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Dogs can feel like a member of your family. You love them like your brother and if anyone tries to hurt them you’ll be there to defend them. You’ve heard of animal abuse stories, but you probably haven’t heard one like this.

Mya, a German shepherd, lives with her owners Luke Mullaney and Lauren Mayer in Chicago. They adopted her two years ago from an adoption agency that specializes in German shepherds. They spent a lot of time with Mya, but their fulltime jobs pulled them away. They considered putting her in a doggy daycare.

Doggy Daycares

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The first doggy daycare opened in NYC by Joseph Sporn in 1987. The idea caught on like wildfire and thousands have popped up everywhere. They even offer grooming for your pet and training.

Gaining Popularity

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Dogs need attention. So, when their owners are out of the house for at least eight hours a day, it may be beneficial to put them in a daycare. This way they will interact with other dogs and receive the attention they deserve.

Posh Pet Day Spa

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After doing some research, Luke decided to enroll Mya in the Posh Pet Day Spa. It’s known as one of the best pet groomers in the city of Chicago.


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Luke and Lauren adopted Mya after her previous owner neglected and abused her. She suffered from anxiety and socializing with other dogs. They thought the daycare would be good for Mya so she could overcome these issues.

One Year Later

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Mya has been going to the daycare twice a week for a year. They were hoping that she would overcome her anxiety and socialization issues. However, they were disappointed when they discovered something weird on her neck.

Mya’s Neck

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On March 11, 2007, Luke noticed something strange on Mya’s neck. “I noticed there was a big box on the side of the collar and that box was almost directly on her throat,” he said. He had never noticed the box once in the last year.


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Luke went to the staff and asked why they put such a tight collar on his dog’s neck. He wasn’t expecting the response he received from the staff members.


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“The troubling thing was the first thing she said when I walked in the door and held it up was, ‘Uh oh,’” Luke said. Luke knew something wasn’t right.


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The staff member informed Luke that the collar was to prevent Mya from barking. It would make a sound to stop her barking. “She didn’t seem apologetic – more defending herself,” Luke recalled.

Not Convinced

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Still not convinced, Luke went home and did some research on the collar. He found it on an online store and couldn’t believe what the black box actually did.

No. 6

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Taking a closer look at the collar, Luke noticed a “no.6” on it. “The first thing I realized was that if there’s a ‘No. 6’ on it, there must be five others,” Lauren said.


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Luke and Lauren regretting enrolling their already traumatized dog in the daycare. While it isn’t their fault that the daycare treated her poorly, they couldn’t help but feel sorry.

Spreading Awareness

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Lauren was so upset over the incident that she took to Facebook to let other dog owners know about what the daycare did to her dog with the collar. She told of their experience asking the staff what it was and how they responded. Other users started sharing their own stories.

Different Perspectives

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There were some people who responded to the post in support for the daycare. They reasoned that maybe Mya had some issues that the daycare had to deal with and the only way to do it was with the collar.

No. 7

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One woman shared a photo of an identical collar that she had found on her dog, but it was marked with a No. 7. The woman also sent her dog to Posh Pet Day Spa.

Anti-Bark Collar

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“An anti-bark shock collar, as stated in the manual attached, activates at the sound of a bark and gets only more intense if it is continually activated. I have dropped off my dog every single time at Posh Pets and you can hear the dogs barking in the back. So my dog was wearing this collar and barks from other dogs where activating the shock on her when she probably wasn’t even barking,” Lauren wrote on Facebook.

Proving It

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The daycare was putting shock collars on its dogs to keep them from barking. When the owner of the daycare was confronted, she gave a disturbing response.


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“As we told its owner, the dog in question was mistakenly wearing the collar due to an error by our staff. The collar belonged to another dog whose owners requested that it be put on their dog,” Lynn Mulrenin, the owner of the day care responded.

Nothing Wrong

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The owner went on to justify her actions. “There is nothing wrong with using these collars, they are valuable and humane training devices, and they are also regularly used in settings where many dogs are in close proximity. I use one on my own dog, he’s a beagle-basset mix. My daughter uses one on hers. It’s a correction collar.”

Happy Dog

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Mya had always been a happy dog and Luke couldn’t picture her barking so much. “I asked her why it was on the dog. She said obviously the dog was barking too much.”


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The owner agreed to refund Luke the money he spent at the daycare. The couple are now looking for another doggy daycare that they can trust will treat their beloved dog well.

Support for Posh Pet Day Spa

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Even after this story came out about Posh Pet Day Spa, customers still used the day care without blinking an eye. They still show support for the best groomers in Chicago.

Finding the Best Place

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We wish that dogs had the ability to talk and tell people their stories and what they have been through. However, it’s up to us as their owners to make sure they receive the best quality care and look into something when things don’t seem right.