Jesse Bright had a run in with the Police while working as an Uber Driver. The results were unexpected.

Jesse Bright is an Uber driver and like anyone that has worked for the ride sharing service, he understands that each passenger is unique. You never know what type of trouble a passenger may bring. During a routine stop, the passenger wasn’t the problem this time, it was an officer of the law. Little did Officer Kenneth Becker know just how this interaction would turn out. The whole event was recorded, which led to most of the problems between Bright and Becker, and after watching the entire video, which has been split up across multiple outlets, it is somewhat shocking to see just how poorly things were handled.

It also shows that one bad apple does not ruin the entire police force. Though, it is a telling sign that power can change people and make them make mistakes they likely wouldn’t have if they didn’t have the badge on their shirt. Read through to learn what happened during the stop and the results of the actions.