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We all had toys growing up. Whether they were the newest toys on the market or a classic Hot Wheels or Barbie, we have fond memories sitting on the floor playing with our toys. Now that we are older, we may discover our favorite toys packed away in our parents’ basements. Some of those toys could now be worth a fortune because of their popularity or condition. Do you have any of these valuable toys stowed away?

Who would really think that those old toys would be worth anything. Most of them are probably collecting dust. This article is all about your childhood toys that are very valuable today. You’ll probably recognize most of them and if you’re lucky enough to have kept them you may even have a fortune on your hands. Get ready to start searching through your garage, attic and basement for these valuable collectibles.


Barbie, 1959

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Barbie has been a classic toy for the last 50 years. However, it is the 1959 Barbie that can earn you over $20,000! She may look a little different today, but no matter what version comes out, she will always be beautiful.


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When your parents said no to getting a pet, a Tamagotchi was the next best thing. You could hook your digital pet right to your backpack and feed it throughout the day. Today, a Tamagotchi that is still in its original box can earn you $3,000!

Nintendo Game Boy

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Everyone wanted a Nintendo Game Boy to play on the go. Over the years, the Game Boy became more advanced. The older version can get you anywhere from $750 to $1,500 if you sell it online. However, if you have the Game Boy that is encrusted with diamonds and gold plated, you can sell it for a good $25,000.

Easy Bake Oven, 1963

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Who knew that you could bake a cake with just the heat from a light bulb? Easy-bake Oven made it easy for children to learn how to bake. It first came out in 1963 and was the most popular gift for Christmas that year. Now you can sell it for $4,000.


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The very first Furby was released in 1998 and every single kid wanted one, until they realized that they are difficult to take care of and never stay quiet. They came in different colors and would blink at you with long eyelashes. Originally costing $35, you can now sell a Furby that is still in the box for $900.


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Pez dispensers have been around since the 1980’s and have come in many different characters. From Disney to Nickelodeon to DC Comics, some Pez dispensers can be worth $32,000.

Peanut the Beanie Baby

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We hope you left that TY tag on your Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby. The collectable toy is now worth $5,000!

Where the Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are is one of the most famous children’s books published. Many children sat with their parents reading the story before going to bed. It first came out in 1963 and has been in print ever since. In fact, a signed first edition was auctioned off for $25,000!


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The Monopoly board game first came out in 1933. It’s been played for decades and has probably started numerous fights between friends and family members. An original, hand-drawn Monopoly board game sold for $146,500 at one auction.

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

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Trading cards were extremely popular in the 1980’s, especially when it came to the Garbage Pail Kids. Many schools banned the cards because they caused too much of a distraction for the kids. Now, you can make thousands off of the cards. An “Adam Bomb” card reportedly sold for $4,000.

Luke Skywalker Action Figure

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Star Wars took the world by storm when it was first released in the theaters. There was a ton of merchandise that came from the movie, including a Luke Skywalker action figure. This action figure was sold for $25,000 recently.

Nintendo Games

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If you find an unopened Nintendo game lying around in the basement, make sure to put it up on eBay quickly! A mint condition Mario Cart 64 was auctioned off for $750. That is just the game!

Superman Premiere Comic

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Comic books can also make you a pretty penny if you have the right version. The very first edition of Superman, which first came out in 1933, is now worth a whopping $3.2 million!

Hot Wheels

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There was nothing like zipping your Hot Wheels cars around the carpet and racing with your friends. If you were lucky enough to have the 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger, it is now worth $8,000, while the 1968 Cheetah Base Python is worth $10,000. Don’t forget about the 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb model; it’s now worth $72,000.

He-Man Wonder Bread Edition

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The He-Man action figure distributed by Wonder Bread in the 1990’s is so valuable that you won’t find many on the market. While they didn’t cost anything to buy, you can now sell it for around $1,000.

Pokemon Cards

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Pokemon, yet another trading card game, took the world by storm when they first came out. With a television show, game instructions, and some movies, Pokemon cards can be worth up to $100,000. It also helps that there has been a new wave of popularity for the little creatures with Pokemon Go.

American Girl Dolls

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Every little girl wanted an American Girl Doll. Each girl was from a different era and had an exciting personality and wardrobe. The discontinued dolls like, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, and Samantha could now be worth $5,000.

Harry Potter

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Another phenomenon among children was the Harry Potter series. It first started as a book series, then turned into a multi-million dollar movie collection. Not surprisingly, the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone sold for $6,500. An autographed version bumped up the price to $15,000.

Atari 2600

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If you happen to come across an Atari 2600 game, you will be sure to make some cash. Depending on the game, you could earn anywhere from $13,000 to $33,000.


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Before the popular movie series, Transformers were around in the 1980’s as action figure toys. These original characters, like Optimus Prime, can be sold for $2,000 if it is still wrapped in the box and in pristine condition.