20. An Extraordinary Tale


This is one of those too good to be true kind of tales; A completely dramatic screenplay that seems too wild to be a real story. You will struggle to grasp each fact as we present before you the story of this extraordinary couple and their one of a kind journey.

19. They Couldn’t Conceive


Sarah and Andy Justice are your usual couple in their early 30s living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Until only a few years ago, they were what society terms as “childless”. They didn’t leave a single stone unturned in terms of medical procedures in the hopes to start a family. But despite all of their efforts, they were unsuccessful. More heartbreaking events were about to unfold than they ever thought possible.

18. A Heartbreaking News


Eventually, after many failed attempts at conceiving, the couple considered IVF. They soon fixed up an appointment with a specialist, determined to find success. What he told them was heart-breaking. The procedure would cost them $60,000 and yet there was only a 10% of the chance of it resulting in a live birth.

They weren’t considering adoption because of how difficult it could be, until one day.

17. They Would Adopt


After considering their options for a very long time, Sarah and Andy realized something – they wanted to be parents for as long as they both could remember. So they finally settled on a decision: they would adopt. However, just because they had finalized their decision, didn’t mean it was going to be easy.

16. Adoption Becomes An Ordeal


Thus, with this decision began a series of endless paperwork. There was an enormous amount of forms, checking and cross-checking, verification and examination of the verifications–it felt like it was never going to end. After several months, they finally found a birth mother. It was the best piece of news for Sarah and Andy after such a long ordeal of being childless, feeling incomplete. They were excited because now they could witness the growth of their future baby.

Not everything goes exactly as you want, and they were about to learn that.

 15. The Ultrasound Shows Something Strange


The soon-to-be-mother was often accompanied by Sarah to doctor visits and any kind of shopping for the baby. It was one of these usual visits when an ultrasound was scheduled. Sarah was excited to see her baby once and for all. She had never seen an ultrasound so she was a little nervous, but mostly excited. What she was going to witness, however, was about to change her perception about her decision.

14. A Complete Surprise


The doctor looked much reserved that day. Sarah sensed something wrong and asked him to share any information he had. He showed them something moving on the screen. At first, Sarah couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Then it struck her, and her jaw dropped.

13. Not One, Not Two…..


The doctor told them what was now obvious to the women – there were three tiny fetuses moving inside the mother, not one. At first, Sarah couldn’t feel her feet. Eventually, she thought this was fate and she should embrace it. She found herself in tears holding hands with the birth mother. But Sarah’s patience was to be tested again, very shortly.

It was now time to tell her husband. She was terrified he wasn’t going to feel the same way as her, but she didn’t have time to waste.

12. So What?


Before calling Andy, Sarah was apprehensive. He totally surprised her with his reaction as he was just as excited as she was. The couple thought this was truly the answer to all their prayers, as they knew they wanted multiple children. They weren’t going to have to go through the exhausting process of adoption multiple times, so it really was the perfect situation.

As if this wasn’t shocking enough, the couple was in for another surprise.

11. Another Round Of Ordeal


“It’s everything we wanted,” Andy said later. But the pregnancy was not an easy one. The three babies were born premature and were kept in neonatal care. A little relief was to follow another roller-coaster ride.

For the next couple months, tensions were high as the babies needed lots of attention and affection.

10. Triplets Were Safe


The triplets had arrived and were named Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Soon, the couple got the hang of things as they were able to take their babies home. Andy and Sarah finally settled down and relaxed, going through the baby care routine, happy as could be. The babies were here and were safe, but things were about to get a little more complicated.

 9. One More Surprise


It had been more than two weeks and the babies were growing healthier by the day. The couple, very much in love, was about to get the shock of their lives. Sarah began feeling tired, and a little sick. At first, she chalked it up to caring for triplets, but then she knew it was something more.

8. Sarah Was Pregnant


All of a sudden, Sarah realized she missed her period. She was pregnant! She just couldn’t believe it, after years of being barren, she was finally pregnant. Now the question was, how was she going to be able to manage the triplets and a baby on the way?

This couple wasn’t done with surprises, however.

  7. One More Surprising Ultrasound


Andy found it harder to believe than Sarah. He didn’t let the current circumstance affect his happiness, either. Time was flying by, and only two months had passed when Sarah was due for an ultrasound. Andy was busy with the other babies, so she had to go alone. She should have taken Andy along because she wasn’t quite equipped to handle the news she was about to get.

6. A Whirlwind Of Emotions


Sarah couldn’t contain what she learned at the clinic, as she was bursting with excitement. She immediately called Andy the second she could to share with him the unbelievable news. She was overwhelmed, halfway crying and quite confused about the whirlwind of emotions she was experiencing. She kept thinking, “What in the world was going on?”.

5. Twins On The Way


“So is it a boy or a girl?” Andy asked over the phone. “One is a boy,” she said. “One?” he asked. Andy often joked that they would probably have twins. Well, he was right, they really were having twins. “That will teach me to keep my mouth shut,” he told the media later, laughing. Now it was Andy’s turn to be tested, patience-wise that is.

4. Family Of Seven


Did they panic? Yes, of course, but they were truly happy. Abigail and Andrew were born healthy and happy. The couple made no plans of giving up their triplets either. In less than a year, they had gone from a family of two to a family of seven. But how were they keeping their sanity with five babies around?

3. Community Came Helping


Andy and Sarah believe had it not been for the triplets, they would have never come out of the stress of being childless. They were helped by their local church – Eastland Baptist Church, friends and relatives in cooking and tending to the babies. They were also in the process of setting a record of their own.

2. 300 Diapers Per Week


Andy, Sarah, and the community were changing 300 diapers per week. All of these had been donated by the community because they were aware of the couples unique situation. Friends and family had set up a weekly rotation for helping the couple cope with all the responsibility.

As if the story couldn’t get any crazier, the couple got some more unexpected news.

1. Family of Eight?


Andy and Sarah feel they have been blessed. The babies are growing, healthy, and are already getting so much personality. Afterall, they are cared for by not only one set of parents, but by a whole community, too. Sarah became pregnant again and gave birth to a baby boy in 2016. They are now a beautiful family of eight. The triplets are four years old, the twins are three years old while the youngest child Caleb is now a year old. Up next These Twins Shock The Media When Their Birth Proves To Be One In A Million

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