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The Flue, AIDs, Cholera and the Plague are all notorious pandemics that can send a shudder through anyone’s spine just at the thought of being infected by them. For decades these diseases have grabbed headlines because of their threat and status as epidemics. Still, there are many more diseases out there in the world that are both very rare and with symptoms that seem comparably much worse that few have heard. From a disease that can make you hear explosions to one that might have inspired Alice in Wonderland here’s a look at some of these obscure illnesses.


30. Exploding Head Syndrome

Medically termed Episodic Cranial Sensory Shock could be the ultimate villain in a horror movie. The serious disease sound can only be described as similar to what a bomb exploding or a clashing of cymbals within one’s head while trying to sleep must be like. While there are no symptoms of pain or swelling, those who experience the sensation are often caught off guard and traumatized by the jarring interruptions.


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