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For a bride, her wedding day is a culmination of planning for months and lack of sleep—finally, she can see the dream she’s had since being a young girl come to fruition. Weddings are a multitude of moving parts that most guests would not be able to comprehend if they’ve never planned a wedding before. Not only does the dress need to be ordered months in advance, but you have to deal with fittings, cake tastings, catering mess-ups and so much more!

Do you see why some brides snap on the day of the wedding, effectively turning into Bridezilla? Lack of sleep and spoiled salmon puffs will do that to you!

One of the most important aspects of a wedding reception is the centerpiece of it all—the cake. You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into picking the perfect cake. From tastings to perfecting the design, there’s a lot of preparation that comes before smashing a piece into the groom’s face. They’re also not cheap.

Don’t believe us?

Well, Lisa Minelli’s red accent wedding cake cost over $40,000! And when Prince William and Kate Middleton married, their cake was over $80,000. Of course, these are extreme examples but, on average, a wedding cake still costs roughly around $1,200 so there really isn’t any room for mistakes. Unfortunately for the following 25 brides, their cakes (and toppers) didn’t turn out as planned.

Personally, our favorite is #13. Could a cake get any worse than that? Check out some of the worst and sometimes hilarious wedding cakes that have ever been baked!

25. Donut Damage

Image: The Chive

This cake looks like someone robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts and escaped with their entire stockpile of glazed donuts. And where did those ratchet flowers come from? We’re guessing the funeral in the adjacent room. Not the best way to start a new life together that’s for sure.

24. Jabba the Hell No!

Image: The Chive

While the bride may be smiling in this photograph, we suspect she’s secretly plotting her new husband’s death. Not only does this Jabba cake look like crap (literally and figuratively) but it’s not even well-made. We’re sure George Lucas is silently screaming at the Skywalker Ranch.

23. The Leaning Tower of Fondant

Image: The Chive

It seems someone forgot to turn the air on in the reception hall. Either that or the baker made a serious structural error. All we know is we do NOT want to have to face that bride when she sees that hot mess.

22. Death Literally

Image: The Chive

You have to wonder if the baker took the phrase “until death do us part” a little too literally when designing this cake. Severed fingers and eyeballs are certainly not the most loving representation of spending a life together. It seems this baker wanted the couple to skip straight to the end. Anger management might be advisable.

21. Like This NOT That!

Image: The Chive

This is what happens when your Aunt Mildred says she can bake anything. Sorry, Millie, you get an F on this one. We can’t even imagine the horror the bride must have felt thinking she was getting a Tiffany’s box cake. We’ve got a feeling Aunt Millie won’t be attending many family functions any time soon.

20. Hitchcock Would be Proud

Image: The Chive

Those two doves on top of that cake are absolutely terrifying. They’re almost bigger than the cake! And who thought it was a good idea to add fresh ferns? I’m sure the wedding guests would LOVE a piece of cake with a hint of spider mites.  Plus, don’t even get us started on that icing hack job.

19. Dollar Store Decadence

Image: The Chive

It seems someone forgot the icing! Look, we’re all for cutting corners but this is just sad as can be. Three-pound cakes that look like they were baked in 1986. We really hope the bride hits the bar before she gets to the cake cutting ceremony!

18. Yeah…that doesn’t look good

Image: Cake Wrecks

This is what happens when you design a cake with too much filling and not enough support for the top tier. How horrifying it must have been for the bride to walk into the reception hall and see that pathetic excuse for a cake. All we can say is, if it were our wedding, the baker would be wearing it!

17. NOT Appreciated, Sir!

Image: Wedding Photography

For the groom, we’re sure this cake topper was hilarious. Now, as for the bride, we have a feeling any chance of him getting lucky on their honeymoon just went down the drain. Really? Who actually thought this was a good idea?

16. A Mud Slide of Fudge

Image: The Chive

Who knew they made “rock climbing gone wrong” cakes? Honestly, this looks like someone slapped on some store-bought frosting and then grabbed a handful of gravel from their backyard. We hope the bride got a refund.

15. Their Lawn Must Look Great

Image: The Chive

This is what happens when you purchase a cake from Costco. The green accents certainly don’t help the situation either. Although, it is possible that they had a grass-themed wedding. All we know is, we’d be having some words with the bakery.

14. Cake of the Living Dead

Image: The Chive

In theory, we’re sure this idea held some sort of merit. Unfortunately, in execution, it’s just plain gross. While the happy couple may have a love for the undead, we’re sure the wedding guests didn’t want to take a bite of that.

13. Too Much Sun!

Image: The Chive

Did someone tell the bakery they wanted a wedding cake that looked like a five-year-old designed it and then promptly sat on it? Now, you could blame the sun for the cake’s melted appearance, but that hideous design? That’s all on the bakery and we have a feeling the bride was not too happy.

12. Is This Edible?

Image: The Chive

The ducks are cute but the spray paint icing job is not. Did someone go spraypaint-happy at a KISS concert? We’re crossing our fingers this was a punk rock-themed wedding, but the ducks on top of the cake give us pause.

11. Talk About a Phallic Fairy Tale

Image: Cake Wrecks

Mortified doesn’t begin to describe what we’re sure the bride felt when she laid her eyes on this phallic monstrosity. Now we’re sure that, in the beginning, this fairy tale castle looked amazing on paperunfortunately, something got lost in translation. Regardless, you can’t look beyond the obvious genitalia on display. We may need therapy.

10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Image: Cake Wrecks

Honestly, aside from the fact that we’re not fans of what the cake was supposed to look like, the ultimate failure of the actual creation is just horrifying, to say the least. How on earth did the bakery think that would pass for the initial picture? Plus, who would want a wedding cake that looks like three stacked tires?

9. Isn’t That The Sorting Hat?

Image: The Chive

It seems this bakery’s love for Harry Potter may have taken over this wedding cake because it looks like its ready to sort the guests into Hufflepuff and Gryffindor! And what’s with it being ten feet tall? If we were the bride we’d be seeing red, not purple!

8. Zombie Cake!

Image: Cake Wrecks

Is this even a cake? It looks like tiers of mashed potatoes covered in mustard and finished with pickled jalapenos. To get to the point…it’s freak nasty. There’s no way this was the desired product and we hope it was served with a pepto chaser.

7. When The Bakery Gives Up

Image: Funny Fails

This cake looks like the baker couldn’t keep the initial tiers in place so they just kept throwing on more layers before totally giving up. Seriously, was there any effort at all? Good luck moving that into the reception hall.

6. Someone Needs Spellcheck

Image: Cake Wrecks

Aww. Love, faith, hope and thr….Yikes! Who did the spellcheck on this one? Maybe the bride didn’t pay her deposit on time and the bakery slipped in the “h” for revenge?

5. Cake Catch of the Day

Image: The Chive

We’re sorry but we may have just thrown up a little. There’s no way on earth you’d get us to take a bite of that. Who wants to eat four tiers of raw fish and lima beans? The reception must have had a wonderful aroma, to say the least!

4. Cake Clone of Terror

Image: Distractify

No…just no. This must have been the groom’s idea because the bride is throwing shade for days! Maybe the bakery messed up her dimensions or she’s pissed the cake looks better than she does? All we know is that cake is way too life-like to eat.

3. Salvador Dali Would Approve

Image: Distractify

This looks like it belongs in an art gallery under the title “abstract.” And is that lettuce being used for decoration? The bride must have gone absolutely bonkers when she saw this travesty.

2. The Poor Bride

Image: Distractify

Now those are some unfortunate initials, to say the least. This cake was not thought out in terms of design that’s for sure. However, we’re sure the bride was accurately exhibiting PMS while she was cutting this cake. We hope the groom took out a good life insurance policy.

1. The Groom Doesn’t Look Too Good

Image: Distractify

We’re not sure the groom is going to appreciate a cake that depicts his blushing bride killing him off so she can run away with a deer. Also, what is up with the hideous color of the cake? There’s nothing even appealing about the design that would make you want to dig in. Disturbing (and ugly) is the best way to describe this uncomfortable culinary creation.