Vicki sounds like she’s making a crazy choice by choosing a crocodile over her husband, but if he knew her like he should have, this would never have been a choice she should have to make.

Vicki grew up in South Wales on 2,000 acres that provided her with plenty of outdoor experience with many different animals. She learned to love them all and kept many different kinds as pets as she was growing up.

20. She Loves Them

Her crocodile, Johnnie, showed up on her door step as a baby and lived with her as a pet. When her husband decided that he couldn’t handle that relationship, her choice was easy and the husband had to go.

19. A Long Friendship

Johnnie has now been with Vicki for 22 years so their routine works for the both of them. At 60m Vicki has been with Johnnie long enough that she knows exactly what she needs to do every day.

18. She Learned

When her morning starts, she is awakened to hungry crocodiles demanding food and has to feed them. She knows that this is not normal for others but she couldn’t imagine starting her day any other way.

17. They Roam The House

She says that sometimes Johnnie and the other crocodiles will roam the house and come in to her bedroom, but they always head back to their own aquarium that she keeps for them inside.

16. Their Area

She has crocodiles everywhere. She keeps two of them in her living room, two more in her bathroom, and has one that lives outside. When Greg started having problems with the situation, it was not hard for people to understand.

15. Independent

The divorce happened in 2005. Vicki’s logic was that her husband could care for himself and didn’t need her, but her crocodiles needed her to provide for their care.

14. An Easy Choice

Vicki’s complaint was that Greg felt he should be the center of attention. She treated these animals like they were her children though and Greg should have understood that.

13. Divorce

The feud led to constant fighting and drama. Even though Greg worked for 12 hours a day out of the house, his time at home was filled with aggravation and conflict.

12. Crocodile Priorities

Vicki claims the relationship was doomed when Greg started getting jealous of the time spent with the crocodiles. He felt that they received way too much of her attention and that he wasn’t getting enough respect.

11. Surprised

Greg assumed that his ultimatum would work and that his wife would choose him over her pets. He was wrong. Vicki felt that since she had the animals the longest that Greg shouldn’t have been surprised by the life she led.

10. He Tried

At the beginning of their relationship, Greg tried to work with Vicki on the things that she liked. He tried to help with the animal rescue but never felt as happy with it as she did.

9. He Didn’t Compare

He always felt that the animals meant more to her than he did. According to Vicki, this wasn’t the case; he just didn’t mean more to her than the did either. In her eyes, she loved her animals and her husband equally.

8. It Ended

Vicki said that she had to keep her animals and that ended her marriage. It wasn’t ideal but it was time their lives separated and took different paths. Now, she has a total of 33 animals that she cares for all the time.

7. Her Work

All of her time is spent taking care of the animals that she helps to save. Some of them she has saved from the wild and others are pets that people no longer wanted.

6. Meal Time

Vicki has committed her life to this and has been working with wild animals since she was a child. She knows how to handle them and knows many of tricks that lots of other people wouldn’t know. For instance, when feeding the crocodiles, she has to look away. Looking at them in the eye makes them feel protective of their food which makes them more likely to attack.

5. She’s Happy

She knows that she has sacrificed a lot for them but also knows that her life wouldn’t be complete without them.

4. A Crocodile In Trouble

Vicki tries to find a balance between keeping harmony in her home and understanding that they are wild animals. When one of her crocodiles ate a chicken, she yelled at it. Afterwards, she felt bad and apologized to it because it was really only doing what it felt was natural.

3. She’s Sweet

Jilly, the crocodile that ate the chicken, stayed quiet in a corner after Vicki yelled at her. Vicki said that she’s a very sweet crocodile and apparently they can be rather sensitive.

2. Vicki Is An Expert

Vicki has been working with these animals for so long that she is clearly an expert. She has her licenses to be able to care for them and knows how to handle different situations. This is not a lifestyle just anyone can or should pick up. It is dangerous even with her expertise.

1. A Special Calling


Pet crocodiles are more of a responsibility than any average pet. Not everyone should go around owning them or even trying.