There’s a plethora of different games you can play at your party. First of all, whether you make it a costume party or not, no doubt some of your guests will show up wearing Dany’s or Cersei’s style, or a big fur coat like Jon Snow – but you can give them their own Game of Thrones name with a great name-generator. As your guests arrive, generate the name and make them a name tag, to wear proudly.

Or you can play the game “Guess Which Character I Am?” Assign each party goer a character from the show and attach it to their back. Then, they must go around and ask only yes or no questions from the other guests to try and guess who they are. Also, you can play the same game with “Guess Which House I Belong To?” and have your guests find those who are in the same house as they are.

How about doing a lottery on what’s will happen in the season finale, i.e. what is going to be the big reveal, who is going to die and other plot points? Have the guest fill out a card of the things they think will happen. This is where your Season 6 whiteboard with all the characters and their story arcs can come in handy. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize (Suggestion: one of those nifty Dragon Eggs you made).

But of course, the most fun had by all would be drinking games while watching the finale. Drink when Jon Snow broods. Drink when a sword is drawn. Drink when Dany does something badass. Drink when someone dies. Drink when it looks freaking freezing. There are so many you could come up with, but the end result is you’re all pretty toasty and ready to have your breath taken away by some awesome cliff hanger (we hope).