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Street cats have a hard life. Surviving each day finding food and shelter isn’t easy. Stray cats may seem unfriendly, but when you offer them food, they are happy to accept.

This story is unique in how one animal shelter volunteer noticed how a stray cat consumed its food. She decided to follow the cat and what she saw changed how she viewed animals forever.

A Korean woman fed stray cats in her neighborhood for five years. The cats bonded with the woman and looked forward to her daily food delivery. One cat stood out from the group though.


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She named the cat Dongsuk. The cat joined the other strays when it was time to be fed, but would never accept the dry food offered in a bowl.


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The woman was worried that Dongsuk wasn’t receiving the necessary nutrients she needed to survive and live a healthy life. She tried feeding him different types of dry food and even offered him wet food. Still, the cat wouldn’t eat.


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The woman decided to take a different approach to feeding Dongsuk. Instead of offering food in a dish, she put the dry food in a plastic bag. Dongsuk was receptive of the food and grabbed it immediately. She then took the bag off somewhere out of sight.


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This soon became a routine for the woman and Dongsuk. She always came prepared with a plastic bag of food for the cat. She would take it eagerly and then run off with it. The woman wondered where the cat could possibly be going with the food.


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The woman was happy that she was finally able to get the cat to eat. However, she was curious as to where Dongsuk took the food.

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The woman also questioned why Dongsuk preferred to eat food out of a bag as opposed to a dish. Did she like the challenge of getting to his food?


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Curiosity got the best of the woman and her friends, so they decided to follow Dongsuk and his bag of food. They had to be careful though, since the cat was still a stray, she probably wouldn’t appreciate being followed. They didn’t want to risk scaring her away from receiving food from them in the future.


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The volunteers followed Dongsuk from a distance after giving her the bag. The cat led them to a spot above an entryway to an old building.


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Once the cat made it to her destination, she started pacing back and forth like she was waiting for someone. The volunteers were confused as to why the cat wasn’t eating the food.


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Suddenly, a small kitten ran toward Dongsuk. The volunteers now knew why the cat was running away with the food. She had a family to feed.


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Dongsuk watched her baby eat the food she delivered happily. The volunteers were so moved by this act of kindness and love that they started to tear up.


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The volunteers decided to ask around about the cat to get more information. They knew that the had to do something more than just bringing her food in a plastic bag.


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They learned some heartbreaking information about Dongsuk. She had originally given birth to five kittens, but only one of them survived.


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Saddened by Dongsuk’s story, the volunteers decided to help the two cats anyway they could. They started by providing a quilt blanket for the cats at their home above the entryway. This was just the beginning of their caretaking though.


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Each day the volunteers returned to the site in hopes of familiarizing themselves with the cats. They hoped the cats would start to feel more comfortable and trusting around them. The mother understood and warmed up quickly, but her kitten was still timid.


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The kitten soon trusted the volunteers. The volunteers started bringing the cats more equipment to keep them safe from the streets.


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The volunteers were soon able to move the cats from their street home and bring them into the shelter to find them a permanent home. Their story doesn’t end there though.


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The cats now welcome food in heaping amounts in bowls rather than plastic bags as they wait to be adopted. They now have a semi-permanent home where they feel safe.