Okay, let’s face it. Decorating your house to look like a prison isn’t very 1) colorful because you are basically limited to orange, with maybe some black and grey or 2) exciting because you have to convey a very industrial feel. However, you can get creative in how you set things up.

For example, move all the comfortable furniture out of the living room and just have cafeteria type chairs or even benches set up in front of the TV. If you do turn it into a slumber party of sorts, ask everyone to bring a sleeping bag (and if you have hardwood floors, even better).

Or string up the “Trust No Bitch” wall hanging somewhere in the house (see above). There are also masks of the characters you can cut out (courtesy of Buzzfeed) and glue to sticks to hand out.

You could set up a Mug Shot Photo Booth. Have your guests “booked” as they walk in, with a fingerprinting and mug shot set-up. You can pick up a mug-shot background to stick on the wall and the signs for your guests to hold. Just have a smart phone handy. Turn to the right!

Finally, if you are really into it, you could make a “shoe” – a corner of the room where you send someone to solitary confinement, perhaps as part of one of the drinking games, or if they are acting too unruly.