Betty White, 96

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It’s hard to imagine our favorite actor or musicians growing old. We always picture them as young, energetic celebrities. Unfortunately, time doesn’t stop for anyone, even celebrities.

These elderly celebrities are well past their prime, but they show no sign of stopping what they’ve been doing their entire lives: being celebrities.

Betty White is America’s ultimate sweetheart. She started her acting career in the 1940s and hasn’t stopped since. However, when she first started out Hollywood executives didn’t think she was photogenic enough to star in the movies. She sure showed them wrong!

Kirk Douglas, 101

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Kirk Douglas has lived a full life. Not only is he a great actor, but he also served in the Navy in WWII, survived a helicopter crash, and a stroke at 80 years old. He is still alive at 101 years old.

Hal Holbrook, 93

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Hal Holbrook came to the stage when he played Mark Twain in a one-man show. He has numerous awards from his performances on the stage, small, and big screen.

Carol Channing, 97

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It was Carol Channing’s stunning voice that caught people’s attention. She landed roles in Hello Dolly!, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and other memorable musicals. She sure looks great for 97 years old!

Diahann Carroll, 83

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Diahann Carroll paved the way for many African American girls when it comes to the entertainment industry. She was the first non-white actress to be the star of a TV series. During her career, she dealt with breast cancer. Her last project was in 2014. Hopefully she returns to the screen soon.

Cicely Tyson, 93

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Not only is Cicely Tyson an amazing actress, but she was also a fashion model. Her most memorable role is Constantine Bates in The Help, which won her many awards.

Sean Connery, 88

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Best known for his portrayal of James Bond, Sean Connery has had a number of hit movies such as The Untouchables, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Indiana Jones. At the age of 77, Sean announced his retirement.

Lex Luger, 60

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The professional wrestler was known as “The Total Package.” Not only did he wrestle, but Lex Luger also played football for the Miami Hurricanes. Currently, he works at WWE behind the scenes.

Richard Chamberlain, 84

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Richard Chamberlain broke into Hollywood with his role in Dr. Kildaire. He has starred in a number of movies such as The Thorn Birds, The Bourne Identity, and King Solomon’s Mines. He was one of the few openly gay actors of his time.

Tony Bennett, 92

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Tony Bennett’s gorgeous voice still performs well into his 90s. He started performing in the 1950s and doesn’t show any signs of stopping! In recent years he has paired up with famous modern day celebrities to record songs. He is worth $200 million!

Queen Elizabeth II, 91

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Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s longest reigning monarch in all of history. She crowned queen in 1952, which means she has reigned for 66 years! She is worth $600 million and is one of the most recognized people in the world.

Eva Marie Saint, 93

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Eva Marie Saint came into show business in the 1940’s and hasn’t stopped since. Her most memorable performance was alongside Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront.

Jackie Mason, 86

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Jackie Mason is best known for his work as a stand-up comic. Comedy Central named him one of the greatest comedians. Now that he’s retired, he’s enjoying life and relaxing.

Sophia Loren, 83

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The Italian starlet, Sophia Loren, is beautiful still to this day. She won an Oscar for her performance in Two Women and won a Grammy and multiple Golden Globe awards.

Norman Lloyd, 103

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Norman Lloyd has lived quite a long life so far. At 103 years old, his career lasted for 80 years. He worked with legends such as Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock during his career.

Ann Blyth, 90

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Ann Blyth’s most memorable role was Veda Pierce Forrester in Mildred Pierce. She acted both live on stage and on the silver screen. She is currently retired, but you can still see her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dean Stockwell, 82

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At the age of 7, Dean Stockwell played Gregory Peck’s son in Gentleman’s Agreement. This was his first major role and he continued acting until 2015. After suffering a stroke, he decided to retire from acting.

Angela Lansbury, 92

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Angela Lansbury sang the original Beauty and the Beast song. She even voiced Mrs. Teapot in Disney’s animated version. We can’t forget her work on Murder, She Wrote, though!

Sidney Poitier, 91

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Sidney Poitier is credited as the first African American actor to ever receive an Oscar. This was thanks to his performance in Lilies of the Field. On top of receiving many awards, he was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1970s.

Carl Reiner, 96

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Carl Reiner used his talents in acting, writing, singing, and directing to make a name for himself. He starred alongside legends Dick Van Dyke and Mel Brooks during his career. As of now, he is worth $70 million.

Rhonda Fleming, 95

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Rhonda Fleming made her debut in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, Spellbound. It was her bright red hair that made her known as the “Queen of Technicolor.” When she quit acting she put her focus on charity work and advocating for medical insurance and healthcare.

Barbara Eden, 87

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Barbara Eden made her claim to fame with her role in I Dream of Jeannie. She is currently retired and probably enjoys watching reruns of the show on late night television.

Nancy Sinatra, 78

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Nancy Sinatra’s father was no other than the legendary Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. She went on to be a successful performer herself in the 1960’s. Her most recent album was released in 2013.

Sylvester Stallone, 72

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Sylvester Stallone is most famous for his breakout role in Rocky. He still portrays Rocky Balboa in the Creed movies. One is even expected to come out in late 2018. This is one actor who shows no signs of retiring any time soon.

Julie Andrews, 82

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Julie Andrews is a timeless beauty whose talents never cease to amaze. She is most recognized for her portrayal of Mary Poppins and her role in The Sound of Music. She recently played the grandmother/Queen in The Princess Diaries.

Bob Barker, 94

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For 35 years, Bob Barker hosted The Price is Right. He also hosted events such as Miss USA and Miss Universe. Due to multiple health issues, it was time for Bob to retire and rest.

Debbie Harry, 73

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Debbie Harry made her mark as the lead singer of Blondie. Her hit songs are still played on the radio to this day! Along with cementing her voice in pop culture, she appeared in over 60 films during her career, including Hairspray.

Sally Field, 71

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Sally Field’s career has spanned over sixty years. She started acting at just 19 years old in Gidget. It was her performance in Sybil that she made a name for herself in Hollywood. She won two Academy Awards and will go down in history as one of the best actresses Hollywood has ever seen.

Olivia De Havilland, 102

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Olivia De Havilland is best known for her role in Gone with the Wind. At 102 years old, she looks pretty fantastic!

Christopher Plummer, 88

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Christopher Plummer’s most recognized role is Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Recently, he appeared in All the Money in the World and has no plans to retire.

Doris Day, 96

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Before Doris Day was a successful actress, she was a singer. At a net worth of $200 million, she starred in The Man Who Knew Too Much, Pillow Talk, and Calamity Jane.

Loni Anderson, 72

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Loni Anderson’s performance as Jennifer Marlowe in WKRP in Cincinnati earned her multiple awards. Many people compared her to Marilyn Monroe. She was married to Burt Reynolds at one point and is currently married to Bob Flick.

Ali MacGraw, 79

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Ali MacGraw rose to fame with her performance in Love Story in 1970. People Magazine named her one of the world’s most beautiful people. She is still gorgeous to this day!

Robert Fuller, 85

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Robert Fuller is known for his acting in western television shows such as Leramie and Wagon Train. When he retired from acting, he moved to northern Texas to reconnect with his love for the west.

Bern Nadette Stanis (Thelma), 64

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Bern Nadette Stanis starred as Thelma Ann Evans in Good Times during the 1970s. She would go on to appear in The Cosby Show, The Love Boat, and Parent Hood when the show ended. She quit acting quite a while ago so she could spend time with her family.

Tippi Hedron, 88

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Tippi Hedron is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Her family is full of Hollywood talent too! Her daughter Melanie Griffith and granddaughters Stella Banderas and Dakota Johnson are all actresses.

Lee Majors, 79

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Lee Majors starred in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy during his career. He is known for his marriage with Farrah Fawcett, who sadly died from cancer long after they divorced. He still acts to this day, even after having a heart bypass surgery in 2003.

Priscilla Presley, 73

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Elvis Presley’s ex-wife, Priscilla was just an ordinary girl when she married the King of Rock. After their divorce in 1973, she decided to give acting a try. After Elvis’s death, she worked to get Elvis Presley Enterprises back up and running. Thanks to her efforts, their daughter inherited $100 million.

Lindsay Wagner

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Lindsay Wagner is best known for her role as Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman. However, her career came to a crawl in the 1990s. Currently, she teaches at San Bernardino Valley College.

Mark Harmon, 66

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Not only does Mark Harmon have acting talent, but he was also a pretty decent football player while he attended UCLA. He was given the All-Round Excellence award and graduated cum laude. His most famous role is Jethro Gibbs on NCIS.

Tina Louise, 84

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Tina Louise will always be known for her role as Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. When the show ended, she had minor roles in movies and television shows. She and Dawn Wells are the only surviving cast members from the show.

Kim Novak, 84

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Kim Novak starred alongside Frank Sinatra, William Holden, and Kirk Douglas during her career as an actress. Her most famous role is in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. She decided to retire from acting at an early age to pursue visual art.

Diana Serra Cary, 99

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Child actress Diana Serra Cary first appeared in silent films. She has over 150 films that credit her name. She was just a year and a half old when she began her career. However, she retired at an early age and decided to write instead.

Victoria Principal, 68

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You know Victoria Principal from her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing in Dallas. She looks stunning at 68 years old. Currently, she has a skin care line and writes books about health, wellness, and beauty.

Honor Blackman, 93

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Honor Blackman, a British actress, is known for her role as Cathy Gale in The Avengers. She is also one of the Bond Girls and got to show off some of her martial arts talents.

Stan Lee, 95

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Stan Lee definitely does not look 95 years old. He is credited for creating the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America during his career. The comic book writer changed popular culture with these characters. Without him we wouldn’t have the Avengers movies we all love to watch.

Nanette Fabray, 97

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Nanette Fabray’s career started when she was just 3 years old. Throughout her career she won a Tony Award and an Emmy award. Growing up, people believed she had a learning disability, but later she realized she had conductive hearing loss.

George H. W. Bush, 94

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The former president of the United States fought during WWII in the Navy and is a successful businessman. After his term in office, he created the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University.

Jimmy Carter, 93

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Jimmy Carter also joins George H. W. Bush on the list of US Presidents who are still living. He was the 39th president of the United States and is an advocate for human rights.

Dawn Wells, 79

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Dawn Wells is best known for her role as Mary Ann Summers in Gilligan’s Island. While she has since retired from acting, she continues to teach and will sometimes participate in theater projects. She also has a clothing line specifically for disable people called Wishing Wells Collections.

Ann-Margret, 77

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Not only is Ann-Margret a great actress, but she’s also a phenomenal singer. You can see her shine in Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas. She is now retired and enjoying some well deserved relaxation.

Vera Lynn, 100

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English singer and actress Vera Lynn is also known as The Forces Sweetheart. This was due to her career beginning during WWII and singing for the soldiers. She recently released an album Very Lynn 100 for her 100th birthday!

Gene Reynolds, 94

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Gene Reynolds started his career in 1934. It wasn’t long until he was asked to join the military during WWII. After the war, he decided to go into directing leading to the creation of a fan favorite, M*A*S*H.

Sally Struthers, 71

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Sally Struther’s most memorable role was Gloria Stivic on All in the Family. Into her 70s she still appears in theater productions, shows, and movies. When she isn’t acting, she is a spokesperson for The International Correspondence Schools and The Child Fund.

Adrienne Barbeau, 73

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It looks like Adrienne barely aged a day! We know her for her iconic role as Rizzo in Grease. She also appeared in Swamp Thing, The Fog, Escape from New York, and Maude, her first television show appearance in 1972.

Denise Austin, 61

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Fitness instructor Denise Austin is the poster child for healthy eating and exercising. Just look at how young she looks in her 60s! She is best known for her show Getting Fit with Denise Austin, which aired in the 1980s. Now you can see her pair up with her daughter to make fitness how-to videos on YouTube.

Beverly Cleary, 101

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Everyone read Beverly Cleary’s books growing up in school. She has won the National Book Award multiple times for her stories. While she doesn’t write so much anymore, she is enjoying retirement with her cat and her $1 million net worth.

June Lockhart, 92

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June Lockhart’s career landed her roles on television, in movies, and on Broadway. She appeared in Lost in Space, Lassie, and the play, For Love or Money, which won her a Tony Award.

Robert Clary, 91

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It was Robert Clary’s beautiful voice that saved his life when he was imprisoned in a concentration camp. Once freed, he made a career in acting and as an artist. While he came from a very dark past, he focuses mostly on the future.

Patricia Morison, 102

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Patricia Morison is an amazing contemporary Soprano singer that appeared on Broadway and in films. People remember her from Kiss Me.

Katharine Ross, 78

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Katharine Ross is best known for three roles in The Graduate, The Stepford Wives, and The Sundance Kid. She still guest stars on televisions shows, but mostly enjoys a quiet life with her husband, Sam Elliot.

Jimmy Lydon, 94

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Jimmy Lydon’s career began because he had to help his family put food on their table. He fell in love with acting so much that he made it his full-time job and was pretty successful at it. He helped create M*A*S*H and appeared in multiple films, shows, and plays.

Caren Marsh-Doll, 98

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Caren Marsh-Doll was more and just an actress, she was also a professional dancer. In fact, she was Judy Garland’s dance double in The Wizard of Oz. Her career began during the Silent Film Era and she is one of the only actresses left from that era. In 1949 she survived a horrible plane crash. What a full life!

Marge Champion, 98

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Marge Champion is the real-life Snow White. She provided the movement and dancing for the illustrators when they were creating Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was dancing and choreographing that made Marge successful in Hollywood.

Bob Newhart, 88

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Bob Newhart is probably one of the funniest comedians to walk the planet. He had shows such as Bob and The Bob Newhart Show. He also put out many comedy albums for people to listen to in their homes. His constant smoking over the years finally caught up to him and caused many medical problems, which he now deals with in retirement.

Peggy Stewart, 94

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Peggy Stewart frequently appeared in Western movies during her career. It’s hard to recognize her without a cowboy hat! She still enjoys acting and appears in projects here and there.

Valetina Cortese, 95

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Before Sophia Loren, there was Valentina Cortese. She was the first Italian actress to take America by storm. She won multiple awards and nominations for her performances during her career. She is most famous for her role in Day for Night.

Joyce Randolph, 93

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While The Honeymooners only lasted for one season, it was the show that put Joyce Randolph in the spotlight. She appeared in multiple Broadway plays, films, and television shows before her retirement.

Prince Philip, 93

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Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. He was born into royal families from Denmark and Greece. Well into his 90’s he never misses a royal event or dinner.

Jerry Lee Lewis, 82

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Elderly Celebrities:JERRY-LEE-LEWIS-82-YEARS-OLD.jpg

Jerry Lee Lewis is an iconic rock-n-roll singer, well before Elvis’s time. Throughout his career he was divorced a total of 7 times! Talk about a lot of loving to give.