There are so many different GoT themes you could choose from to decorate your home. Here are some ideas:

King’s Landing and the Iron Throne: Turning your living room into King’s Landing seems like an obvious choice. If you want to go all out and purchase a replica of an Iron Throne, you can. The HBO store website has it, for a cool $30K. Yeah,  you’d have to be a serious GoT fan for that kind of purchase – and a permanent place for it in your home.

If you don’t have that kind of cash, you can actually make one. Click here to get detailed instructions on a DIY Iron Throne. It looks like it might take a little bit of time, but is totally awesome when its completed. Also, use lots of red and gold in the room, goblets for wine, and you can even purchase Lannister throw pillows. You can also turn your guest bathroom into a Throne room with a cool vinyl decal. And if you want to add spice, attach fake sparrows on strings and hang from the ceiling.

Winterfell and Castle Black: You could also decorate in the Winter-Is-Coming theme. Lots of fur throws on the back of the couch and chairs, and faux wolf rugs on the floor. If you have a fireplace, have it blazing. Keep it dark and moody with candlelight only and Gothic with iron candlestick holders. You can also get a Night’s Watch wall hanging and Stark throw pillows. And if you really want to get creative, set up a corner of your room with a dead tree and fake snow with blood on it.

Dany’s Dragons: You can give your home a Dothraki/Mereen feel, with big pillows on the floor, low tables for eating, incense burning, and dragon knick-knacks everywhere, including dragon eggs you can make yourself with styrofoam egg shapes and gold and silver (or green and blue) thumbtacks. If you have a backyard, torches and fire pits would also be effective.

Bonus idea: Have a whiteboard that lays out what has happened in Season 6, so guests can familiarize themselves with all the details before watching the finale. You could print out photos of each of the characters and have index cards with their story arcs (could also be used for a game).