You definitely need the guessing game for your viewing party. List the OITNB characters’ names on cards and attach them to the backs of your guests. They then have to go around asking only yes or no questions to find out who they are.

For another guessing game – what crime did you commit? If you set up the “booking” station, as described under Decor, then assign your convict a crime and have them do the same thing, asking only yes or no questions. Try to be creative with your crimes, such as embezzlement or convenience store robbery.

Also, those ladies of Litchfield do like to cut loose every chance they get, so you can teach everyone to do the Taystee Twist to get them in the mood to dance.

How about a Make-Your-Panties table? Similar to making t-shirts or baby onesies, buy bundles of plain women’s underwear and have fabric paints and decorations so everyone can make their own. Piper would be proud.

Do a lottery on whose either going to be released from prison or die. Our bet is on Alex or Piper. Yep, we said Piper because she is just getting too annoying.

Finally, the drinking games. If you’ve got Poussey’s honey prison hooch, great. If not, any other type of alcohol will do. Drink when Piper self-destructs. Drink when Crazy Eyes says something profound. Drink when Red gets pissed off, or Mendoza, or Caputo, or just about anyone else.

This chart from Watchin’ Stuff is pretty great, but there are a lot of other drinking game diagrams out there for OITNB, so choose the best one for your party.