Flying is an experience that people love for many reasons. You can reach your holiday destination or your loved ones in much lesser time, and most of all, you get to fly!

But if you ask anyone what they hate about flying; one of the top reasons they give is crying and screaming children! But what if it is your own child?

This mom recently found out!


Whitney Poyntz lives in Calgary, Canada. And, she found out exactly what it feels like to be the mother of a crying child amidst a flight packed with staring eyes. She had no idea what to do. She was trying her best to calm her daughter down but the angry glares only seemed to make her anxious. But then something happened…


Whitney was flying back home in WestJet flight from Palm Springs, California with her husband and lovely 4 months old daughter. Everything was fine; her daughter, Kennedi, was calm for most of the flight and was sleeping peacefully, but as it turned out, it was only the calm before the storm.


Whitney later shared her experience on social media as well. Since her daughter was sleeping like the cutest baby for the most part of the flight initially, the nearby passengers felt relieved and even complimented them. Both the parents were overjoyed. She wrote on her Facebook wall, “We figured it would be an easy-peasy flight. Man, were we wrong!”


As is usual and a procedure in flights, the captain made an announcement over the intercom. And, as soon as the captain started taking- that was it! The sense of relief went poof in the air in just one second, as this sudden noise woke Kennedi up from her otherwise peaceful sleep and she started crying frantically.


In her Facebook post, Whitney wrote, “Once the captain came on the intercom, it woke her up, which is obviously no one’s fault.” The new mom knew that it was a protocol for the flight’s crew to follow but it made her little girl upset. Moreover, it was not just a little whimper, she had completely lost her cool.


The couple tried everything to calm down their daughter and put her back to sleep, but all in vain. In Whitney’s own words, all hell had broken loose. She said that she and her husband were already feeling at a loss since they were not able to comfort their baby, the angry glares from the nearby passengers added to their awkwardness.


It had only been 30 minutes into the flight and there was still a long way to go. So, Whitney and her husband felt stuck in this awkward and sticky situation. But then, something happened that they had not expected at all. Somebody offered to help.


This ‘somebody’ was one of the crew members of the WestJet flight. Ashley Drysdale, an air hostess, had noticed the crying baby and the dilemma of her parents. So, she decided to step up and offered to help them out. She approached the couple and said something that for a moment confused the couple.


The couple felt a bit awkward but all Ashley asked was a very simple question, that is, “If it would be okay with them if she took the baby for a little walk down the aisle of the passenger jet?” Whitney could not decide how to react and just gave her husband a puzzled glance.


But even though Whitney was a bit sceptical and hesitated at first, she eventually accepted the help and handed over her baby daughter to Ashley. Soon the air hostess disappeared down the jet aisle with Kennedi in her arms. Whitney couldn’t believe what happened after a few moments.


It was only a matter of a few minutes that Kennedi calmed down completely and stopped crying. As described by Whitney in her Facebook post, it felt like nothing less than a miracle. Whitney couldn’t believe what just happened. In her interview with ABC news, she said, “I didn’t know what to feel. I was amazed that someone wanted to help like that.” Even better, it worked!

Image: 680news.com

Whitney was touched by Ashley’s gesture. She also told the ABC reporters that “When she was soothing her, it melted my heart seeing her smiling and talking to her.” She thanked Ashley endlessly on arriving in Canada and also praised Ashley to her heart’s content in her Facebook post later. She also posted a thank you note on WestJet’s official Facebook page with a picture of Ashley holding her baby girl.


She wrote, “Ashley I would like to thank you for the over and above customer service (baby whispering) that you gave…” She also praised the airline and addressed them as “Truly the greatest airline.” The airline management noticed the post and expressed the gratitude to Ashley. They released an official statement, “WestJet’s caring crew is one of the reasons we have been named as the most trusted airline in Canada. Ashley is a true representative of the WestJet brand.”


Whitney’s post was noticed and liked by thousands of people. Many of the moms said that they could relate to her situation and were impressed by Ashley’s kind gesture. Moreover, everyone agreed that it is easy for people to throw angry stares at new parents in such situation but what Ashley did was truly appreciable.

After all, this flight attendant not only helped a distressed couple but also took care of her duty to help her flight’s passengers have a nice, peaceful flight.