A Historical Anomaly

Civilization Mod via Ancient Origins


Finally, as mentioned at the start of all of this, Musa may have changed history if we could find more proof. Some scholars expect that he actually found the America’s before anyone else, but did not know it. Unfortunately, because most of the records we have were oral and later written, that information is scarce and unreliable.

One day, though, the history books may change and tell a different story about the first people to step foot on American soil. The tragedy is, until that day, very few people know anything about this man. We focus more on individuals that left death and fear in their wake, such as Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan. We worry less about those that lived a quiet and humble life with their power and fantasize more about those that used their power to destroy and hurt the people of their world. What does that say about us?





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