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When one pictures a hero, they picture a red cape and some super powers. Not all heroes wear capes, though. This woman is considered a hero for saving a little kitten that ran under a large truck at a red light in traffic.

Ordinary Day

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It was just another ordinary day for this woman and her significant other. They were out enjoying their day when they saw something strange. At a red light, something ran underneath a large truck.

So Small

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The couple realized that it was a tiny kitten that ran under the truck. They had to save it! What were they going to do?

The Rescue

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The woman rushed out of her car to walk towards the kitten. Luckily the couple was just a couple of lanes away from the truck so they were able to make it before the light changed.


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The woman posted from her reddit account, Lady-Darlington, “Fortunately we were only a couple of lanes away from the truck. As I rushed from the car, the light turned green, but two guys riding bicycles on the sidewalk realized what was going on…”

Getting the Driver’s Attention

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“So, they’re actually the ones who told (well, yelled at!) the people in the truck not to move while I grabbed the kitty, who was trying to hide near their back tire.”

The Cat’s Reaction

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When the woman picked up the cat, it started hissing at her. ‘He was clearly afraid,” she wrote.

Warming Up

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When the scared kitten realized that the woman was safe, it warmed up to the couple.

The Vet

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They decided to take the kitten to the vet and get him checked out. ‘The vet cleared his health and he’s received his first set of vaccinations, so he’s now joined the ranks of our unexpected kitty family, whether he likes it or not! (I think he likes it, though).” She wrote.

Part of the Family

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The couple already had a small family of cats. It was time to introduce the newest member of the family.

New Name

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Now that the kitten was part of the family, they decided to name him Leopold Atticus Black III. The woman told her story on Reddit and the Internet loved it.

Burning Question

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Reddit users were curious about the cat’s personality now that it was in a safe home. They questioned if he was getting along with the other cats and his new owners. The woman was happy to answer all of their questions.

His Personality

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“He’s pretty cuddling in his own terms and took to us almost immediately. He hated when we took him to the vet the next day and proceeded to crawl on my SO’s shoulder to keep safe! He’s a real sweetie,” she wrote.


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The kitten started to grow bigger as the weeks went by. He was really starting to fit in with the family too.

Cat Family

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Leopold loved playing with his siblings Penelope Lane and Dorian Gray. They all get along nicely and love spending time together.


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The couple brings Leopold in for regular vet check-ups to make sure he is healthy. They can’t believe the recovery he made and how big he was getting.

No Signs of Stopping

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When they first brought the kitten home, he was the smallest they had ever seen. They were nervous about handling such a small kitten. Now he’s grown large and shows no signs of stopping.

Big Kitty

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People were shocked by Leopold’s amazing transformation. “He’s grown so much since May. He was barely 2 lbs. when we found him, and he’s no nearly surpassed our other male (1.5-year-old) cat in weight at 10.2 lbs.”

Happy Life

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“He’s a healthy, happy kitty, and I’m so glad that my SO and I were able to give him a good home. Thanks for reading!” she wrote.

Overwhelming Support

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The Internet was very supportive and awed at the woman’s actions. She didn’t have to get out of her car that day to save the little kitten.

Big Happy Family

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Now Leopold lives with a big happy family where he is loved and cared for. It’s exactly the happy ending this little kitty deserves.