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No mother likes to see her child cry. When this little boy came home from school crying, his mother wasn’t sure why. Until she took a look inside of his mouth.


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Shanda Flemming and her son Michael live in Baltimore, Maryland. Michael is in the 3rd grade and an outstanding student. This all changed in January 2017 after Shanda let a local dentist clean Michael’s teeth.

School Dental Program

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Baltimore Public School district offers an in-school dental program for students. This was started in 2007 after a little boy died from a tooth infection.

Deamonte Driver

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Deomonte Driver was just 12 years old when he died from a serious tooth infection. His death could have been avoided if he had just had the tooth removed. Unfortunately, the family could not afford the $80 dental bill.

Changing the Dental Game

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The state of Maryland took notice after Deamonte died. They started in-school dental programs so no child would succumb to another tooth infection.

Routine Cleaning

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Shanda loved the idea of free dental cleanings for her child at first. That is until she noticed that her son was missing three teeth after going for a routine cleaning.

Mama Bear

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Shanda was furious. How could the dentist pull out three teeth from her child? The permission slip she had signed did not mention that the dentist would be allowed to pull any teeth.

Getting the Media Involved

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Shanda went to the media to draw attention to what happened. She claims that she would have never known about the missing teeth if her son’s mouth wasn’t swollen and if he hadn’t been crying.


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Michael says that the dentist informed him that they were only going to clean his teeth. They never told him that they would pull three teeth.

No Ride Home

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On top of having three teeth pulled, Michael missed his bus due to the procedure. He had to walk home from school, still in pain.


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Shanda believes that the school put her son in danger having him walk home from school. She was angry that the school held back information about her son.

Not Enough Answers

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CBS Baltimore conducted interviews and an investigation. However, they came up with more questions than answers.

No Comment

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After contacting the school for comment, they refused to give one.


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The school believes they did nothing wrong since Shanda had signed the permission slip stating that the dentist could work on her son’s mouth. Shanda still claims that she believed she was only signing off for a routine cleaning.


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Michael had a little while before his mouth was fully healed. On top of the physical injury, he is now traumatized and will probably have a fear of going to the dentist for the rest of his life.