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During filming an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November 2009, things seemed to be going smoothly. She sat in her iconic red chair filming as usual. Then something strange happened.


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Ellen enjoys taking her show out of the studio. She has producers or celebrities interact with real people sometimes undercover and ask ridiculous questions. This episode she said, “Let’s check in with Aaron at Loyola University in Chicago” and the screen cut away from the studio to Chicago.


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Producer Aaron Pinkston stood in front of a crowd of Ellen fans looking pretty chilly. “You got the top ten people with you?” Ellen asked him.


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Ellen’s top fans made sure she would notice them by dressing in unusual ways. “Everyone dressed in paper! That’s fantastic,” Ellen beamed as she talked to her fans in Chicago.


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The crowd was so rambunctious and excited that it was difficult for Aaron to hear Ellen’s question of, “Is it cold there? What’s the temperature there?” Obviously, Ellen knew it was cold.


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Ellen asked again, “Hey Aaron, is it cold there?” Still no answer. Aaron simply folded his arms and stared straight into the camera.


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Aaron definitely wasn’t experiencing stage fright. He had been in front of a camera hundreds of times before. What was going on through his mind?


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Ellen soon realized that Aaron couldn’t hear her. “Aaron? Aaron?” she called. “Aaron, can you hear me?”


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Finally, Aaron answered the show’s host, “I lost… we lost signal.” He looked at the crewmembers, confused.


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“Should we stop while we work on it?” Ellen asked her crewmembers at her sound stage. It was going to be a bigger problem than they though. “They’re trying to work on the sound,” a crewmember answered.


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As the crew worked on the sound, Ellen asked for her wardrobe assistant, Jen Schoening, to come up to the stage.


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Ellen asked Jen to take a look at a piece of fabric in her jeans. “I feel like I have… like a…” she tried to explain. As Jen took a look at her pants, Ellen looked back at the screen where Aaron was.


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Jen and Aaron had been dating for a while now. They were the cutest set couple around. “Look how cute Aaron is. He’s so cute,” Ellen gushed as Jen blushed.


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“That must be hard when he’s in Chicago. He should be here,” Ellen said to Jen. “Aaron? Aaron, can you hear me? Where is Aaron?” Ellen tested her mic out again. It was then that Ellen pointed towards the celebrity entrance for Jen to turn around.


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Out walked Aaron dressed in a slick black suit. “What are you doing here?” Jen asked her boyfriend, confused. They gave each other a loving hug. It was then that Aaron reached in his pocket and got down on one knee.


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It was a love story happening in real life! The audience sat on the edge of their seats. “You are my everything, you know that,” he said. “You are my heart and my soul. And I want nothing more in life than to spend the rest of my life with you, okay? Will you marry me?” Jen was stunned. Ellen had set up this whole thing just for the couple.


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Jen said “Yes!” and looked at the ring on her finger. Ellen couldn’t have been happier for the two lovebirds.


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Jen couldn’t believe how well Ellen and Aaron surprised her with the proposal. How could she not have seen it coming? “Congratulations!” Ellen yelled coming back onto the stage.


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One year later Jen and Aaron got married in Texas. “May this beautiful token and pledge symbolize the completeness of my love,” Aaron said as he put the wedding ring on his new wife’s finger. “I give it to you to remind you of my constant faith and abiding love,” Jen reciprocated as she gave Aaron his wedding ring.


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Jen and Aaron now have a daughter and are welcoming a second baby in 2017. They live in Austin, Texas. Aaron still works for The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a field producer.