Saving injured animals is perhaps one of the most heroic things to do, especially when you live in a society that puts very little value on animals that aren’t profitable, and that’s exactly what Jeff Longo did. He had no experience raising wild animals, let alone the tiny creature he found on a hot summer day. Can you imagine being in his shoes and stumbling across this mysterious and dying animal, and wondering what on earth you were going to do next? One thing is for sure, what happened next changed Jeff’s life forever.

It’s not every day that you encounter someone with this type determination to save an animals life, and it’s no wonder their story became viral because it’s one of the most touching encounter’s you’ll ever read. Their story not only touches many of our hearts here at Activly, but we think these are the types of stories that should be in the media because of the gracious acts done by a kind heart.

Hopefully, this story will inspire you to do something nice for an animal in your community, because after all, Gandhi said it best, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. What Jeff Longo did next will surprise you and linger in your mind for days…


15. The Discovery

One day, Jeff Longo was strolling down the pavement on a sunny afternoon, when suddenly, he spotted a small little creature. The creature looked to be in a desperate state, clinging on to life. Jeff had no prior experience with taking care of animals but he knew, he couldn’t just leave the poor thing behind in the scorching Florida sun. He didn’t even know what type of animal the little thing was but he named it Biscuits and took it home.

14. Days of Doubt

Many people told Jeff he had no chance of keeping Biscuits alive because of the desperate state of what they figured out was a little female squirrel, and because he knew nothing about rearing wild animals. She was so fragile and weak she could barely move and the first thing he had to figure out was how to feed the starving baby. She was only three centimeters long and it didn’t look good for Biscuits, but due to his kind soul and determination, Biscuits is not only thriving but is now his best friend.

13. Feeding Difficulties

At first, the little creature needed milk as most mammal babies do so he decided to do the best he could and figured out something that worked for them. He started her on a diet of milk and puppy formula, hand feeding her with a bottle, every couple of hours. This was no easy task, as she was still really fragile, but the two figured it out.

12. Milky Face

Things got a little messy every now and then, so basically, the early days of child care seemed to be going right on track. The little baby girl started to form into a fuzzy, fur ball before she could even open her eyes. Who knew milk on a tiny squirrel’s face could be so cute.

11. Months of Hard Work

A little help from Google and Jeff was well on his way to getting Biscuits on her way to growing into the fuzzy plump girl he knew she could be. It wasn’t easy, however; Biscuits took around the clock care and constant attention, as most newborn’s do. It took three months for her to grow strong enough to start learning how to be a squirrel. Luckily for us, Jeff took copious amounts of photo’s tracking her progress the entire way.

10. A Flying Squirrel

After a long and stressful couple of weeks, her coat had started to thicken and she started to actually look like a little squirrel. She became more active in her movements, and she started to plump up to a healthy weight. Squirrels are blind when born and it takes about 8-10 weeks to fully wean them from their mothers, or in this case, from Jeff. Biscuit took a little longer as she had such a rough start, but the little baby started to resemble something similar to a flying squirrel and not your average tree squirrel.

9. A Family Affair

Jeff isn’t the only one in love with Biscuits, so is his dog! Biscuit loves laying on Jeff’s stomach while they all three get some rest and relaxation. She even enjoyed the occasional breakfast in a pocket, as you can see in this absolutely adorable photo. One thing was for sure, Biscuit was the newest addition to the family and everyone was starting to get attached to her.

8. Take Your Squirrel To Work Day

Biscuit definitely got lucky, she got a second chance at life AND she even got to go to work with Jeff some days! The two soon became inseparable and the bond seemed unbreakable. One of the best parts of this process was that almost every step of the way, Jeff photographed Biscuits wearing and doing some pretty cute things, like wearing a tiny hat, and riding a tiny skateboard.

7. A Tough Decision

Although a human raised Biscuit, the fact is she is a squirrel and usually, after wild animals make a full recovery, it’s time to release them back into the wild. Jeff thought long and hard about what he should do because although she had made a full recovery, everyone had gotten attached to her. This decision wasn’t going to be an easy one.

6. A Permanent Family

Although some may call it selfish, Jeff decided to keep Biscuits due to fear of her being rejected by her own kind. She hadn’t learned any squirrel skills because she hadn’t had a traditional squirrel upbringing and there was no guarantee that she would be able to survive in the wild. Jeff decided it wasn’t worth the risk. After all, Jeff and his dog were all she had ever known and it seemed unfair to push her away after everything they had been through together.

5. Biscuit’s Quarters

Being a permanent member of the family meant that it was time for her to get her own room! He set up her own cage that is quite roomy for the little one and filled it with luxurious toys and nooks so that she could feel comfortable and happy at all times. This little squirrel has got Jeff wrapped around her tiny finger, and we love it.

4. Hide and Seek

The two even enjoy playing hide and seek together, and she loves to pop out of his sleeves. One thing is definitely clear, she is very happy and she loves Jeff. Her favorite thing to snack on is just about any nut you can give her, and you can even see her on Youtube enjoying them!

3. Gliding Around

Perhaps the best thing about flying squirrels is that yes, they actually fly! Well, it’s more of a glide, but Biscuit learned how and really enjoys flying to Jeff while he videotapes her for all of us to awe over. For someone with no experience saving animals, Jeff, we have to hand it to you, you did an amazing job. Although having a flying squirrel would be absolutely magical, please refrain from supporting the dark world of wildlife trading and just watch Biscuit on Youtube. Jeff saved Biscuit, he didn’t go out and purchase her from someone who stole her from her natural habitat–there is a difference.

2. Look-alike

She may seem like a strange pet to have, but really she’s just like a cat or a dog in some ways. She’s very attached and loyal to her owner, she loves being held and given affection, and the two are even starting to look like one another! People always say similar things about dogs and their owners, and it seems to be true for squirrels too! This pair is the cutest duo we’ve ever seen.

1. Snack Time

She also loves to munch on berries whenever she gets the chance, and Jeff makes sure to supply her with everything and anything she could ever need. Research shows that in captivity and when properly taken care of flying squirrels can live up to six happy and healthy years. Needless to say, Jeff is hoping they’ll get to spend as much time as possible together.