Queen Elizabeth I, had a very interesting and difficult life. She had tremendous self-esteem issues and some strange habits, many of which they don’t teach in history class. Sure, we got the basic information about the Tudors and the structure of the Royal family during the time, but never any of the gossip and details regarding who she really was. The next thirty shocking facts will open up a window right into the life of England’s longest reigning Queen.

It’s crazy that she is among the most studied monarchs and yet they leave out such interesting information about the redheaded Queen. She was extremely intelligent and lived a single lifestyle when it wasn’t socially acceptable to do so, and she kept her independence until the day she died. Not only did she live her life by her own rules, her time as Queen is known as the Golden Era for all that it brought to the people.

Some of these facts are shocking, and may even change your perception of the dominating Queen, but one thing is for sure: she was a woman beyond her time. Just like everyone, she had some quirks and unique habits that truly made her unique. Some say her popularity among the people actually clouds the true success of her legacy, but that’s for you to decide…