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When children are adopted, they are always curious about who their biological parents are. They can’t help but wonder where they came from and if they have siblings or not. Many adopted children don’t find the answer to their questions. Luckily, these two women who were adopted from South Korea discovered where they came from and even found out that they were sisters after a year of working together.

Two women worked at a hospital as nurses. One day they were scheduled for the same shift and discovered that they shared a similar experience. They were both adopted from South Korea when they were young.

Could Be Sisters?


The two women saw similarities between them and wondered if they could be related in some way. They both came from the same part of South Korea. They decided to investigate.

Old Names

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When they were adopted, their parents gave them American names. The women referred to their adoption documents to find their old Korean last names. They were shocked to find that they had the same Korean last name!


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The girls’ last name was Shin when they lived in South Korea. This was much more than a coincidence.

Could It Be Destiny?

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Was it destiny that brought these two adopted sisters together for the first time? Was it just a strange coincidence? No matter what it was, the sisters were ecstactic to meet each other.

Sharing Stories

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The women talked for hours. They spoke of what they remembered from South Korea and their experience of being adopted. They hoped to find another connection to link them together.

Moving to Kentucky

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A lovely family who lived in Kentucky had adopted the younger sister. Strangely enough, the other sister was adopted by a family just one state away from Kentucky.

Living in Virginia

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The older of the two lived in Virginia, just a few miles away from Kentucky with her adoptive family. They had practically been neighbors their whole lives!

Landing in Florida

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When the women grew older, they both decided to move to Florida. They ended up working at the same hospital. That is how they came to find each other!

Biological Sisters

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After talking during their shift together, the women realized that they had so much in common that it was impossible for them not to be sisters. They decided to take a DNA test to confirm their theory.

The Test

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When they sat down to take the test, they were nervous to find out the results. They wanted to be related so badly. Waiting for the answer was excruciating.


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While they waited for the results, they agreed that no matter what the answer was, they would still be friends. It didn’t matter if they were biological sisters or not.

The Results Are In

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The result was positive! The two women were actually biological sisters!

Amazing Experience

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This doesn’t happen to just anyone. How crazy is it that these two sisters ended up in the same state, working the same shift only to find out that they are related?

Instant Connection

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There was an instant connection when these two women started talking. All siblings have a special bond between them, even if they were adopted by different parents at a young age.

Making Up for Lost Time

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The sisters had to make up for the time that they lost. They started hanging out together often and trying to work the same shifts at the hospital.

The Teen Years

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The girls always wondered if they had siblings out there while they were growing up. It was during their teenage years that they really started to wonder about their biological family.

Attached at the Hip

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The sisters are attached at the hip now trying to make up for the time that has been lost. They go shopping together and have met each other’s families.

Coworker Sisters

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Many people have a coworker that they love working with. These sisters were lucky enough to have that coworker be related to them!

Forever Smiling

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These sisters will always have a smile on their face. After years of wondering if they had a sibling out there in the world, they found each other by accident. A happy ending doesn’t get better than that!