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People go to see lions caged in zoos for entertainment, but most of them never think about the conditions the lions have to live in. Unfortunately, for some lions, the zoo isn’t the best place for them to live. Two lions, Kahn and Sheila, were saved by In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center from an abusive owner in Texas.

Kahn was the first of the two lions to be rescued from an abusive owner by In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.

Thrown Aside

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Vicky Keahey from the wildlife rescue said, “When they are no longer useful to him, he throws them aside and stops taking care of them,” about the owner. Kahn was so malnourished that it affected his appearance.


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Kahn was just six years old when he was rescued. However, he had been kept in a small space, which caused him a lot of stress. So much stress, in fact, that he started to chew on his tail.


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Even though Kahn had been through a lot in his life, he was still very friendly towards his rescuers. Once he received the nutrients he needed, he would make a full recovery and live a happy life.


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Sheila was Kahn’s sister and was also rescued from the Texan owner. “It was easy to treat him [Kahn] and get him comfortable with his new surroundings. Sheila, on the other hand, was in very bad shape… Sheila was almost dead,” the founder of In-Sync stated.


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Sheila had been stolen from her homeland of Africa to be sent to the Texan owner. While Sheila is the most beautiful lion we’ve seen, she was treated terribly by her owner.

Government Intervention

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When the USDA heard that there were abused and neglected lions, they decided to raid the Texas house and save them. They recommended that the lions be euthanized.

Second Chance

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The In-Sync staff didn’t agree with the government that the lions should be euthanized. Instead, they worked hard to give them a second chance at life.

In Bad Shape

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Sheila was in pretty bad shape when she was rescued. At just 15 months old, she couldn’t keep any food down and couldn’t even stand!

Feeding Sheila

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When Sheila arrived at In-Sync, she suffered from toxoplasmosis, which made her lose her appetite. “For two weeks Vicky [the rescue’s founder] had to hand feed Sheila – rolling up meatballs and pushing them down her throat,” Angela Culver said.


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Vicky kept taking care of Sheila. There was no way she was going to give up on the little lion. After weeks of caring, Sheila started to show some signs of recovery.

Not Alone

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Unfortunately, Sheila and Kahn aren’t the only animals out there that had to be rescued. There are many people who buy exotic animals in hopes to entertain people and make a profit off of them.

Rare Cat

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Sheila is a pretty special lion. Sheila just so happens to be the only lion to have white fur! As Sheila recovered, she got closer and closer to being reunited with Kahn again.


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“In the meanwhile, we had finished our new lion enclosure. The way it was designed would have Kahn and Sheila living next door to each other, “ Keahey stated. The lions were kept separate while they recovered.


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It was love at first sight for the lions when they saw each other again. “Sheila spent the next few months showing off for Kahn, and Kahn strutted his stuff for her.”

Lion Love

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Sheila was spayed before she could spend more time with Kahn. “We did short dates every day, then the dates got longer and then the dates became unsupervised,” Vicky Keahey explained.

Perfect Couple

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Kahn and Sheila now live together in the same enclosure as “husband and wife.” Vicky said, “We let them spend the night together. After three months of dating, we let them get ‘married.’”

The Important Things in Life

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The most important things to Sheila are Kahn, attention, and boxes. Kahn doesn’t mind Sheila’s love for attention, unless a male lion gets a little too close.


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Kahn is very protective of his wife. “Kahn lets that guy know she belongs to him,” Vicky says when a male lion starts getting to close to Sheila.

Happy Ending

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Kahn and Sheila have a second chance at life thanks to the wildlife rescue. They are healthy and in love. Their previous owner had his exotic animal license revoked and is no longer allowed to own animals like lions. However, not all animals in Kahn and Sheila’s situation turn out as well as they did. It’s important to remember to treat animals well and to help them when they are in danger.