Unbreakable Bond

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When it comes to twins, it’s not surprising they have a closer bond than most siblings, especially when they’re identical. For 2-year-old sisters, Jenna and Jillian, they absolutely hate to be apart. However, it’s not surprising that these girls made national headlines as their birth was truly one of the most jaw-dropping of all time.


A High-Risk Pregnancy


Jenna and Jillian were a rare twin case because they were “monoamniotic twins,” which means they shared one amniotic sac during the nine-month pregnancy. The condition is considered to be high risk for complications and forced the girls’ mother to be on bed rest for 57 days. Their close quarters during gestation set the tone for their whole life, and it proved to be more significant than many originally thought.


Too Close for Comfort

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One of the biggest risks for this type of pregnancy is the likelihood of the twins becoming entangled via their umbilical cords. For the next couple of months, their mother, Sarah, was to be monitored closely. Quickly, the twins rare entrance into the world grabbed the attention of many local media stations, and for good reason, too.


A Hot Topic in the News

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Their birth soon became a hot topic in the news, for a very unusual reason. The girls were born seven weeks early with very few health issues to account for, something rarely seen in these circumstances. Their healthy state has been a surprise to many doctors, as babies born this way usually have health complications. Their unique situation has peeked the interest of doctors for more reasons than one because as it turns out, these babies are quite unique.


Perfectly Healthy

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“They have absolutely no health problems. They are normal 2-year-olds,” their mother, Sarah told Today.com. “They run around. They chase after their brother, who teaches them pretty much what not to do, and then they still do it anyway.” Sarah wasn’t expecting twins, and she feels blessed to have them but wasn’t quite ready for all the attention their birth was about to bring.


A Twin Surprise

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According to the Thistlethwaite family, twins don’t run in their family history, so the couple was definitely surprised by the news when they had their ultrasound. Talk about a real “uh-oh” moment at the 19-week check-up. Thankfully, both Sarah and her husband were up for the challenge. When local news stations heard about the unique twins and their premature birth, they jumped at the chance to be there when they arrived. However, no one knew just how shocking their birth would be, not even doctors.


Mother’s Day News Story

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Despite being in the same amniotic sac, the girls were born 47-second apart. Their birth was planned to be documented by the hospital as part of a Mother’s Day story by the local newspaper. Let’s just say when the girls immediately grabbed one another’s hand, it was the gesture that would skyrocket them to stardom! The best part was this miracle was all caught on tape. Check out the last slide for a small preview


Who’s Who?

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While the two girls are practically identical, their parents say they can usually tell them apart, but only because of one tiny detail. This is due to a small blue vein that runs across Jillian’s nose. However, it’s their older brother Jaxon who can tell who is who the best, and his reasoning is darling.


Big Brother to the Rescue

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According to Sarah, Jaxon is the one who usually corrects them when it comes to identification. Maybe they should get shirts with their names etched in them? It might make things a little bit easier! The reason Jaxon is so good at identifying his little sisters is because “he knows them best!” His brotherly love sure is something to smile about. However, it’s the twins special bond that keeps everyone in awe, as it seems to have healing powers…


Little Hands of Love

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“I heard Dr. Wolfe say, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re holding hands,’ and then Dr. Manacuso was like, ‘Hold them up so mom can see them’” she said. “I couldn’t believe they were holding hands. That was amazing. It was beautiful.” Like most twins, these girls were hard to tell apart the first couple of weeks. As they got older, their intertwined lifestyle made it even harder to keep them separate. Their handholding isn’t just cute, but it’s an interesting event that interests doctors for other reasons.


Sister Soulmates

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Since they were born, the two girls have maintained their close bond. According to their parents, they are “soulmates” through and through. If one goes into another room without the other, crying is definitely involved until they are reunited once again. In fact, the twins refuse to do anything alone. They demand to do all activities together, which keeps mom and dad on their toes…


Together, Wherever We Go!

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Some of Jillian and Jenna’s favorite activities to do together are climbing, swimming, arguing over toys, as well as asserting their will to their parents. Sounds like they are typical 2-year-old’s to us! Their mother told Today.com that while they are definitely a handful, they are also a lot of fun! Sarah can’t help but be enamored by her twins’ relationship because it continues to surprise her every day. Doctors love to hear stories of how close these twins are because it has been proven time and time again that in crisis situations, their physical presence can actually heal.


Attached at the Hip

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According to Sarah, “All three are very, very close but the girls have just this explainable bond. Honestly, splitting them up, or doing anything with those two separately will make them cry. They don’t want to be away from each other.” In fact, this bond is something that doctors all over the world are interested in, as they continue to see how the connection not only strengthens their individual personalities and life experiences but their health, too. In another case where twin bonds were examined, when one of the twins hugged her brother who was close to death, his condition IMMEDIATELY improved. So it begs the question, is there something more to this special bond that we don’t fully understand?


Love and Support

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Recently, the girls celebrated their birthday at home with family and friends. Despite the media attention, their mother is simply grateful for all of the support from family, friends and strangers. The twins are healthy, loved and cared for 24/7! The family is looking forward to building memories with their children and sharing what comes with the media.


A Strong Community

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Since their birth, their story continues to gain more attention and the support the family has received from their small town Orrville continues to grow. We look forward to checking in on the girls 15 years from now! We wonder if they will be going to prom together? Up Next : This Baby Was Screaming Frantically On A Flight – Then The Steward Took Her And Left Mom Stunned


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