James Pack, a 58-year old Veteran loved his dogs, Bailey and Blaze, like his own kids. But one unfortunate evening he suffered a serious heart attack. His condition was bad so the doctors told him that he would have to be admitted in the hospital for surgery. Then he had to face another harsh reality- that he couldn’t take care of his dogs. He reached out to his family but no one could afford to take the pets in. Now, there was only one way left.

Pack got in touch with the SPCA and First State Animal Center nearby Camden. The dogs were taken in by the center. Pack loved his dogs and just wanted them to be taken care of until he gets better. So, the center agreed to keep the dogs for five days. But Pack’s health was in bad shape; he was in no condition to reclaim them. So, the center decided to wait for 15 more days before finally putting them up for adoption.

Pack had adopted the dogs when they were just about 8 weeks old. Now the cute pups had grown to be very loving and adorable dogs. Bailey was almost two and Blaze was about to celebrate his third birthday. Pack wanted to be there for the celebration but he suffered an infection after the surgery and his hospital stay had to be extended. Then the doctors gave him this heart-breaking news…

Pack was told that his heart was giving out and he might not survive the illness. It had only been a few days that Pack’s left side of the body got paralyzed. He lost his job as well. Even after being the one who was suffering badly, he had not for one moment forgotten about his beloved dogs. So, he called up the center to check in on his dogs. Luckily, the dogs were still there. But the fate wasn’t kind on Pack this year. Donovan

The center told him that it had been over 90 days, and since he wouldn’t be able to take care of the dogs anymore, they had to put them up for adoption. Lindsay Carrothers, a member of Camden SPCA, told the reporter from the Delaware State News, ‘He didn’t have anybody to take care of his two dogs. But even though Pack could hardly talk, he would still call up to see how the dogs were.’

She also added, ‘The dogs are adorable. Pack has trained them to the T.’ However, despite being so well-behaved, no prospective dog owner had yet claimed them. Meanwhile, Pack had a miraculous recovery. The first thing he wanted to do was to see his dogs. He called the center and discovered that dogs had been moved from Camden to the SPCA’s adoption center- PetSmart in Dover. Eagle

Lindsay recalled, ‘It was an emotional reunion. He was emotional. The dogs were excited to see him. It was completely heart touching. Everybody cried.’ Pack just sat there on the floor smiling while his dogs licked him; implying they were very happy and excited to see him again. One of the staff members of First State Animal Center, Melissa Eagle was transporting another dog when she witnessed this heart-touching reunion. And, Pack thought that everything would go back to normal now… until Donovan

Pack was excited to tell the center that he was better now and had a found a new, dog-friendly place to live. But as he was told earlier, the dogs had already been surrendered for possible adoption. According to the center’s policy, he now needed to pay $210 to reclaim his dogs. But after having an expensive surgical procedure and having spent almost 90 days over at the hospital, Pack did not have the money.

Pack had to leave but before that, he reached in his pocket and put whatever he had on the table as a deposit. He promised to return with full cash to reclaim his dogs. He said he would even sell his car if he had to. Later in an interview, he revealed that he, indeed, had decided to go to the scrapyard to sell his car. But before he could do that, something else happened. Malec

It was almost Christmas, and having seen the heart-touching reunion, Melissa Eagle decided to play Santa for Pack. She suggested to the staff that they should pitch together to help Pack reunite with his little pack. The staff members had witnessed the love between Pack and his dogs, and they quickly came on board. In fact, Chris Malec, another volunteer at the center paid the full adoption fee. But Melissa had something else in mind.

The team that consisted of Melissa, Chris, Lindsay, Laura Allen, Shannon Garrett, Linda Palmer, Melinda Santiago and her husband chipped in for new dog treats, toys, food, and gift cards. They also created a GoFundMe page for donations. Soon enough, their campaign went viral and they raised a total of $7,035. The team thanked everyone for helping and closed down the page. Pack was coming to the center the same afternoon, and now it was time to surprise him. Carrothers

As soon as Pack reached the front desk, his deposit was handed back to him. Although, this made Pack think that his appeal for getting his dogs back was being rejected as he still did not have the money. His eyes teared up and he raised his hand to his mouth in shock. The entire scene was captured on video. Then Lindsay came forward to give him the good news. Carrothers

She reassured him that he was getting his dogs back. She then explained to him that his deposit was being rejected because of all the generous donations from the staff center and other volunteers. Pack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He kissed his hand and lifted it towards the sky. He said, ‘This is unbelievable. Thank you.’ A few seconds later, Bailey and Blaze were reunited with him. They once again covered their master in licks and kisses.

Lindsay told the reporters, ‘I don’t think there was a dry eye.’ Pack was then sent home with his beloved pets and all the donation goods. For him, it was no less than a miracle. No the fate seemed to be turning around as he got another amazing news. He found out that the ‘Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs’ and the ‘Federal Veterans Affairs’ resources were available to him; it also included the necessary training to start a new career. Donovan

Pack later revealed, ‘I had no idea at the time that Veterans could help.’ He also told the reporters that he knew he was almost at a loss and needed to find a new, cheaper place. And, at one time he had even considered living in the car with his two dogs. But thanks to the team at PetSmart and all the donations, he did not have to take the drastic step anymore.

Pack now has enough resources to live a comfortable life with his little pack.