo in 1989 of a wave engulfing a lighthouse in France. The man on the lighthouse is actually waiting for people to come rescue him, not just admiring nature’s power. It’s hard to believe that the lighthouse is still standing.

Raccoon Posse

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Raccoons are supposed to keep to themselves. However, when one woman heard a strange noise when she went camping, she was shocked to see a gang of raccoons staring at her.


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Audra Thomas seems calm and poised when this picture of her in front of an F-1 tornado was taken in 1989. Growing up in Nebraska, Thomas didn’t fear the tornado as she had witness many in her lifetime.

Flying Pig

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Desperate to avoid going to the slaughterhouse, this little piggy jumped from his truck right into traffic.

Teddy Roosevelt and a Moose

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Even though Photoshop wasn’t around in 1908, people still manipulated photos. This photo is fake and was used in Theodore Roosevelt’s presidential campaign. The photo is originally of Teddy riding a horse, not a moose.

Wolf Spider

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This close up photo of a wolf spider shows just how mothers carry their young around. The female spider carries the eggs from 9 to 27 days on her abdomen, then when the eggs hatch she carries her babies on her back until they can feed themselves.

Whale or Mermaid?

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No, this isn’t a mermaid. It’s a beluga whale! For years sailors would mistake beluga whales as mermaids thanks to the fact that the underside of their tails look like human legs.


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This baby elephant fell and got stuck in a manmade hole.

Giant Crocodile

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This crocodile was a whopping 28 feet long when it was killed by a female hunter in Australia in 1957. Krsytina Pawlowski made major news when she hunted his giant croc. She even earned herself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Nature Race

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A biker enjoying a morning ride in Alaska is chased down the street by a bear. It’s a good thing he was on wheels and not foot!

Stallone’s Turtles

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While filming the famous movie Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s character bought two red eared slider turtles. 40 years since the filming of the movie, Stallone still has the turtles.

Megalodon vs. Shark

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The ancient Megalodon is huge compared to a Great White Shark. Just look at the size of its jaw! The Megalodon could weigh up to 40,000 pounds and grow to 60 feet in length.

Australian Wildlife

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There’s a lot going on in this picture. First, we have two snakes mating on the side of the street. Then in the back we have a wild dingo eating a shark on the beach. You don’t get more Austalian than that.

Goats in a Tree

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These goats found themselves high up in an Argania tree in Morocco. These particular goats climb naturally and aren’t afraid of heights.

Mt. Vesuvius Eruption

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In March 1944, during World War II, Mt. Vesuvius erupted while some B-25 bombers flew over it. This shot is a once in a lifetime scene.

Last Photo

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This would be the last photo photographer Michio Hoshino would ever take as a bear entered his tent and mauled him to death. The attack happened in 1966 in Russia.

Natural Patience

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This dog is pretty smart to let this skunk eat his food first. Hopefully this prevented the skunk of spraying him!


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This tornado picture was captured in Waynoka, Oklahoma in 1898. Just like the men in this photo, we would be stupefied by such a large tornado too.

Hermit Crab’s Shell

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Typically, hermit crabs will find shells to make their homes, as they grow bigger. This one decided to forego the shell and use a human skull instead.

Star Nosed Mole

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This creature is known as a star nosed mole. You can probably guess why by just looking at its nose. The pink “tentacles” around his nose help the creature smell and pick up vibrations and changes in temperature.

Mammatus Clouds

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The mammatus clouds formed in the sky over Nebraska just after a tornado ripped its way through. These clouds are extremely rare. In fact, the first recorded sighting of them was in 1894 by William Clement.

Rescue Mission

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This seagull is attacking a bald eagle midair in hopes of saving his friend from being the eagle’s next meal. Talk about loyalty.

Tippi Hedron and a Tiger

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This photo was taken on set of Tippi Hedron’s movie, Roar, which came out in 1981. While filming, 70 people in the cast and crew became injured from working with the wildlife on set.

Brown Panda

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Qizai the panda is the only known brown panda in the world. Unfortunately, he was abandoned by his mother and considered and outcast by other panda bears.

Apocalyptic Sunset

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This sunset looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie. With storm clouds and the setting sun, residents of Moscow may had quite a view.

Animal Lovers

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Steve and Terri Irwin love animals. Known as the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin had his own show where he caught and educated the public about different dangerous animals. Unfortunately, Steve met his demise earlier than expected when a stingray’s barbed tail pierced his chest in 2006.

Atretochoana Eiselti

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Remind you of something? This snake is often referred to as the “penis snake” thanks to its phallic shape. It was first discovered in the 1800s in Brazil and was recently seen in 2011.

Massive Manta Ray

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This 5,000 pound manta ray was caught by some fishermen. It was a whopping 20 feet wide!

Catatumbo Lightning

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This brilliant lightning only ever occurs over the Cataumbo River in Venezuela. Youc an see it 140 to 160 days out of the year.

Icy Tower

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This cell phone tower was covered in ice after a ferocious snowstorm. The guy up there is responsible for chipping off all of the ice.

Lightning Storm

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This magical lightning storm took place over Lake Michigan, just off the shore of Chicago.

Snake Attack

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We wouldn’t want to break up this fight. A king cobra bit a python while the python was constricting the cobra to death. Needless to say, both of the snakes died.

Enormous Clouds

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You can see these clouds from 60 miles away! Known as a lens cloud, people often mistake them for UFOs. These flat clouds are pretty rare and only occur when an airflow is disrupted while traveling over a mountain.

Frozen Wave

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This incredible blue ice was found in Antarctica. Some will say that it was a tsunami that froze instantly, but that’s a myth.

Black Jaguar

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A Black Jaguar is one of the rarest animals in the world. Some scientists don’t even consider them to be jaguars, but another feline species entirely.

Lightning Strike

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Darren Pearson was in the right place at the right time when he captured this bolt of lightning striking a tree.

Hide and Seek

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Cats and dogs are sworn enemies. However, cats seem to be much smarter than dogs. Just look at this cat’s hidng spot.

Tasmanian Tiger

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The Tasmanian Tiger species has been extinct. Before they disappeared, though, we were lucky enough to grab a photo of them at the Beaumaris Zoo in 1910.


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Even sea creatures like seafood. Here you can see a crab and starfish eating the carcass of a squid at the bottom of the ocean.


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Sir Ernest Shackleton made an adventurous journey to Antarctica on his ship the “Endurance.” The photo above was taken in 1915 and shows the ship on top of sea ice. It would later sink from being crushed by the ice.

Polar Bears

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A Soviet soldier is seen feeding a wild polar bear in the Chucki Peninsula. Just look at the baby cub latching on to his leg!

Morning Glory

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This cloud is known as the Morning Glory cloud. This was seen in Northern Australia. In fact, these clouds often appear in Burketown between September and November are a tourist attraction for some.

Tornado Over Texas Capitol Building

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In 1922 a tornado threated the capitol building in Austin, Texas. What you don’t see in this photo is that the tornado split into two separate twisters!

Arctic Hare

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If you’re going to live in Antarctica, you’ll need some way to keep warm. Just look at how fluffy these Arctic Hares are!

Scary Thunderstorm

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You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of this messy storm. With a tornado, lighting, and thunder, we can only imagine the damage it caused.

Evolving Tornado

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This photo shows the evolution of a tornado from the beginning little wisp to a full on funnel.

Lighting Hitting Water

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Nothing shows you the power of lightning better than when it strikes water. Just look at all that water coming up!

Milky Way Over Egypt

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What a sight! You can see the Milky Way in the sky above the magical pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

One Shot

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It’s hard to believe that this is just one photo and not three put together. Talk about an optical illusion.

Ball Lightning

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Ball lightning is a rare and strange phenomenon that appears as a giant ball of light in the sky. It lasts longer than a single bolt of lighting, so you probably won’t miss it if it strikes.

Pyramid Sunset

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The Egyptian pyramids have always been a mystery to us. Just look at this gorgeous photo of the sun setting behind one in Cairo.

Honduran White Bats

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Unlike most bats, the Honduran white bat likes to sleep between leaves and huddle up with its family rather than hang from the ceiling of a cave.

Alien Jellyfish

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The ocean is filled with amazing and strange creatures. Just take a look at this jellyfish. It looks like it came straight from outer space.

Supercell Storm

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You wouldn’t want to be caught in this supercell storm that took place in Howard, Kansas. This type of storm often occurs in the Plains states but can also be seen in South America, Argentina, and Brazil.

Chilean Volcano

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The Calbuco Volcano erupted three times in 2015 in Chile. 1,500 people had to evacuate each time.

Elephant Tantrum

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Just like human children, baby elephants also have temper tantrums. That’s exactly what this baby elephant is doing right here.

When Bodies of Water Meet

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Here you can see where the Gulf of Alaska and glacier water meet. The waters are too different in density that they can’t miss, therefore creating a divide.

Bear Playing

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Even bear cubs like to have some fun sometimes. This little cub is all alone sitting on a slide of a play set waiting for someone to come join him.

Water Spout

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If you thought tornados were scary, just take a look at this water spout in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Close Up Spider Foot

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Ever wonder what a spider’s foot looks like up close? This is a spider’s foot under a microscope. As you can see, the claws in their feet is what makes it possible to climb up walls and on ceilings.