When the History Channel first aired Pawn Stars, no one could have predicted it would be the breakout success it was. Following father and son, Rick and Corey Harrison who owned the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, fans took to the show like bees to honey. One breakout star from the reality series was good family friend Austin Russell who went by the name of Chumlee. The comedic relief of the show, his dimwit behavior and lack of knowledge on most subjects made him the butt of most jokes from fellow cast members.

Chumlee grew up around pawn shops, playing with his friend Corey and learning the tools of the trade. At the age of 21, he began working behind the counter of Rick Harrison’s shop, five years before the show would end up filming its first season. Now, eight years later and 12 seasons in the can, Chumlee is an international sensation. From Germany to Serbia to Japan and his hometown of Las Vegas, Chumlee has a legion of followers who have skyrocketed him to international success.

Not only does he star in Pawn Stars, but he runs his own clothing business that licenses out his image across the globe. Talk about a nice payday. He also makes public appearances in clubs, on TV shows and even has made cameos now and then.

However, the price of fame can sometimes be too much to bear. While Chumlee has seen success (his net worth is over $5 million), he’s also experienced many lows with his highs. From losing 75 pounds to gaining it all back again to being charged with over 20 felonies, the reality star has had to live out every moment of his life in the public eye. And while he’s definitely responsible for his own actions, it’s difficult to watch this funny man fall so far.

When it comes to Chumlee’s life and antics, there is so much to delve into. From his early days behind the counter to riding high in his own Escalade, there’s never been a dull moment. Here’s the story of Chumlee, the good, the bad and the ugly…so far.