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For a bride, her wedding day is a culmination of planning for months and lack of sleep—finally, she can see the dream she’s had since being a young girl come to fruition. Weddings are a multitude of moving parts that most guests would not be able to comprehend if they’ve never planned a wedding before. Not only does the dress need to be ordered months in advance, but you have to deal with fittings, cake tastings, catering mess-ups and so much more!

Do you see why some brides snap on the day of the wedding, effectively turning into Bridezilla? Lack of sleep and spoiled salmon puffs will do that to you!

One of the most important aspects of a wedding reception is the centerpiece of it all—the cake. You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into picking the perfect cake. From tastings to perfecting the design, there’s a lot of preparation that comes before smashing a piece into the groom’s face. They’re also not cheap.

Don’t believe us?

Well, Lisa Minelli’s red accent wedding cake cost over $40,000! And when Prince William and Kate Middleton married, their cake was over $80,000. Of course, these are extreme examples but, on average, a wedding cake still costs roughly around $1,200 so there really isn’t any room for mistakes. Unfortunately for the following 25 brides, their cakes (and toppers) didn’t turn out as planned.

Personally, our favorite is #13. Could a cake get any worse than that? Check out some of the worst and sometimes hilarious wedding cakes that have ever been baked!