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There is a common idea that cats and dogs never get along. Maybe it’s because of their size or because of how different their personalities are. That isn’t the case for this cat and dog, though.


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Two cats were brought into Cleveland Animal Protective League in Ohio one day. One’s name was Matilda, the other was her sister.


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Why would someone drop off two perfectly nice cats? Because they were both pregnant. “She was surrendered after her family let their two female cats outside and they both came back pregnant,” Matilda’s foster mother, Kelly Hartman, explained.

Too Much Stress

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Matilda’s original owners were stressed out about the idea of taking care of a little of kittens. So, they made the difficult decision of taking Matilda to a shelter.

Foster Home

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Kelly volunteered to take Matilda home and care for her as a foster parent. Unfortunately, the sisters were separated. The other cat was taken to another home.


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At first, Matilda was very timid and shy around her new foster family. Her safe space was under Kelly’s desk. Soon she warmed up to her new environment and family.

Giving Birth

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Just a week after moving into her new home, Matilda gave birth to a litter of beautiful kittens!

New Family

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Matilda gave birth to five adorable little kittens. Four boys and one girl, they were named Mr. Honey, Michael, Bruce, Magnus, and Lavender.


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Kelly’s dog, Suzie, was excited for the new additions to the family. She stood outside the room as Kelly took care of the newborn kittens, patiently waiting to meet them.

Loves Kittens

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Suzie absolutely loves kittens. She was used to being around newborn kittens as Kelly enjoyed taking care of litters and pregnant cats. Suzie knew exactly how to act around the kittens.

Suzie’s Reaction

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“Her reaction is always the same when she hears a crying kitten. She was very curious and desperately wanted to see them. I brought a few out to her to show her so she would understand what was going on,” Kelly said.


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Kelly left Matilda and her new kittens alone in a room so that the mother and babies could get acquainted. Suzie waited patiently to be introduced to her new family members.

Sneaking Looks

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Suzie was so excited about the kittens. She would get sneak peaks of them when Kelly took the kittens out of the room to be weighed and cleaned.

First Introduction

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Kelly decided it was time for Matilda and Suzie to meet each other. It was a calm introduction. In fact, Matilda walked right up to Suzie and even put her tail in her face. The dog stood still so she wouldn’t scare the cat.

Budding Friendship

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Kelly said, “To my surprise, she walked right up to Suzie and said hello. She was cautious but not at all afraid.”

Helping Paw

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Matilda soon realized that she needed some help taking care of her five kittens, so Suzie stepped up to the plate. “Matilda is reaching the age where she, now and then, needs a break from the babies, so I like to think that she appreciates that Suzie is keeping an eye on them and keeping them out of trouble while she rests.”


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Matilda greatly appreciates Suzie’s help with the kittens. Suzie is one of the best babysitters around!

Happy Family

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“After taking care of five kittens all day, I almost feel like she is happy to see Suzie,” Kelly said about Matilda. The two have formed a unique bond looking after the kittens.


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“And Suzie just likes having other animals around. It keeps things interesting and keeps her busy,” Kelly said. Now that the kittens are six weeks old, they will be spayed and put up for adoption in the shelter.

Friends for Life

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“I love that Matilda trusts Suzie enough to hang out and help her keep an eye on the babies,” Kelly explained. You can follow more of Suzie’s crazy adventures on Instagram, @suzie_and_kushi.

Love and Happiness

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There is no doubt that Kelly’s home is full of happiness and love with Suzie, Matilda, and the five kittens. Kelly is so generous to take in abandoned or lost animals and take care of them, especially when they are pregnant.